Friday, May 5, 2017

Techies Life in India on edge

Posted by Sumit Rana
I hope my this article will found you guys fine. Its been a long that i have not posted anything, however today i find the write mood to share something from which i am also suffering.

India is refereed as software exporter giant in world. Everybody around the world has been surprised by the quality and inventions, Indians has achieved in software industry. Every second boy or girl after his secondary education is choosing the technical line and want to contribute to the virtual world of computers.

We all know future is all about technology and computers will play the vital role. However at this fast pace we are missing few things which might leave to a major damage in future to our rising software supergiants. We are in race of earning money, working all night all day. Immense number of available resources in this particular field has dis balanced the job culture in India.

I remember, in 2008, there were total 14 lac student who has opted for engineering, however at the end of 2012 when they got the degree as per the stats only 2-3 lakhs were able to get placed. I still wonder where are the rest 12 lac engineers !!!!

Have they opted for some other career option, then why they did engineering !!! This is the small face of the problem, the larger picture is the job risk in today'ss world we are facing in IT industry. It might be due to the changing VISA laws all around the world or the increase in demand of automation.

In recent NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) conference few of our IT leaders has raised very critical points. They said the education level for engineering in India is at very low level. In few states you can locate engineering college at every 500 meter on a single road the perfect reference for this is Banglore and Punjab.

Its good that we have these many options around us, however the standard of teaching in these colleges is all shit. They are producing dumb engineers, who are not even able to get jobs in there respective field of engineering. Those who are able to get re not ready to upgrade their skillset with the changing requirements all around the world.

The current demand of time is automation and cloud computing but our 60 % resources are not ready to grab the changes, they just want to continue with their current skillset which will not be acceptable after few years and help them in loosing their jobs. The early trends have start coming as we can find in newspaper that after every quarter profit analysis Tech companies are firing their employees on the basis of performance appraisals.

Also few companies are not respecting to the labor ethics and giving very small hikes as compared to the talent of people as they have very large options in front of them to replace the current resources.
The consequence of this is cream is moving to other countries, applying for PR majorly in Canada and Australia for better compensation and life style.

This problem will keep on rising, if we all will not give attention to this. Might be soon our nation can become the software Importer rather then exporter.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Order Any Xiaomi Phone in the First Go

Posted by Sumit Rana
Xiaomi phones are getting viral these days. Probably the first phone after Apple Iphone which is being sold in black at higher prices on bidding sites like ebay and olx then the actual price. Always 3-4 lac people register for few thousand phones at flipkart but most of them never able to get it into their carts. But now you can be out of those few lucky ones who are able to grasp the Xiomi in your carts.
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Friday, August 1, 2014

API Testing Overview & Post Man User Guide

Posted by Sumit Rana

Today i have been told in my office that i have to do API testing, which was completely a new topic for me. I searched on internet and with the help of some colleagues in my office i gathered below data. Someone else might doing the same job at his/her office so i am sharing this.

 API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is clear from the name that while performing API testing we will be doing testing at backend which do not offer GUI rather works at back-end.

API is set of rules or standards for accessing a web based service. A software company releases its API so that others can design products that are powered by their services.

API’s are software to software interface not the user interface. With API’s web applications talk to each other without any user intervention or knowledge.

APIs and Web services are completely invisible to Web site surfers and software users. Their job is to run silently in the background, providing a way for applications to work with each other to get the user the information or functionality he needs.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Posted by Sumit Rana
I always find it humorous but at the same time an important part of youth discussion on which smartphone is better. There has been a war on this topic on the blogs or social networking sites and resultant is nothing but abusive language, lame reasons, discussion never ends.

As a gadget freak I have played with smartphones with different OS for quite some time now so if you ask me, I am frankly going to give you a brief and biased opinion. 
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No Doc Too Big: Send Big Files With Ease

Posted by Sumit Rana
For years, Internet users have struggled to find ways to send large files. When you take a lot of home video, high-quality photos, or even want to share audio recordings, it can be a real challenge to find a solution that is technically simple enough for your parents to use, free or cheap enough to be affordable, and doesn't require a lot of time setting up. Documents too large to be sent by email are now shared via cloud sharing services.

Copy is one of the newest file sharing services on the market. You can share large files with members-only permission or with company members easily, view content online or sync it to computers, and you get a great storage limit by default. Here's what you need to know about Copy.
You get 15 GB to start with.

When you start using Copy, you get 15 gigabytes of storage by default. This is enough to share twenty home movies, thousands of photos or songs, or tens of thousands of simple documents. 15 GB is enough to last you for months of usage without even pruning your folders, but to make it even better, you can earn bonuses by signing up through someone else's referral link, referring other people, or downloading their app. There are lots of ways to get free storage without having to pay high monthly fees.

You can share with others through syncing.

If you want to create a folder that stays synchronized on your computer and someone else's computer, you can easily do so. Copy allows you to place any file on your computer into that folder. It will then be synchronized and downloaded to all other computers with that folder. If you are trying to share photos or videos with someone who isn't tech-savvy, it's simple. Just get them to intall the app or do it for them and you're set!

Works with your Internet speed.

People with slow connections are often frustrated by conventional downloading techniques. If your download is interrupted, you are forced to start again. With Copy, you download only as fast as you can, and if you have to leave your computer, it will keep going while you're away. Of course, the app works better with high-speed Internet. Look at a site such as to see what you could be getting in terms of Internet speed.

Keep your own work backed up.

Everyone who works on a computer worries about losing files through computer crashes. Copy allows you to backup your work on a regular basis by automatically synchronizing to the cloud. If your computer crashes, you can access the files online or on other computers, and when you get a new computer, you can just download the app to download all those stored files.

Sending big files is no longer a hassle now that cloud storage and sharing apps like Copy are on the market. It's worth giving them a try if you've ever struggled to send an older relative a baby photo album online or tried to figure out how to make sure all your employees are working from the same copy of a document.

Laura Spicer is a human resources assistant. She frequently shares tips that help make her job easier on small business blogs.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

New media vs Old Media Billionaires

Posted by Sumit Rana

When i started blogging i was not aware of the fact that i can make a good amount from it, may be that's the only difference between me and Mark Zuckerberg :P. Well jokes apart. Making a first dollar from his her blog is a very precious moment for every blogger. These days bloggers population is increasing at very high rate and this also provided a boom to the online marketing.

One of our friend at has developed an outstanding infographic showing the revolution in the life of media and changing aspect which certainly enhancing the its value in form of money.

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