Monday, December 27, 2010

PC suite for chinese mobile phone

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyzz ..sowie for a delay in new post as i was busy in shifting to my new home.... but don worry i am back and witha bang. yes i got somthing new for you people.

you people must heard about chinese mobile phones ,thier denisty is increasing day by day as they are less costier to us and also fulfill our all demanding requiremnts. but still thier are some facilities which are missing in chinese mibile phones,among those problems today m gona solve one of  the
major problem. 

 usually or even almost times we want to conect our cellphones to or computer systems for using internet bt its easy only when we got some branded phone like NOKIA,LG,SAMSUNG ,BLACKBARRY and etc.  because PC suite for these phones are easily available on internet or a free CD/DVD is provided whenever we buy a new celll phone bt in chinese phones its missing, but now its possible as  find a suitable PC suite for your chinese mobile phones below is the link to download them


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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get Your Own Internet Explorer

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz __hope you all are roking, today i am having another awesome trick , 

which can challenge Mr.Bill Gates .

you all must know about Internet Explorer, in this article i will get you know that how can change you microsoft internet explorer to your name explorer__here is the trick :-

Whenever you will open internet explorer it will show your name in the header instead of its own as shown below:-


1. now go to start and open the Run window type regedit a new window press yes and then enter a new window will pop up i.e window registry window that looks like this:-

 2. now look at the left part of window n follow the following sequence/parth:_

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

then in write window jst do right click and a new option will apear now go to string value as shown in picture:- 


3.and a new icon will apear at the bottom rename that icon to window title as shown in figure:-

4. Now double click on that window title icon a new window will pop up and in place of value column enter your name and press ok as shown in below picture:

5. Now we all done open internet explorer it will looks like this:-

njoyyyyyyyy guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don forget to comment your....

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30 Best Christmas Design Tools

Posted by Sumit Rana

We are exactly one week away from our favorite Christmas! Here we present We are talking about the free Christmas related icons, vectors, fonts, wallpapers, textures, patterns, brushes, etc (a mash-up of the Best Design Resources for Christmas around) which can come in handy just before Christmas. to save your time. Or you can use them to create some nice last minute Christmas cards

1. Christmas Light by Vladstudio

2. Merry Christmas by chopeh 

3. Santa’s Parcel Service by Fredy3D

4. HalloThanksmas II by moroka323

5. Stunning high resolution Christmas wallpapers by

6. Christmas XP Sample Wallpaper by deleket

7. Merry Christmas, Xmas, New Year wallpaper

8. The 5th Anniversary by hybridoworks

Free Christmas Brushes

1. Snowflakes Brushes

2. Snow PS7 Brushes and IMG Pack

3. Holiday Brush Set

4. Ice Patterns Texture Brushes

5. Snowflake Brushes

6. Christmas Balls: PS Brushes

Free Christmas Vectors

1. 6 Sets of Free Christmas Balls Vectors 

2. Christmas Tree Vector Graphic

3. Christmas Vectors

4. Vector Trees with Snow

5. Macela Merry Christmas

6. Christmas Gifts (eps)

 7. High Resolution Christmas Snow Flake Vectors

Free Christmas Icons

1. Christmas Icons 2007 by gakuseisean

2. Christmas Special – Free Social Networking Icons

3. PSDFAN Exclusive Christmas Icon Set

4. Free Social Media Icons for Christmas

5. Panther in Xmas Mood

6. Smashing Christmas Icon Sets

7. The Real Christmas RSS Icons

8. 28 christmas vector icon RS

9. Vista Christmas Bin pack

Free Christmas Patterns

1. Christmas dayn Ps Patterns

2. Silver and Gold Flake Patterns

3. Merry Stripes

4. Christmas 2009

5. PS-Patterns-Christmas

Free Christmas Fonts

40 FREE and Exciting Christmas Fonts

Free Christmas Textures

8 Christmas Textures.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogger template for mobile users

Posted by Sumit Rana

Blogger is coming out with tons of new features making blogging plus blogger more efficient for its users. Its just a week ago blogger added Feed control feature and now blogger has added another amazing feature that is meant for every blogger specially who focus on mobile web.

Blogger has added Mobile Template feature which will automatically create a mobile version of your blog automatically on a single click. You can see my blog’s mobile version below.

This feature is currently available in draft.blogger only. Soon it will be available on basic blogger accounts.To create your own mobile version login to draft.blogger just go to Dashboard>>Settings>>Email & Mobile and click the option shown in the image below. Also click the Mobile Preview button to see the mobile version of your blog.

Save the changes and its done. Currently there are now styling options for third party blogger template but styling options are available for template designed through template designer. For more details visit Bloggerindraft.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fake virus for facebook

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz this is somthing i got for you only, many times our friends use to disturb us on facebook now its our turn to create obstacles for them, impliment this article and have fun with them SO HERE WE GO;;;;;;

In this article I will show you how to make a Facebook virus using simple commands on notepad. .

This will make the victim think they have got a virus when they click on an icon such as Internet Explorer .

1) Open notepad

2) Type this in :

@echo off 


shutdown -r -t 300 -c " SORRY!!! YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ARE NOW BEING DELETED !!! PLEASE WAIT ..........."


3) Save as Internet Explorer .bat


4) Right click on Internet Explorer .bat and click Create Shortcut

5) Right click on shorcut and click Properties.

6) Click Change Icon


7) Choose Internet Explorer icon or similar , click OK , then click Apply


8) Delete real shortcut and replace it with fake . When victim click on it , he will get warning  messages that looks like this:


After five minutes windows will restart , that is all. This is totally harmless and will give you a laugh. Enjoy ! 

really roking guyzz...njoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
don't forget to comment


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Offline but useful Designers ! !

Posted by Sumit Rana

Most web designers start new projects on their computer. There are hundreds of tools out there for creating wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and doing various other planning activities on your computer or online. But there are also tons of offline, paper-based tools that can speed up your development and design process. Designers who start their planning offline often just use blank or graph paper and start from scratch.

Why start completely from scratch when you can use one of these pre-made guides to save time and better direct your creative energies? Below we’ve compiled a great list of free, downloadable tools, as well as a collection of notepads and other products you can purchase for offline planning and design.

Here are more useful designers toolkits articles you might want to check out:

  • 27 Must-Have Starter Kits For Web Designers

  • GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers

  • 50 (More) Excellent Mini Icon Sets


The tools below are all available for free download. They include pre-drawn browsers, grids, and tools for iPad and iPhone development.

Paper Browser

A simple, printable browser window for wireframing. There’s a subtle grid inside the window for better designing (for both 960px wide and 800px wide designs). It’s proportionately scaled for a 1024×768 screen resolution.

MBTI Sketching Paper for Ideation

The MBTI Sketching Paper contains four distinct areas for coming up with ideas for the four specific buying modalities: competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic. It’s available in four sizes: A4, A3, Letter, and Legal.

Concept7 Sketching Paper

This sketching paper provides a browser window with pre-made grid lines, plus a notes area on the side. It’s available in A4 and A3 sizes.

960 Grid System Sketch Sheets

The 960 Grid System has plenty of templates available for various design programs. But a lot of people aren’t aware that there are also downloadable PDF templates for wireframing with on paper.

Grid Design Graph Paper

Konigi has free, printable graph paper for grid design mockups. Available templates include a wireframe with notes area, landscape- and portrait-oriented wireframes, storyboards (with and without notes), two-by-two graph paper, and basic graph paper.

Wireframe Magnets DIY Kit

A set of magnet templates from Konigi. Just print these out onto magnet sheets and you’re ready to start wireframing and prototyping on your whiteboard or other magnetic surface. You can also laminate these to use with dry erase markers.


These sketchboards are available in two versions: a single screen with note space, or six-up with note space. The multi-page version is great for quick prototyping of multiple pages, where the single-page version is great for more detailed wireframing of specific pages.

6 Pages Template

This is a simple template with pre-drawn browser windows for mockups of six pages on each sheet, with additional space for notes on the side. Very simple, but very useful for top-level planning.

Paper Wireframe Templates

A variety of wireframe templates, with a total of seven included in the download. There are also PSD templates available, if you want to customize them prior to printing.

Wireframe Template

A simple wireframe template with space for the page title at the top and notes along the side. It’s professional enough to use for final wireframes and mockups to show to clients.

iPhone App Wireframe Template

A very stylish iPhone app template, available in portrait and landscape orientations. There are versions with single iPhone mockups with plenty of space for notes as well as pages with three iPhones on a single page.

iPad Idea Sheet

There are three versions available: a two-up sheet with portrait-oriented iPads, a four-up sheet with landscape-oriented iPads, and a one-up sheet with a landscape-oriented iPad. They also have an iPhone Idea Sheet available for download.

Scenario, Taskflow, and Grid Sketchsheets

These sketchsheets are invaluable tools for website planning. The scenario sheet helps you plan out how to get visitors to your site to perform a desired action. The taskflow sheet helps you figure out what steps are involved in the performance of specific tasks on your site. And the grid sheet gives you space for wireframing and notes on specific pages.


The products below are often similar to those available for download above, but come pre-printed. Other tools are also included, such as stencils and sticky notes.

Mighty Mouse Pad

A mouse pad that’s also a notepad. There are three different versions: 5 Days a Week (with space for five days’ worth of to-do lists), Information Central (with plenty of space for notes), and Random Dawdle. $10 each.

iPad Stencil Kit

A metal stencil from UI Stencils for designing for the Apple iPad. It has everything you need to mock-up applications for the iPad. The kit also includes a .7mm Zebra Mechanical Pencil and an interaction technique table. $24.95

iPhone Stencil Kit

Another metal stencil kit from UI Stencils, this time for the iPhone. It also comes with the Zebra Mechanical Pencil and UI Stencils stickers. $24.95

App Sketchbook

Offers spiral-bound App Sketchbooks for designing iPhone and iPad apps. There are standard, perforated, and iPad version available. The iPhone versions come with three real-size iPhone images per page, with 50 pages (double-sided) total. The iPad sketchbook (not yet available) comes with one image per page. $12 each.

Notepod and Notepod+

Life-size notepads for designing iPod and iPad apps. The iPod notebooks come in a 3-pack, with 100 pages per pad. The iPad version (Notepod+) is sold singly and also has 100 pages per pad. Notepod+ is $19.95; Notepod is $17.95/three.

Storyboard Notepad

8 1/2 x 11 inch notepads from Konigi with 50 storyboard sheets, each with space for notes. The thing that sets these apart from most regular storyboard notepads is that each storyboard section is divided up into a grid, making them much more appropriate for interaction design. $9 each, only available in the US.

Browser Sketch Pad

A notepad that includes a browser window template on each page. Each window includes a grid, which is compatible with the Website Stencil Kit ($24.95), also from UI Stencils. $8.95 each.

Wireframe Notepad

Another great Konigi notepad, this time with a pre-drawn graph paper grid specifically for wireframing. It includes an area for notes on one side of the page. The grid has 24 columns, making it compatible with most grid-based CSS frameworks. $9 each, only available in the US.

Dot Grid Book

These dot grid books from Behance are similar to traditional graph paper, but rather than lines, they have dots where lines would intersect. It provides an excellent grid for sketching without the intrusion of solid lines. $14 each.

Whenever Sticky Note Set

For those of us who use sticky notes to keep organized, these might be just the thing to take your productivity system to the next level. Separate note types for things to do today, soon, or someday, plus three additional note types. $12.99.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Which cities and countries your signal has travelled ! !

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz.hope you all are's article is so much intersting that tommarow i am having my final semeter exam but still i want to write this article___

As we all alwys used to search or anything that is realted to acessing internet either its some buisnes work or social networking,we never think about the logic behind that how this all taking place, some of us know the logic but not aware about the physical path for that search.

Todays article is  somthing about that only. so lets proceed:-

we write in our web broweser the request goes to the google serve in US ,In this article we will trace the path of that request that from which cities and countries that signal has travelled.

1. Now go to start button or windows button and open the run box.

2. Type cmd command, a black screen command prompt will open.

3. Now type "tracert space name of site " without quotes in the command prompt. 

  4. Now press enter and a list of ip address's will appear on the black screen.

5. Now you can search for the following ip address's on internet that to which country or city they belong...i searched on 

6. For eg: the first ip= belongs to Slovakia Europe.

7. Hope you people lyk this..NJOYYYYYYYYY hav funnn

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Facebook Profile

Posted by Sumit Rana

Facebook the world no 2 website now bring some thigh new and interesting. Facebook's new take on the profile page allows you to personalize and highlight the important parts of your life, while still maintaining Facebook's clean, simplified look. The tabs at the top of each profile page are gone, and have been replaced with links on the left side of the page.Simply click on Facebook’s announcement to activate yours and check out all the new features, including revamped personal info, more prominent pictures, top interests showcased as images, more descriptive relationships and more.

Check out Facebook’s video and our walkthrough below:

The New Profile

If you haven't got the new Facebook profile yet, you can activate it by clicking here. Otherwise, let's jump in and walk through Facebook's new profile features.

Facebook Biography

Across the top of your profile in the main column is a list of your basic information based on what used to be under the "Info" tab in the old Facebook profile layout. This section includes items such as your current job, where you went to school, where you live, your marital status, languages you speak, your hometown, and your birthdate. Any of this information can be removed from your profile by clicking the "Edit Profile" button on the top right side of your profile page.

Thumbnail Photo Strip

Below your bio information is a thumbnail strip of five photos you were recently tagged in. If you don't like the photos you see in your strip you can hover over each photo and click the "x" in the top right corner to hide it. It will then be replaced with another photo. (Clicking on the thumbnail takes you to the Photos section of Facebook, so you can see where -- or who -- the photo came from.)

You can't specify which photos you'd like to see in your thumbnail strip, so you'll have to cycle through your photos by clicking the "x" to get the photos you want.

 It's also important to note that the thumbnail strip is governed by your photo privacy settings. In other words, only the people who can see your photos will be able to see the thumbnails on your profile.

 Streamlined Facebook Navigation

The new profile page removes the tabs that used to be at the top of your page, and moves them to navigation links on the left side of the page. This is very similar to how the current Facebook newsfeed page works.

You'll also notice that you can't highlight your favorite third-party applications by giving a featured link on your profile page as you could before with tabbed profiles.

A “Suggest Friends” button also appear in the top right corner of the profiles of users with few friends.

Gone are sections beneath the profile picture displaying a user’s most recently updated photo albums and shared Links. The About Me section, Likes, and a user’s website URLs have been moved to a new location within the Info navigation link. This decreases the prominence of explicit self expression, and reduces the likelihood that a user’s friends follow their links to blogs or profiles on other web services.

Users could previously highlight their upcoming Events, shared Links, and uploaded Videos by creating profile tabs for those categories. There appears to be no way to view all of a friend’s RSVPs or shared Links in the redesign. The link to a user’s tagged videos that used to be below the profile picture has been removed, and the only way to view these or their other uploaded videos is through links obscured inside the Photos navigation link.

Featured  Relationships

Below the navigation links, your Facebook friends are grouped by their importance to you, which Facebook calls "featured relationships." For the most part, featured relationships are lists of people you create based on the Facebook friends you want to highlight. You could, for example, create a list of teammates or Facebook friends your grew up or went to college with.

By default, the top spot is automatically reserved for your significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband), and followed by your Facebook friends, your family, and any lists you create.

To change the order of these lists or to add new lists, click on the pencil icon that appears in the top right corner when you hover over each list. You can also click on "Edit Profile" in the top right corner of your profile page and on the next page select the "Relationships" link on the left.

If users add relationships with family members, such as two users confirming that they are brothers, this automatically creates a “Family” section at the bottom of the Featured Relationships pane of the profile.Featured Relationships is similar to MySpace’s “Top 8″ feature which lets users show off their best friends. While useful for learning about who are the important people in someone’s life, Featured Relationships could cause drama for users who might be guilted or coerced into adding family members, significant others, or other friends.

Education and Work

.Below the thumbnail strip of highlighted photos is a section for your work and education experience that is fairly similar to how it looked before. The big difference is that now you can add fellow co-workers to your past and present employers. You can also list major projects you worked on during your tenure at each job. Facebook Software Engineer Josh Wiseman, for example, has listed that he most recently worked on the Facebook Profile revamp with seven other Facebook employees.

Under education, you can add a list of courses you took at school and who among your Facebook friends took those classes with you. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg notes on his profile that he took CS161.Operating Systems at Harvard with two of his Facebook friends. In my tests, Facebook does not have access to course calendars, so it will be up to you to give the classes you want to add a specific title.

Likes and Interests

Below your work and education experience are lists of your interests such as your favorite movies, television shows, and books.

Your favorite quotes have been moved under a new section called "Philosophy." Facebook has also added a sports section where you can add sports you play and who among your Facebook friends you play with. You can also add your favorite professional sports teams and your favorite professional athletes.

Beyond the new sections, your profile page is rounded out with your miscellaneous likes and interests and your contact information.

Facebook says its new profile design will roll out over the next few weeks, and everyone should have it by early next year. If you can't wait for it to roll out to you, click here to get the new Facebook profile now.


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Is your antivirus working,Check it out???

Posted by Sumit Rana

Most of pc are now affected with virus and we all are using different type of antivirus but still our pc is not secure so to check proper functioning of our antivirus there is a simple trick 

To Check if your AntiVirus is Working :

  • Open Notepad.

  • Now Copy this code in the text file….

  • Then save it with the name fakevirus.exe

Now, If the File got Detected Immediately .. It means your Antivirus is working Properly.

Info : This test virus was developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) to provide an easy (and safe!) way to test whether your anti-virus software is working, and see how it reacts when a virus is detected. It is supported by most leading vendors, such as IBM, McAfee, Sophos, and Symantec/Norton.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Download Facebook Blaster Pro Full Version-Flooder,Spammer,Poker

Posted by Sumit Rana

'; div.innerHTML = summary; } //]]>

Hello Friends , Today I am posting the tool "Facebook Blaster Pro 7.1.6 Full" . It is an awesome tool from which you can send mass friend requests on Facebook. Its a great tool for website owners and advertisers as they can send request and messages to thousands of people in a single click. This tool exploits the various functional parts of the Facebook like sending mass friend requests, poke thousands of people in  a single click, send alerts to thousands of people in a single click and so on....


Download Facebook blaster pro fullversion with keygen:-
(note:- extract that folder to desktop)

Facebook has become the hottest thing since MySpace and YouTube. In fact many are migrating over to Facebook because MySpace has become SpamSpace.


250 Million Members

Mass Facebook Amber Alerts

Mass Facebook Friend Requests

Mass Facebook Friend Messages

Mass Facebook Friend Pokes

Mass Facebook Wall Poster

100% CAPTCHA Bypass*

System Requirements: Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0

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