Thursday, October 1, 2009

Change Your Processor Name

Posted by Sumit Rana


Will work only wid XP. Dis ones a bit old but gud...

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2. USING UR ACCOUNT INVITE ATLEAST 2 PERSON(must needed to get balance) go to the option-"make a call" you see two option there-"MY PHONE #(put ur

host number..whr u want to call)

NOW CALL....AFTER SOME TIME(10 SECOND) "AK CALL AYE GI TUMHARE VICTIM K NUMBER SE...JUST RECIVED IT AND TALK...............b]Note: the person whom u invited must needed to register otherwise u nt get balance"




mig33 is the largest global community that brings

Chat with millions of mig33 users

Keep friends in the loop with new status updates

Make cheap calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime!

SMS friends instantly with a cheap flat-rate

Personalize with cool themes, wallpapers and ringtones

Express yourself with tons of different emoticon packs

Share photos directly with all your friends and save them online

Free credits for inviting friends to join

There are many ways for you to launch a cheap international call.

SMS Call back Your Country SMS Callback Number

Europe & USA & Africa +447717989963
Asia & USA +61410448888
Asia +85264965882
China +8615601013000
South Africa 31273

We will call your phone and connect you with the number you want to call.

WAP Site
Log into your account and select 'Make a call' and enter the phone number you wish
to call.

mig33 Application

Log into your account and select 'Make a call' and enter the phone number you wish to call.


 by inviting more peoples u get more balnce for making calls



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1000 Adobe Photshop tricks

Posted by Sumit Rana

1000 Photoshop Tricks

Here is a compilation of 1000 great tricks for your photoshop application.
- Motion Pictures
- Turning a Character Into a Puppet
- Out of Bounds
- Creating Rain
- Creating a Wormhole
- Creating Fur
- Motion Tweens and Guides [Flash]
- Making Graffiti
- Turning a Character Into a Zombie
- Perspective
- Gender Blending
- Face Swapping
- Tattoos
- Displacement Maps and Textures
- Etc.

Download Link

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How to Change the Standard Blogger Icon (FAVICON) to An Icon of Your Choice

Posted by Sumit Rana

If you want your own favicon instead of the standard favicon that appears in all Blogger blogs, just follow these simple steps:

1. Backup your template and backup the Page Elements

2. Convert your image file (jpg, png, gif, etc.) into an image with a .ico extension at the Dynamic Favicon for Blogger website. This website is terrific because it will host the favicon for you and does not even require you to sign up!

3. After the quick conversion, find "Host It at (Direct Link)" and copy the code to your clipboard.

4. Now go to your Blogger dashboard and get into the LAYOUT of the blog you want a favicon for. Click EDIT HTML and look for ]]>

5. Paste the code you get from ICONJ just after ]]> and just before

6. Click "SAVE" and you're all done!
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Make A Logo For Your Blog

Posted by Sumit Rana
Make A free logo for your blog, I got a ite offering this their might be more you may google it but i think this one the best. just go there i think it would not be difficult.

A logo is a kind of banner for your website !!

Also, I got a fevicon generator link below.

Ever noticed the O near your url field while surfing orkut? thats favicon and every website has its own favicon to get a pro look. how to apply favicon is also explained ;-)



Budget free people(like me) go here -

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@ Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Click on Tools then click on Options….

3. Click on the Advance tab, then click on the Network sub-tab and finally on the Settings… button.

4. Tick the Manual Proxy Configuration: radio button.

5. In the HTTP Proxy: box, type the IP address of the proxy server.

6. In the Port: box, type the in the port number that is used by the proxy server.

7. Click OK to close the Connection Settings window.

8. Click OK to close the Options window.


@ Internet Explorer

1. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings.
2. Under Proxy server, click to select the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.
3. In the Address box, type the IP address of the proxy server.
4. In the Port box, type the port number that is used by the proxy server for client connections (by default, 8080).
5. You can click to select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box if you do not want the proxy server computer to be used when you connect to a computer on the local network (this may speed up performance).
6. Click OK to close the LAN Settings dialog box.
7. Click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.

How to change Google Chrome proxy settings

* To change proxy settings: Click "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon right under the "window close" button.
* A popup menu will be dipslayed. Click "Options".
* Select the "Under the Hood" tab.
* Scroll down and Click "change proxy settings" button.
* A popup dialog will be display. Select the Connections tab on this dialg.
* If you are using LAN, click "LAN Settings" button. If you are using Dial-up or Virtual Private Network connection, select necessary connection and click "Settings" button.
* Make sure the "automatically detect proxy settings" and "use a proxy automatic configuration script" options are not checked.
* In the "Proxy Server" area, click the check box next to Use a proxy server for this connection.
* If nessesary, enable "bypass proxy server for local addresses".
* Click the "Advanced" button and set Proxy Server address (proxy IP), proxy server port.
* Click OK.


How to change proxy settings in Safari

* To change proxy settings: Open Safari
* Click Safari on top of the screen.
* Click "Preferences".
* In the menu bar at the top of the window, Click "Advanced".
* Click on the "Change Settings" button next to the Proxies label
* Click on the check box button next to Web Proxy (HTTP)
* Enter proxy server and port information
* Select "Apply Now" to save settings.
* Done.

Uses of proxy browser

A proxy server acts as a security barrier between your internal network and the Internet, keeping others on the Internet from being able to obtain access to information that is located on your internal network.........and your browser is become like invible........its hide your ip. like you use china country proxy den open now google will open in china language form............!~ 

websites for proxy list

some websites are as follows:-

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Edit any web page on the spot

Posted by Sumit Rana

Edit any web page.Go to the page you want to edit 

Copy the below code into the url bar.

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0

Hit go! the links will have turned a more saturated blue, and when you click somewhere you'll be able to edit text..

Feel free to edit whatever you want on the page & u can save that page..

Note: It doesn't work on orkut pages because of Main#.

I know that this is Old , but i also know that Old is Gold

Lets see i edited google page


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Secret Locked Scrap on ORKUT

Posted by Sumit Rana

wanna send secret scrap to your friendssss

<*embed src="http://**com/scrap.swf" flashvars="pwdpro=TYPE HERE UR PASSWORD&scrap=PUT HERE UR MSG"*>

copy nd paste above link in u r frendz scrapbook
remove stars

remove TYPE HERE UR PASSWORD nd type u r password there

remove PUT HERE UR MSG and type u r msg there

It will look like this:


friendsss who know password only they will be able to see your scrap
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Converting .exe to .jpeg(To steal)

Posted by Sumit Rana

1. Firstly, create a new folder and make sure that the options 'show hidden files' is checked and ‘hide extensions for
known file types’ is unchecked. Basically what u need is to see hidden files and see the extension of all your files on
your pc.

2. Paste a copy of your server on the new created folder. let's say it's called server.exe

(that's why you need the extension of files showing, cause you need to see it to change it)

3. Now you’re going to rename this server.exe to whatever you want, let’s say for example picture.jpeg

4. Windows is going to warn you if you really want to change this extension from exe to jpeg, click YES.

5. Now create a shortcut of this picture.jpeg in the same folder.

6. Now that you have a shortcut, rename it to whatever you want, for example, me.jpeg.

7. Go to properties (on file me.jpeg) and now you need to do some changes there.

8. First of all delete all the text on field START IN and leave it empty.

9. Then on field TARGET you need to write the path to open the other file (the server renamed picture.jpeg) so u
have to write this: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c picture.jpeg

10. The last field, c picture.jpeg is always the name of the first file. If you called the first file soccer.avi you
gotta write C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c soccer.avi got it?

11. So what you’re doing is when someone clicks on me.jpeg, a cmd will execute the other file picture.jpeg and the
server will run.

12. On that file me.jpeg (shortcut), go to properties and you have an option to change the icon. click that and a
new window will pop up and u have to write this: %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll . Then press OK.
13. You can set the properties HIDDEN for the first file (picture.jpeg) if you think it’s better to get a connection
from someone.

14. But don’t forget one thing, these 2 files must always be together in the same folder and to get connected
to someone they must click on the shortcut created not on the first file. So rename the files to whatever you want
considering the person and the knowledge they have on this matter.

15. For me for example I always want the shortcut showing first so can be the first file to be opened.
So I rename the server to picture2.jpeg and the shortcut to picture 1.jpeg. This way the shortcut will show up first.
If you set hidden properties to the server (picture.jpeg) then u don’t have to bother with this detail but I’m warning
you, the hidden file will always show up inside of a zip file or rar.

16. So the best way to send these files together to someone is compress them into zip or rar.

17. inside the RAR or ZIP file you can see the files properties and even after all this work you can see that the
shortcut is recognized like a shortcut but hopefully the person you sent this too doesn’t know that and is going to
open it.

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