Monday, November 29, 2010

10 websites which showcase the best quality inspiration sources

Posted by Sumit Rana

Every designer needs some inspiration before composing any of hiss's great work. Here are the 10 websites which showcase the best quality inspiration.

Creattica is a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery. It only accepts the best quality work from the users.


It is a community for discovering and sharing free PSDs, vectors, textures, patterns, fonts, and more.


Its a project which is focused on providing .psd files of best quality designs. There are contributors which contribute there work in the form of .psd files.


Designbombs is a web gallery which showcases the beautifully designed websites around the web.

Its a community that inspire and connect with one another on a professional platform.


Dribbble is show and tell for designers, developers and other creative's. Share sneak peeks of your work as “shots” — small screenshots of the designs and applications you’re working on.


Design Shack showcases inspiring web design, alongside resources and tutorials for you to succeed in the same way.


The Web Design Ledger is a publication written by web designers for web designers.

Logopond is a logo gallery providing the best inspirations for any website’s identity

A completely ads free interface featuring best quality designs for creative's.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friendlier dates for blogger

Posted by Sumit Rana

This post is about changing the date header format to Friendlier dates the one used by Twitter and Facebook. For example : “Posted 1 day ago” like you can see in the image above. These are called Friendlier dates because by using this type of date format it becomes easy to user interpret the time when any post is done.

Now let’s get started for installing it. Save your template before making any changes. Also check the Expand Widget Templates box before editing.
Step – 1. Go to the template code editor Design >>Edit HTML and search for ]]>.
After finding the above code place this script after the code you just found.

Step – 2. Now find the below code

Replace the above code with this one

Step – 3. Now go to Settings >>Formatting >>Date Header Format and change the date format to the type 11/26/2010. Save the settings and its done.
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Turn on your PC with a double click of mouse

Posted by Sumit Rana

If you have ATX Main Board, ATX case Award Bios, or any Bios that supports “PS/2 Mouse Power On”, then you can POWER ON your computer with a double click of the mouse.

To activate this feature:

1. Start your computer.

2. Press the key which opens your BIOS Screen (usually “Delete” or “F2″ keys)

3. When the BIOS message appears to enter your CMOS configuration.

4. Select Integrated Peripherals from main menu

5. If PS/2 mouse power on DISABLED, activate it by press page up/ page down key it will became “Double-Click“

6. Press “Esc” key to exit

7. Press F10 to save and exit.

8. Turn off your PC.

9. Now double-click the left mouse button…. Your PC will turn ON !! :^)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cool Face-book Revolving Images Trick

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz check this out new and amazing trick ofr facabook i am sure you never had  such an experiance in you past even in present also...

make reavolving all the images on your webpage by using this simple trick...yo need to follow below given steps:____________

Step 1: Copy the following script


Step 2: Open any Facebook page

Step 3: Paste the script in address bar 

 as shown below


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HOW TO : Install Android 2.2 On iPhone In Dual Boot Mode

Posted by Sumit Rana

Android is one of the best mobile platform and that is why, many people want to use it including the iPhone users. And if you are one of those iPhone users then here is a simple method to use Android 2.2 on your iPhone.

First of all, you need a jailbroken iPhone. If its not then you  can  do that from the link given below.

 HOW TO : Jailbreak iPhone 4, Apple TV 2G, iPad and      iPod 4G

Once your iPhone is jailbroken then follow the simple steps to  install Android 2.2 on your iPhone.

 1. Add this repository to Cydia:
 2. Install the package Bootlace.
 3. Now, install the OpeniBoot.
 4. Finally, install iDroid.

Once the installation process is over, just launch the OpeniBoot app. You can click “QuickBoot” to   reboot  your phone and turn it into Android. Now, from the OpeniBoot tab you can configure the boot menu and select which operating system will boot automatically when your phone is starting. The iDroid tab lets you install, upgrade, or remove iDroid.

Requirement: iOS 3.1.2 and higher. Also iPhone 2G/3G jailbroken

The best thing is that whenever you want to switch to your old iOS , you can switch from Android.

special thnx to 

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Yahoo Messenger 11 Integrates Facebook, Twitter

Posted by Sumit Rana

 YAHOO MESSENGER 11 is out with lots of new features, 

specially for social media addicts. Yahoo Messenger 11 integrated the Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc to enhance the user experience and attract more users to its messenger application. All you have to do for that is to get the YAHOO MESSENGER 11 and add your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Now, you can update your Facebook and Twitter status from Yahoo Messenger 11 and can also play your favorite Facebook games like Poker, Farmville, Fishville, Mafia Wars and more. So you can manage most of your social media activity from one single application, YAHOO MESSENGER 11

Click Here To Download YAHOO MESSENGER 11

special thnx to 

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Monday, November 22, 2010

McAfee Internet Security 2011 Free License For 6 Months

Posted by Sumit Rana

  McAfee is one of the most popular anti-virus protectionfree 6 month subscription of McAfee. McAfee is doing this in a promotion on Facebook. To get your McAfee Internet Security 2011 with 6 Months Free License, just follow the steps given below. software all over the world. And now, you can have a

1. If you are already having an account at McAfee then login to this McAfee Promo Page or create an account on McAfee first and then visit the mentioned promo page.

2. After logging in , you can download McAfee Internet Security 2011 with 6 Months Free License from your Account page.

3. Once the installation of McAfee Internet Security 2011 is finished, just login with the same username, password and you will have a McAfee Internet Security 2011 with 6 Months Free License. Enjoy

special thnx to 
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Gmail call recording feature starts appearing

Posted by Sumit Rana

It wasn't long ago Gmail started allowing free phone calls directly from your inbox. But hang on, Gmail has now started rolling out incoming call recording through Google's web email inbox. The new Gmail now lets you record inbound/incoming calls from Google Voice directly in your inbox.

The initial report earlier this month that Gmail's testing a call recording feature seems to be true, although Google and Gmail still has to confirm it. According to Techcrunch, the Gmail incoming call recording feature seems to be available and reported by numerous people on Twitter.

Image courtesy Techcrunch

Gmail's inbound call recording is much simpler than Google Voice's -- there's a record button above the dialpad which isn't hard to miss. When you record an inbound call through Gmail, there's a verbal notification to both the parties engaged in the call.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update your blog using Facebook

Posted by Sumit Rana

we all know about facebook and most of guys definitely use facebook daily we get so much addicted that we cannot live without it. Also fb is so vast everyday new trick of fb is found.So recently i am checking the articles of one of my frd hack tweaks and i found very nice article which is very usefull for blogger. we can now use fb and also update our blog at the same time.You can update following blog services:

  • TypePad

  • Blogger

  • Wordpress

  • Live Journal

  • Movable Type

Right now let me demonstrate for two most famous blogging platform, Wordpress and Blogger

First of all login to your Facebook account, and go to

Then the Blog IT application will ask permission to allow it, allow it by clicking on Allow button.

In next Add Account window, select your blog type.

Blogger users must select Blogger. And if you have WordPress account in your own hosted domain then check Site, else if you have your blog registered in then choose

Now you'll have option according to your blog type.

If you are using Blogger then follow these (Note: If you are not Blogger user then skip this) :

After choosing Blog type, you'll be asked to Authorize Blogger Account. Click it.

Then the page will be redirected to Google Blogger, if you have already signed in you'll see following window.

Click on Grant Access.

If you haven't logged in then you'll be redirected to Login page and after logging in you'll be redirect to Grant Access page.

After you've granted access to your blog, you'll be asked to choose the blog you want to update (in case if you have multiple blogs). Select your blog and Click on Save Changes button.

Once the operation is successful, yfou'll be able to update your blog from Facebook.

Now you have successfully setup your blog. Read how to post the from Facebook.

If you have WordPress Blog follow from here:

Type your WordPress username, password and URL to your blog and Click on Add account.

Now you have successfully setup your WordPress blog.

Writing a new post to your Blog.

After successfully setting up your blog, you can click on Post to Blog button to post a new article directly to your blog from Facebook.

Select your blog and type a new post and publish it.

Note that, this application doesn't check's your WordPress Blog URL. If you have given wrong information then it will not be able to publish your post.

The status will show if the post is published or not by a check mark icon.

Adding more than one blog.

You can add more than one blog. To add new one just go to Manage accounts.

Click on Add account and repeat the same process.

Bookmark this application link to instantly load the Blog IT Page.
You'll be able to update multiple blog at once without logging in.

Hope you loved this article. Bookmark and subscribe us for more interesting articles. Meanwhile, make your time to share this article.

A vey very special thanks to hack tweaks

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Get Your Own .Info domain for free

Posted by Sumit Rana

To get any to level domain for free is not to easy, most of the hosting site give free domain but want large amount of money for hosting, some are giving domain for free but they are not top level domain.

So how to get a free domain, don’t worry i have the way to get one

freeola.Com is giving free .Info domain for uk residential people. So you can get one also

First of all go to freeproxylists.Com and get one uk proxy
now goto freeola.Com then make id and fill up uk residensial address to the personal info.

It will take 24 hours to get free .Info domain.

For address you can use online UK business directory.



  1. Go to

  2. Grab a UK proxy.

  3. Go to

  4. Register there.

  5. Visit

  6. Click on the button that says “Login and choose my free domain

  7. Choose your free .info domain and enter the information required. (Lookup fakenamegenerator or google for the address thing. )

  8. Wait for some hours. (It took around 30 hrs but it depends)

  9. You’ll get the mail in your mail box. Enjoy.

That’s it. So simple. Remember, the offer is only meant for UK citizens and one domain per household. That’s why we are using a UK proxy. If they find you suspicious, you won’t get it. But, I don’t think they’ll know that . No worry. And yes, you can change Name Servers as well.

Hope You Enjoyed this trick  and Don’t forget to share your Experience to Get Free .info By Comments

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Open all external links on new page

Posted by Sumit Rana

This is a really cool hack which will make all the external links to open in new tab or new window. It is based on JavaScript and is really easy to implement.
Why use it?

Find the tag in your blogger template code by using ctrl+F and place the below code above it.
Also replace and with your blog’s address.
Save your template and its done.

thnx to
bloggerz bible
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Xbox Repair Choices

Posted by Sumit Rana

Xbox 360 gaming console comes as a blessing to the game lovers. It is one of those inventions of technology that is purely entertainment and is surely winning the hearts of the people all over the world. With the advent of this generation of the gaming consoles, people have found themselves with a new addiction towards them. Now it is not only the teenagers who love to play games and watch movies through Xbox but it is also the young adults who are all also very much into the Xbox 360 craze. Xbox 360 seems to have broken the bars of age as everyone is now a fan of it!

When you see that everybody around you is so much into an object, you will also like to have some taste of it and so, it is because of this fact that people getting more and more involved with the Xbox 360 as the time is going by. They are buying the Xbox 360 because of two reasons: either they are interested in playing games or they are influenced by people around them. Well, whatever the reason may be, the craze of the Xbox 360 is growing like anything.

When people are buy something they have to keep buying other things also to keep it maintained and entertaining, same is the case with the Xbox 360. When you buy it, you have to buy many more things so that you have your Xbox 360, properly maintained and interesting. You need a lot of stuff for keep your interest in the Xbox 360 going. You have to keep buying discs and games to have it more entertaining than ever and you also need something that will maintain it. The machines, as we know, go through wear and tear and so as Xbox 360 is also a machine, it also goes through from wear and tear from off and on and when something like this happens, you need to be prepared with the possible Xbox repair choices.

Xbox 360 is cursed with many errors and troubles and so, it is quite possible that if you own an Xbox 360 gaming console, you will probably end up getting your Xbox affected from some error or problem. Xbox 360 has some manufacturing faults and then there are some problems which are caused when you do not take care of it properly, all of these problems cause trouble for anyone owning the Xbox. When you are in such a situation you should have something to rely on and that something can be Xbox 360 repair guides. 

With the help of the Xbox 360 repair guides, you can actually repair your Xbox 360 gaming console all by yourself saving a lot amount of money. When you are an owner of a precious invention like Xbox 360 gaming console then you should know ways to prevent it from any kind of possible trouble or problem and these guides can actually do the work for you quite easily.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Earn money by uploading files , no investment – join now

Posted by Sumit Rana

Earn money by uploading

Hiii i found the new way only for my website visitors

i m always trying to get programs for my visitors to earn money bcoz in life everybody need money

it is very important source of our life

and if u will earn money without doing any thing, i think u will you will sure join that program


Q. 1 What to do to earn ?
ans nothing u have to join this program for free, upload files and then earn

step 1 . upload your files
step2. the link which they give u , send to ur friends, publish it on ur blog/website

The main thing is that u will earn when someone download ur that files

more they download more u earn

They will give you money with paypal or moneybookers

mst join

free to join

click now this link to earn money}AQzhq:1 

mst join....

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How to view private facebook profiles

Posted by Sumit Rana

Learn how to view private facebook profiles
In post i will tell you how to view private facebook profiles,This latest hack proves that anyone in the world is able to view anyone’s private tagged pictures,This is why facebook is not privite is still open even after such publicity all over the web

Have you ever wanted to see pictures of an enemy but you couldn’t because her or his facebook account was set to private. Well thats all going to change because I will show you very simple way to view private facebook profiles

 1. Login in your Facebook Account

2. Search for the person

3. Find the persons ID # by Clicking on Send messages

where to find profile id

5. Copy and Replace the ID # to the link[Person’s ID]&op=1&view=all&subj=[Person’s ID]

6. Copy and paste the link in your browser

7. You should be able to see 10-20 pictures before facebook denies you access.

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How To customize facebook profile for free ?

Posted by Sumit Rana

Thanks for those who visited our website . Here i m writing a new post ie “”How to customize facebook profile ” ,

And here i found the solution …….

Personalize your Facebook Background and Colors

ChameleonTom is the Facebook application that everybody has been waiting for. ChameleonTom transforms the mundane blue, grey and white scheme of any Facebook page into a colorful display of personality. Downloading the application is free and is supported by IE 6, 7, 8 and 

Firefox 1.6-3. n may be more .

Just download this Small software , which will help you to customize your profile look . Change it as the way u want …..

Click Here To Get this amazing Tool For Free

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How to enable USB ports ?

Posted by Sumit Rana

Materials Needed:

- Computer with USB port
- Microsoft Windows XP Operating System
- motherboard documentation

Step 1

In some instances, in order to prevent unauthorized copying of data to USB-based storage devices, the USB port is disabled intentionally. To enable the USB port, click on the “Start” button and right click on the “My Computer” option.



Step 2

Choose the “Manage” option from the context menu to open the Computer Management window. Click on the “System Tools” category on the left panel. This will display all connected devices of the computer system at the right panel.


Step 3

Click on the “+” sign beside the Universal Serial Bus controllers option to expand it. Right click on the USB Root hub and select “Enable”.


Step 4

Click on the “File” menu and select “Exit” to close the Computer Management window. Reboot the computer system to make sure the changes take effect.


Step 5

An alternative method for the Microsoft Windows environment is to click on the “Start” button and select the “Control Panel” option.


Step 6

Click on the “Performance and Maintenance” category and select the “System” option. This will open the System Properties window.


Step 7

Choose the “Hardware” tab and click the “Device Manage” button. In the Device Manager window, expand the option for the Universal Serial Bus category.


Step 8

Select the USB Root hub entry and click on the “Enable” icon on the toolbar at the upper part of the Device Manager window. Click on the “File” menu and select “Exit”.


Step 9

To enable the USB port from the Windows Registry, click on the “Start” button and select the “Run” option.


Step 10

Type regedit in the Open box and click on the “OK” button to bring up the Registry Editor window.


Step 11

Expand the SYSTEM category under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click on the “+” beside CurrentControlSet and choose Services.


Step 12

Click the UsbStor option. This should display a list of registry keys in the right pane window. Double click on the “Start” key and replace its value with 3. Make sure that Hexadecimal is selected.


Step 13

Click on the “OK” button. Exit the Registry Editor to complete the process of enabling the USB port.


Step 14

A more direct method is to reboot the computer system and enter the BIOS setting configuration window. Refer to the motherboard’s documentation to identify how to access the BIOS settings and enable the USB port.


If above two methods will not work , here is 1 more……

If you like to go a step further and disable users from connecting USB storage devices to their computers, here’s the trick: Open registry and navigate to the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Services\UsbStor
Now in the right pane, double-click Start and type 4 in the Value data box (Hexadecimal) and quite the registry editor. To enable the USB storage devices, change the Start value back to 3.
Sorry , i have no other option… if i got i will surely post it here

Thankz for visting…….. Comments may more help you . don’t forget to comment on this post
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grey matter new HTML/CSS template

Posted by Sumit Rana

Greymatter is a new HTML/CSS template designed by us. Its a business portfolio based template with elegant design.

You can see the screenshots below. Its totally free, you can use it only for personal purpose until you give full credit to us.

  • Fading showcase powered with Jquery based plug-in pikachoose.

  • Specially designed portfolio page

  • Fixed layout

  • PSD’s included





Thanks to bloggerz bible 

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How to get invitation for new facebook messages/email service

Posted by Sumit Rana

Facebook has now launched the next evolution of messages. This service can be used to talk to your friends via SMS, chat, email or messages. It means they will receive your message through whatever medium or device is convenient for them.

Now every user of Facebook can get his own email address while the employees of Facebook will get email address.

According to a blog post on official Facebook blog “To be clear, Messages is not email. There are no subject lines, no cc, no bcc, and you can send a message by hitting the Enter key. We modeled it more closely to chat and reduced the number of things you need to do to send a message. We wanted to make this more like a conversation.

You have to wait for a while to use this new service from Facebook as the new Facebookmessages service is still invite only process.

Get Invitation for New Facebook Messages

You can apply for an invitation to new Facebook messages here. I’ve already applies for the invitation and I’m waiting for it. I’m so excited to try this new service from Facebook and I’m sure you are also excited. Are not you ?

Anyways you can share your views about this new service va comments here.

Meanwhile request for an invite to Facebook messages here –

Thanks to tricks daddy for such a nice article

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

10 Useful jQuery Plugins and Techniques

Posted by Sumit Rana
jQuery is great for enhancing a website. Whether it be by adding effects that give the site a wow factor, or by making navigation easier, jQuery can have a big impact on the way a website is perceived and used. jQuery is extremely popular among web designers and developers for it’s flexibility, ease-of-use, and of course it’s plugins. So for this post, we’ve rounded up 10 more jQuery plugins and techniques that you should find very useful.

Supersized 3.0 Plugin

This plugin produces a full screen slideshow complete with transitions, preloading, and navigation controls.

Apple-like Retina Effect

Learn how to create an Apple Retina Display magnifying effect with jQuery and CSS.


Flip is a jQuery plugin that will flip easily your elements in four directions.


jSlickmenu, creates, well, slick menus with jQuery. Combined with some great CSS3 features likes rotation and shadows, this plugin can really lift up your design. It’s fairly easy to use, highly customizable and pretty cool (and fun!) to see.

jQuery Address

The jQuery Address plugin provides powerful deep linking capabilities and allows the creation of unique virtual addresses that can point to a website section or an application state.


Overscroll is a jQuery plug-in that mimics the iphone/ipad scrolling experience in a browser. The plug-in adds a draggable drift to overflowed DOM elements as well as a set of fading ‘thumbs’.

jQuery Page Curl

This jQuery plugin allows you to add an interactive page curl to your website.


Contactable is a jQuery plugin designed to make contact/feedback forms simpler and more accessible. This plugin will enable you to create a contact form on any page of a site with minimal effort.

Panning Slideshow

In this tutorial you’ll take the makings of a classic slideshow, but use a different kind of transition to animate between slides.

Sliding Labels

Sliding Labels is a nifty plugin that displays text fields with the labels inside. When the field is clicks, the labels slide out allowing the user to input text.

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11 Useful jQuery Tab Navigation Solutions

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10 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins

10 jQuery Slider Techniques and Plugins


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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Change the default color which appears whenever any text is selected in a browser

Posted by Sumit Rana

This is a very cool hack which helps you to override or change the default color which appears whenever any text is selected in a browser. Really easy and simple to implement. Its only for Firefox and safari.

So what you have to do is just paste this code above ]]> tag.

::selection {
    background: #a8d1ff;   /* Changes color in Safari */
::-moz-selection {
    background: #a8d1ff;   /*Changes color in  Firefox */
The bold one’s are color codes,you can replace them with the color code of your choice. The above color codes are for blue.

credits:- bloggerz bible

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Start Using jQuery Sliders in Your Designs

Posted by Sumit Rana

Download source files


jQuery sliders offer a simple, elegant way to display content without giving up valuable real estate on your web page. They have skyrocketed in popularity and can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s go over the popular styles, choosing a slider and integrating one into a demo site.

A Little Background

Once upon the time, an image on the web just had one way of showing up: as a flat JPG, GIF or PNG. Sometime a few years ago, images started learning new tricks; They grouped together and started showing up in jQuery sliders to the applause of visitors all around.

Since then, they’ve learned a plethora of new tricks that make them prime material for any web designer. Whether you’ve used them before or not, this tutorial will give you insight into the different flavors of sliders, when to use them in a design, and we’ll even walk you through an installation of one. 

If there is one thing jQuery sliders don’t have, it’s a consistent name. The slider goes by a wide array of aliases: gallery, carousel, promos and rotators but they all provide the same general feature – display multiple content items in a shared space on the page. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to them all as a “slider”. 

jQuery sliders can be used for nearly anything but most are used display a number of photos in a slideshow format in a way formerly handled by Adobe Flash. Many offer a number of transition effects between slides and can be controlled by previous/next buttons, tabbed or thumbnail navigation.

Popular Styles of jQuery Sliders

The number and variety of sliders continues to grow steadily, so finding a slider to fit your needs has never been easier. They come in all shapes, sizes, and sizes – a number of them are free, which means that when you do pay for a slider, it’s usually loaded with great features.

Lets walk through a few of the more popular styles of sliders below. Keep in mind, most examples shown are from the unstyled demo versions and all can be customized with some basic CSS knowledge and reading the documentation.

Standard Photo Slider

Example used: NivoSlider –

A very popular style of slider is the photo slider. Many accept an image and some metadata such as a caption, often pulled from the alt or title tag automatically.

Advantages: Typically the easiest to get started with for beginners. The focus is put directly on a large image you choose. Many have multiple transition effects between slides from sliding, fades, zooms and more.

Disadvantages: If you have a wide variety of content you need to display such as HTML, images or video, a mixed content slider may be a better choice – most require you to stick to images. 

Mixed Content Slider

Example used: Anything Slider –

While similar to the photo slider, mixed content sliders allow you to use more than just images. Review all the options when choosing an image slider, some do allow for HTML but may not be listed in the primary feature list.

Advantages: Perfect for displaying video, HTML and image content within the same slider if needed.

Disadvantages: Mixed content sliders can be a bit more advanced to work with than your standard photo slider. 

Gallery Style Slider

Example used: Galleria –

The gallery style is often used in photography applications. The navigation is often made up of thumbnails to browse through the images in your collection.

Advantages: Very easy for users to browse through the images they want to see quickly.

Disadvantages: Often times takes up more real estate on the page than a standard slider to fit the image and all thumbnails. 

3D Block Slider

Example used: Cu3er –

Think of a Rubik’s cube, built on the web, without all the headaches. That’s basically what a 3D Block Slider is – it’s incredibly impressive from a visual standpoint, and can be perfect to add that extra bit of excitement to a site.

Advantages: One of the most visually stunning sliders out there. If visitors haven’t seen it before, their jaws might hit the floor.

Disadvantages: While the rest of the sliders in this tutorial are jQuery, most of the 3D Block Sliders are built in a combination of Adobe Flash and XML… which isn’t the most “standards friendly” format to use. These sliders can require a little more time to “preload”; Because they are built with Flash, it also means that they can be a little trickier to install if you aren’t familiar with it. 

3D Space Slider

Example used: Image Flow –

Inspired by Apple’s cover flow effect, this slider effect is a stunning way to display your work. When coupled with a minimal style site, this slider can feel right at home.

Advantages: This style can be a very impressive and very interactive way for users to browse a gallery of images showcasing your work.

Disadvantages: Many have a small scroll bar or use the mouse scroll wheel or keyboard to view the images which can be a bit awkward with some unintentional scrolling. 

Full Size Slider

Example Used: Supersized –

The full size slider is what it seems – a slider that takes up the entire page to show off your work in a way that can’t be missed.

Advantages: If you have a “go big or go home” style, they really do not get much bigger than this.

Disadvantages: They may be a bit tough to integrate into a site since they are designed to fill the screen with your work. Images used must be quite large to fill new high resolution screens. 

Thumbnail Slider

Example used: jCarousel Lite –

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you want to display a grid of images and allow quick browsing without making the user load a second or third page.

Some sliders have the capability to show multiple images per slide or multiple slides at once so check the feature list. In jCarousel Lite featured above, “visible” is set to 3, showing three slides at a time.

Advantages: Allows you to scroll multiple items at once for times when a large image or content is not needed. Great for groups of items or when you have the room on the site.

Disadvantages: There are not many disadvantages to this style other than just being a little more complex to set up than the standard photo slider. 

Horizontal Sliding Tabs / Accordion Slider

Example slider used: HSlides –
Sample image is from the Circo theme:

The accordion style makes browsing through featured items a little like flipping through pages of a book. This uses a classic “hide and reveal” user behavior by just showing a snippet of the content before sliding the entire accordion box out.

Advantages: A very unique and fun way to display your items. The stepped style can help reinforce a sense of order if you are using a “step 1, step 2, step 3″ content paradigm.

Disadvantages: Not great for dozens of slides and can be a bit difficult for new web users to operate accidentally sliding items open and close with a pass of the mouse. Consider a click to open tab style or setting if available. 

Large Tabbed Slider

Example used: Feature List –

The feel you get when using the large tabbed slider is a sense of simplicity – step 1, step 2, step 3. A great way to show progressive changes, features or product options.

Advantages: Very attention grabbing with proper styling. Like the accordion, this slider shows a hint of what is inside each slide, which can be great for visitors that are seeking specific information.

Disadvantages: You may need to limit the number of items you want to include unless you use a tabbed slider like the iTunes Music Store. 

When to Design Your Own Slider

Although the variety and quantity of sliders is steadily on the increase, sometimes you just can’t find a solution for for your unique situation.

If you are going to be using many sliders in your projects, it is worth your while to dig in and really learn how they work and build one yourself. The best way to learn is by example.

Dissect existing sliders, see how they work and learn from it. Don’t steal other developer’s code but instead focus on what they are doing: animations, changing opacity and reviewing the settings they offer and write it in your own way.

With tools like Firebug, you can “inspect” a slider in real-time, watching it manipulate the z-index, opacity or positioning to move content from one slide to the next.

You will gain a greater understanding of what is going on under the hood, be able to perform customizations, and find problems faster down the road by digging into as many sliders as you can to learn how they function.

Finding The Right jQuery Slider for You

The only thing more plentiful then the number of jQuery sliders are the number of sites showcasing them. Rather than try to list all of them here (new ones come out every week!), let’s walk through how to find one that’s right for you:

A quick Google search will reveal sliders can be found in a variety of places:

Roundup Posts

Often titled something like “25 Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts” – they are posts created to collect and review the different sliders available at the time. Read the comments as well as the article to see other people’s opinions on the collection.

Tutorial Sites

Sites that offer up tutorials on building sliders will often times include the final source code of the project so you get a step-by-step guide as to how it is built and the final working result. Unless specifically noted, the source project is just for educational purposes, ask before using in any projects.

Online Marketplaces

CodeCanyon offers an entire category for premium sliders.


Sometimes you will come across a site with a slider and you want to see which plugin they may have used. Since JavaScript is a client-side script, do a view-source of the page and look which JavaScript files are imported, the plugin information should be included at the top of the plugin’s source script with a URL for more information on the plugin for download and documentation. 

Be courteous of the effort others have done, read and abide by the license agreements included and give credit where credit is due. 

Deciding on a Slider

Choosing a slider is largely dependent on the functionality and options you need and the overall style you are going for. Decide on the type of content you need displayed, how you want users to navigate through it and see which slider best matches your requirements.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, compare the overall script size and check whether is is compatible with all browsers. 

Some sliders are offered in a “lite” version such as jQuery Cycle Lite if you’re looking to keep the overall file size down in your project. Often times, the light version is just missing the additional transition effects, sticking with the most popular options available.

If you’re not a jQuery master, choose a slider with great live demos you can download and documentation to help guide you through making your customizations. 

Skinning a Slider

One of the great things about using a pre-made slider is that most of them are incredibly easy to redesign according to your needs. This process (usually just called “skinning”) isn’t as hard as it might seem. Usually it requires just editing a simple CSS file – the most complex skinning will usually get is swapping out graphics that you’ve created their the default graphics (like backgrounds and buttons). 

In addition to skinning sliders, it’s also worth noting that with most sliders, it’s easy to change the size to fit the website that you’re designing. 

Integrating Sliders with an Existing Site

Placing a slider in an existing design is not a single-step process but most slider scripts come with a basic sample page to get started, importing jQuery, CSS, sample content and initializing the plugin with the default settings. 

Let’s import jQuery Cycle into a quick sample site created for the purpose of this tutorial.

Download the before and after sites to follow along. 

1. Initial Site Structure

The demo site consists of basic HTML, CSS and an image which will be the starting point for integrating the slider.

  • index.html – The sample home page we are using

  • css/screen.css – General style information

  • images/sample_water.jpg – Current static image for the home page

2. Download jQuery Cycle

We will be integrating the jQuery Cycle plugin for this demo.

  • Visit

  • Download and unzip the latest version to your computer.

  • Copy jquery.cycle.all.min.js to your site in a new /js/ directory

3. Import the Necessary Scripts

Import the jQuery library and the Cycle plugin in the of your site by adding this code:

view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

  1.  type=>"text/javascript" src="">  

  2.  type=>

The first script should be the latest version of jQuery. You can grab it off or load it from the Google Libraries as we have done above.

The second script is the plugin source which we placed in the /js/ folder.

4. Add the Slider HTML

Swap out the current static sample_water.jpg image used in the demo site with an unordered list for slides:

view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

    •  id=>"promo">  

    • "images/sample_water.jpg" alt="Slide One"> src=>

    • "images/sample_hills.jpg" alt="Slide Two"> src=>

    • "images/sample_park.jpg" alt="Slide Three"> src=>

    We will just use three images to get started, note the id=”promo” attribute, we’ll use this later to tell our plugin this is the container of our slides. Since the slides are essentially just a list of related content, a UL tag is a good choice.

    5. Add the Optional Slider Navigation

    Underneath the unordered list of promos we added above, we will add the navigation to control the slides. The plugin will create the individual navigation links dynamically at runtime as you add and remove slides from the list.

    view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

    1.  id=>"promonav">  

    2.     "javascript:void(0);" class="next">Next Slide   href=>

    3. "promoindex">



    Next Slide

    The next slide button’s class corresponds to the ‘next’ parameter we will use to advance the slides manually.

    The promo index is automatically generated if the ‘pager’ parameter is set in the options. By entering it manually, we can control where it goes on the page in case you wanted it somewhere other than where the plugin places it.

    6. Style the Slider

    Let’s add CSS to style the slider list. Some sliders like Nivo Slider have a custom stylesheet you can download and get started but for this demo, let’s add our custom CSS directly into the end of the site’s main screen.css file.

    view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

    1. /* Remove list formatting from Promo UL/LI */  

    2. #promo, #promo li  

    3. {  

    4.     margin:0;  

    5.     padding:0;  

    6.     list-style-type:none;  

    7. }  


    9. /* Styles for the optional promo navigation container */  

    10. #promonav  

    11. {  

    12.     padding:4px;  

    13.     background:#eee;  

    14.     border:1px solid #e0e0e0;  

    15.     margin-top:1px;  

    16. }  


    18. /* Keep the next button at the right edge */  

    19. #promonav .next  

    20. {  

    21.     float:right;  

    22. }  


    24. /* Link styles in promo navigation  */  

    25. #promonav a  

    26. {  

    27.     padding:0 3px;  

    28.     border:1px solid #eee;  

    29.     text-decoration:none;  

    30.     outline:0;  

    31.     color:#777;  

    32. }  


    34. /* Style applied on mouseover of promo navigation link(s) */  

    35. #promonav a:hover  

    36. {  

    37.     color:#000;  

    38. }  

    39. /* The index automatically gets an activeSlide class, use this to indicate the current slide */  

    40. #promoindex a.activeSlide  

    41. {  

    42.     font-weight:bold;  

    43.     background:#fff;  

    44.     border-color:#ccc;  

    45. }  

    /* Remove list formatting from Promo UL/LI */
    #promo, #promo li

    /* Styles for the optional promo navigation container */
    border:1px solid #e0e0e0;

    /* Keep the next button at the right edge */
    #promonav .next

    /* Link styles in promo navigation */
    #promonav a
    padding:0 3px;
    border:1px solid #eee;

    /* Style applied on mouseover of promo navigation link(s) */
    #promonav a:hover
    /* The index automatically gets an activeSlide class, use this to indicate the current slide */
    #promoindex a.activeSlide

    7. Initialize the Plugin:

    At this point, we have jQuery and the plugin imported but nothing telling the plugin which element on the page is our slider or what options to include – it needs to be initialized.

    Create a file called setup.js and place it in the /js/ directory.

    Import it in underneath the jQuery and Cycle scripts you imported in the area of the site earlier in the tutorial. 

    view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

    1.  type=>"text/javascript" src="js/setup.js">  

    It is important that you import jQuery, jQuery Cycle and then setup.js in that exact order or the plugin will not work. 

    Inside setup.js add the following code:

    view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

    1. $(document).ready(function() {  

    2.     $('#promo').cycle({  

    3.         fx: 'scrollHorz',  

    4.         timeout:    4000,  

    5.         speed:      800,  

    6.         next: '#promonav .next',  

    7.         pager:    '#promoindex',  

    8.         height: 200,  

    9.         pause: 1  

    10.     });  

    11. });  

    $(document).ready(function() {
    fx: 'scrollHorz',
    timeout: 4000,
    speed: 800,
    next: '#promonav .next',
    pager: '#promoindex',
    height: 200,
    pause: 1

    Lets me explain what is going on in the code above.

    We start out by checking if the document is ready with the document.ready, otherwise the plugin may try to modify elements on the page that are not available or ready. 

    The next line is telling the Cycle plugin what element we are using as a container of the items we want to cycle through. In our case, the container has an ID of promo so we enter #promo.

    The items listed from fx to pause are options we are passing into the plugin. If we do not include any and simply use: $(‘#promo’).cycle(); the plugin would use its default settings. 

    Options are listed in a comma separated list. The number and type of options vary per-plugin but for jQuery Cycle can be found at

    The next and pager options refer to the navigation we built in step 5 above and can be removed if you do not want to include navigation on the slider.

    Download the before and after sites to follow along.

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    Record Two-Way Conversations With Digital Voice Recorders

    Posted by Sumit Rana


       Record Two-Way Conversations With  Digital Voice Recorders

    There are various types of digital voice recorders available for recording both two-way telephone conversations and personal on-site conversations. Both can be done covertly if that is what the situation calls for. One way to handle the telephone data recording is with a simple PC phone recorder,  by using your PC recorder, tap into all of the telephone calls that you need to, and you can save and replay your calls whenever you need to:-

    But let's say that you need to record a conversation on the sly, or you simply want to record music or MP3 music files, but you don't want to haul around a bulky device to do it. There are attractive,
    digital voice recorders that are fully functional
    watches that may be just the thing you are looking for. You can also record reminders to yourself and notes and play it all back using
    stereo earphones or a window media player.

    Maybe you are looking for small digital voice recorders to take care of monitoring those important phone calls you need to keep track of. There is a very nice 7-1/2" by 5" by 2"
    telephone recorder with caller ID that can do the job efficiently, and on slow speed, you can record over five hours on a single standard C-120 cassette. It features a time and date
    stamp using an internal
    clock and has both voice activation and silent operation that records your inbound and outbound calls.
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    Adsense gets its new interface

    Posted by Sumit Rana

    Google has launched a new interface for Adsense with many new feature additions. New adsense is better form older version in data analysis and control over the advertisements.

    Ad review center lets you control your ads
    Publishers can now control the advertisements running over their sites through ad review centre. Publishers can now filter ads from specific advertisers, categories, and ad networks. They can also now search for ads in the ad review center by ad type, keyword, URL, or ad network, and choose to allow or block them
    You can now :-

    • Hold all ads for a 24-hour review period
      This setting lets you take a look at them before they show up on your site and decide whether you want them to appear on your pages, or not.

    • Run ads immediately
      This option maximizes your potential revenue by opening up competition among all ads eligible to appear on your site right away.

    • Block ads in a few other ways: by advertiser URL, ad category, or ad network.

    Overview of the new reports
    Adsense has presented a new improved way of showing data reports and performance through graphs.
    Graphs allows you to easily view trends in your performance. You can quickly view impressions, clicks and earnings all in one graph, compare text ad performance to image ad performance, compare date ranges and easily manipulate data to recognize trends.

    Overall the new adsense gives you better control aver your account, performance of ads and data.
    You can visit adsense blog or adsense support to know more about the interface

    credits:- bloggerz bible

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    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Earn by chatting

    Posted by Sumit Rana

    There's a site, like Ro2, that pays for sending lines on a chat. The min. payout is 0.25 $ with PayPal, 1 $ with AlertPay.                                                 

    It's Birejjii!

    It's really honest and the good of it are the people you can know. It's a nice spending of time!

    Then you can choose different rooms: Main (english), India, Spain, Italy etc...

    Here's the link:

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    Take maximum out of blogger

    Posted by Sumit Rana

    In this post I’m going to discuss about some of the blogger features which are present in blogger and are applicable too while blogging but we forget or are not aware about them.
    Below are some features which people are not aware usually:-

    1. New post editorBlogger launched this features this year 2010 in June but has not made it default in instead you have to go to SETTINGS>>BASIC and there you must select option UPDATED EDITOR before using it in So for newly registered users its like knowing it before they sign-up.
    To know more about the post editor features visit Blogger Support.

    2. Post template (Settings>>Formatting) This feature is really useful for those using third party templates. Some third party templates (Usually converted from wordpress) use some particular post format while posting like personalpress blogger template (under How-to-post ).
    Post templates pre-formats the post editor with text or code that will appear each time you create a new post. So if there is some format that you must remember for creating new posts then this is really helpful. Just paste the code in the post template option an it will appear every time in the post editor you create a new post.It will really do you job of posting easy.

    3. Post feed footer (Settings>>Site Feed) This feature allows you to add code or text to your feed’s post footer. Feeds contain the post’s that we have created. So if we paste some code or text in this option then it will go under (in the footer) every post of the feed of that blog.
    This features allows you to merge you feed with third-party ads like adsense, adbrite,chitika etc. Just place the ad code of that third party ad-provider in this option and your feed is ready to show advertisements.

    4. Hide comments of particular post – Like wordpress you can also disable comments for any existing post. This option is present in the post-editor footer under post-options.

    So if there are a lot of spam comments coming for any post or post has lot many comments and you want to close them the you can use this option . Remember your comments will not be deleted using this option.

    5. Select blog’s to display ( Dashboard>>Edit User Profile ) – If you have too many blog’s linked to your profile then this option might be helpful in displaying only useful blogs that you can select in your profile page. Click this option and you will get the list of all your blog’s that are active. Select those which you want to show on your profile and save the settings.

    credits:-bloggerz bible

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    Visually E Book Guide-Free Download

    Posted by Sumit Rana


    Its time to add your knowledge by read this 8 free pdf visually e book guide :

    - Twitter: Best Practices and Tips (2.4 MB - 53 pages)

    - How To Build Your Own WordPress Site (2.4 MB - 34 pages)

    - The Complete Guidebook To Web Searching (2.6 MB - 39 pages)

    - The Guide to Biggest File Sharing Networks: Pros & Cons (2.5 MB - 22 pages)

    - The Big Book of BitTorrent (Free Torrent Guide) (800 kB - 28 pages)

    - The Idiot’s Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Computer (1.9 MB - 48 pages)

    - A Computer Geek’s Smart Productivity Guide ( 500 kB - 17 pages)

    - The Awesome Guide for the Internet Movie Addict (2.3 MB - 51 pages)

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    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Trusted Sites All are paying sites

    Posted by Sumit Rana

    Pay Per Click 0.002
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    Bronze (1 Month) - First 1000 members Membership (30 days)

    • Per click:

      100% of click value

    • Per referral click:

      35% of click value

    • Minimum payout:

      | $1.03 | $2.00 | $5.00 | $8.00 | $10.00 |

    • Referral ad purchase:


    • Referral upgrade:

      $0.00 for you

    • Maximum Direct Referrals:


    1 Add View Receive $0.01
    Total Adds per Day View 10Adds
    Per Day Earn 10 x $0.01 = $0.10
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    1 Add View Receive $0.008
    Total Adds per Day View 04Adds
    20 Referral Earning 0.004 x 20 = 0.08
    1Month Referral Earning $2.40
    Per Day Earn 04 x $0.008 = $0.032
    Per Month Earn $0.96

    Upto 0.02per click
    Total Adds per Day View 04Adds
    Payout: $2.00

     Chat with your friends and earn Dollers
    Daily Surf Earnings

    Minutes Workers
    Here is my payment Proof:

    Just Complete offer and earn amount into your account

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    20 Max. Direct Referrals
    500 Max. Rented Referrals

    Per Click: $0.01
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    1 Add View Receive $0.50
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    Per Month Earn $ 150

    1 Add View Receive $0.01
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    Per Month Earn $3

    For claim your earning Money from above PTC site you have to Register AlertPay Account. So What are you waiting for Just Sign Up and register for AlertPay Account 
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    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    How to add Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmasters

    Posted by Sumit Rana

    You can add google sitemap and increase your chance of getting index in google search. By adding google sitemap you give google more information of your website pages and google crawls it more effectively.. It also increases the Speed of pages indexed by google.......

    Step 1 -- > login to google webmaster
    At the top of the page you will see Add a Site click on it

    Click on Ok button. Next you will get confirmation message. Your site has been added to your account.
    Step # 2: Now you need to verify your ownership of blog to view detailed statistics.
    Click on verify link. Select Add a META tag from drop down menu:

    It will generate code for you, copy the meta tag
    Step # 3: Go to your and login to your account. Go to Layout --> Edit Html
    Paste the META tag code after section:
    Click on Save Template changes button

    Step # 4: Now Go to Sitemap account and Click on Verify button

    Step # 5: Now your site is added to sitemap account and verification is done. Next you need to add actual sitemap url.

    Step # 6: At The Left Sidebar Click On Site Configuaration --> Sitemaps
    Now Click on Submit a Sitemap and enter


    in it
    Now Wait For 2-3 Days Your Site will be indexed by Google

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    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    Search for Hindi music by google music India

    Posted by Sumit Rana
    Being a fan of music i am quiet happy that google has launched google music search engine.

    But i get more excited when i came to know about that Google India announced a new India specific Google Music search landing page which allows searching for Indian music.

    I have always wondered if I could just type in the name of the song and could hear it online. That would be like going to music heaven. Google Music search almost gets you there but not quite.


    Features of Google Music India

    • Google Music India is good for people looking to stream music rather than download files of music.

    • The search feature is pretty good with the ability to limit the result according to a time frame like the 1970s decade.

    • Clicking on the link will play the music streamed for Google Music’s partner websites. This will use Flash player so make sure your browser supports Flash.

    Mostly the music results were Hindi film songs but I could pull up a decent amount of classical Indian music results too. I am not so sure how good it is with regional music but I guess with time this service will only get better.

    So try it out and do drop in your comments and views.

    Music search with Guruji

    Guruji is also one of the popular search engine but also more popular for its music serach engine

    even popular website for music is also uses guruji music search engine.Guruji also seaech for allmost every music we need from old one to new one.

    Features of Guruji music search

    • Guruji music search engine is good for people looking to stream music

    • If music file is available for download also provide downloading option

    • The search feature is pretty good with the ability to limit the result according to a time frame like the 1970s decade.

    • Clicking on the link will play the music streamed for partner websites. This will use Flash player so make sure your browser supports Flash.

    Link: Guruji music

    SO i think if you are also a music fan like me than u like yo use google+guruji.

    so both search engine are enough to provide you almost every thingh.

    IF you want more here is a list of a some of the other website also.

    • /

    hope u enjoy this post and if you are having any other interesting website to share then plz share with us.

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    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Turn any webpage into whiteboard

    Posted by Sumit Rana

    This a very cool application which helps any site to be turned into a writing whiteboard on just on click. You can do editing on the webpage instantly .

    Its an application by . It acts like a bookmark in the bookmark’s toolbar and on clicking a toolbar appears which lets you edit the webpage. There’s no need of installing or downloading it, just drag it and place it in your bookmark toolbar.
    You can use it in action by clicking the link below

    Click me
    If you make a mistake, you can use the usual keyboard shortcuts -- ctrl+z will undo your previous action while the backspace key will remove the element from the page.
    To get it visit and drag the button to your toolbar.

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