Friday, December 30, 2011

Download Facebook Officially Released Messenger For Windows

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz well today that happens for which we all are waiting,yo often struggles when you are operating facebook on your cell phones,this happen with other social networking websites also but the are offering you guyz messenger services,thier are messengers for facebook also but they all are third party messengers.

But today for all those chat lover facebook launches facebook messenger for windows.

Messenger in a Windows is a new, trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on Facebook. While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can perform some limited functions through this i.e as mentioned below:-

  • Chat and message with your friends on Facebook

  • See the latest updates from your friends in ticker

  • Get quick notifications about what’s going on

    Click here to download 

     See the offical screenshot below how this messenger works


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How to Get Your ISP to Give You a Better SIM Card Deal

Posted by sumit rana

The internet is always a buzz with news about the latest mobile phones, the best modems and the likes; but one major thing that power all these gadgets we hardly talk about is the SIM card. The SIM card plays a very important role in how effective your mobile phone works, and negotiating a better deal with your ISP can mean a whole lot of difference in how you are able to enjoy your mobile phone.

 As someone who specializes in helping people choose the best SIM only plans, I’ll be giving you a few solid tips that can help you get your ISP to give you a better SIM card deal.

Go for a SIM Only Offer:-

One of the best steps to take to get your ISP to give you a reasonable offer is to go for a SIM only plan. When you sign a standard mobile contract you will be given a new mobile phone, and as a result the price of the mobile phone will be added to your contract; what this means is that you would only be getting a SIM card, and as a result you won’t be paying for a mobile phone you don’t really need.

It is important to know that this offer is ISP dependent, though, so you should make sure to get in touch with your ISP first to see if they have SIM Only deals.

Compare Plans from Various Providers:-

Another tip to help you get better deals from your ISP is by comparing plans from various providers. By doing this you will have an idea of the general price most ISPs charge monthly, and you will also be able to discover which ISP is better. Once you’ve been able to discover this you can easily go with the cheapest ISP; or you can use it to negotiate with a more expensive ISP and let them know that their competitor has a cheaper offer.

Sign a Long Term Contract:-

The final trick you can use to help you get a better deal from your ISP is to sign a long term contract. Usually, this long term contract will be at least 12 months or more, but you will be able to get your ISP to give you a better deal due to the fact that you will be a long term customer. ISPs know how difficult it can be to get paying customers, and as a result they appreciate long term customers so they will happily give you a better deal if it means you will stay with them for years.

About the author: Paul is an expert blogger and writer who specializes in covering the best SIM Only deals. He is always on the lookout for the best information when writing for the SIM Only website.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

10 Best Facebook Timeline Covers For New Year & Christmas

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz festive season is going on and all are busy in celebrating these holidays with thier families but do remember your friends on facebook or google+ . I know its hard to get time for wishing your all facebook friends thats why i am posting this article on my blog.Facebook timeline has a tremndous feature of facebook cover,it speaks out your thought of the day and also convey your message to your facebook friends.So here are some of the facebook timeline covers for wishing your friends a happy new year before that marry christmas also,so watch out them and select the appropriate suiting your profile and your personality:-

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Warning To All Social Networking Websites Till February 6

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guys finally A Delhi Metropolitan magistrate's court ordered websites including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Youtube on Saturday to remove all "anti-religious" or "anti-social" content by February 06.Tricky Tech has also raised a voice against this offense few time back by our recent article "FIR Against Facebook for Insulting Hindu Gods"

The court's order came three days after another court in a civil case had restrained these sites including Facebook, Google and Youtube from webcasting any "anti-religious" or "anti-social" content promoting hatred or communal disharmony. 

"It is also evident that such contents are continuously openly and freely available to everyone who is using the said network irrespective of their age and even the persons under the age of 18 years have full and uncensored access to such obscene contents," the court said.

The magistrate said that as per the records placed before the court by the complainant, there are defamatory and obscene articles pertaining to various Indian political leaders which are being webcasted by these sites.  

"The contents are certainly disrespectful to the religious sentiments and faith and seem to be intended to outrage the feelings of religious people whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian. 

Despite rules to remove offensive content, India's internet access is largely free when compared with tight controls in fellow Asian economic powerhouse China. But in line with many other governments around the world, India has become increasingly nervous about the power of social media.

India has 100 million internet users, the third-largest user base behind China and the United States which is forecast to grow to 300 million users in the next three years.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Difference between CV, Resume and Biodata

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz how you doing,todays article is bit intersting,most of our friends are not aware of exact difference between CV,resume and biodata specially our readers which are freshers in the corporate world or just passed out thier college.

The primary differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) are the length, what is included and what each is used for. A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education. While a Curriculum Vitae is a longer (at least two page) and more detailed synopsis.


Resume Is a French word meaning "summary", and true to the word meaning, signifies a summary of one's employment, education, and other skills, used in applying for a new position. A resume seldom exceeds one side of an A4 sheet, and at the most two sides. They do not list out all the education and qualifications, but only highlight specific skills customized to target the job profile in question. A resume is usually broken into bullets and written in the third person to appear objective and formal. A good resume starts with a brief Summary of Qualifications, followed by Areas of Strength or Industry.Expertise in keywords, followed by Professional Experience in reverse chronological order. Focus is on the most recent experiences, and prior experiences summarized. The content aims at providing the reader a balance of responsibilities and accomplishments for each position. After Work experience come Professional Affiliations, Computer Skills, and Education

Resume- To be used by Freshers

CV- For Experienced


C.V Is a Latin word meaning "course of life". Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) is therefore a regular or particular course of study pertaining to education and life. A C.V. is more detailed than a resume,  usually 2 to 3 pages, but can run even longer as per the requirement. A C.V. generally lists out every skills, jobs, degrees, and professional affiliations the applicant has acquired, usually in chronological order. A C.V. displays general talent rather than specific skills for any specific positions.


Bio Data the short form for Biographical Data, is the old-fashioned terminology for Resume or C.V. The emphasis in a bio data is on personal particulars like date of birth, religion, sex, race, nationality, residence, martial status, and the like. Next comes a chronological listing of education and experience. The things normally found in a resume, that is specific skills for the job in question comes last, and are seldom included. Bio-data also includes applications made in specified formats as required by the company.

A resume is ideally suited when applying for middle and senior level positions, where experience and specific skills rather than education is important. A C.V., on the other hand is the preferred option for fresh graduates, people looking for a career change, and those applying for academic positions. The term bio-data is mostly used in India while applying to government jobs, or when applying for research grants and other situations where one has to submit descriptive essays.

Resumes present a summary of highlights and allow the prospective employer to scan through the document visually or electronically, to see if your skills match their available positions. A good resume can do that very effectively, while a C.V. cannot. A bio-data could still perform this role, especially if the format happens to be the one recommended by the employer.

Personal information such as age, sex, religion and others, and hobbies are never mentioned in a resume. Many people include such particulars in  the C.V. However, this is neither required nor considered in the US market.. A Bio-data, on the other hand always include such personal particulars.

ENJOYY GUYZ__hope your doubts are cleared___:)__:)_:) 

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Microsoft and Samsung to get a new Tablet

Posted by sumit rana

Microsoft has unveiled the world’s first Windows 8 tablet being manufactured by Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant. The Samsung series 7 tablet is also known as the Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC and it comes loaded with the Windows 8 OS (developer builds). This is the first collaboration between the two giants, Samsung and Microsoft. Samsung, now, relies heavily on Google’s Android system.

The Korea Economic Daily has reported that Samsung will show the Windows 8 tablet at the BUILD conference for developers organized by Microsoft at Anaheim from September 13 to 16. Windows 8 is only expected net year but Microsoft has promised that it will reveal some details about Windows 8 at the BUILD conference. It is known for certain, though that Windows 8 will be optimized for tablets. Windows 8 is going to run on ARM chips. This is a huge breakthrough for the Windows OS as these are the same ARM chips which are powering the iPad.

Now there is one more interesting news. If reports are to be believed then developers who will attend the BUILD conference will receive the tablet free. This is not new because at last year’s conference Microsoft handed over free Windows Phone 7 devices. The only difference is that since Windows 8 is not available officially, the free tablet will have a beta version of the new OS, Windows 8. It is estimated that Microsoft will give away 5000 units of the tablet. This is being done to allow the developers test Windows 8. They can also start working on building applications for the new platform which will be launched in 2012. There is some more good news for the developers. Free mobile data will be included for the developers for one full year. It is to be noted that Microsoft has started referring all of its Windows 8 products as PCs instead of tablets and slates.

Coming back to the new device, let us check the technical specs first. The tablet has a 11.6 inch 1355 x 768 display (Sugar PLS), dual core 1.6 GHz Intel i5 processor, 64GB SSD and 4GB RAM. The device also boasts of USB, microUSB and HDMI ports and a dock so that you can plug in your keyboard and a mouse. Microsoft has claimed that the Windows 8 tablets will be able to run all applications that will be available for the desktop OS. But there is no word on whether Windows Phone applications will be able to scale up to Windows 8 tablets. Some experts have opined that the industry expects the Windows 7 applications to run on Windows 8.

The coming together of Samsung and Microsoft is a big step for the former as this is their first collaboration in hardware devices. Many see it as an attempt by Samsung to diversify the OS of smartphones and tablet PCs beyond the Android only. The Android is the ‘king in South East Asia’ but the company needs to diversify keeping in mind the needs of the other markets.

About the author: Kate is a blogger and a writer. She is very fond of writing, travelling, cooking and reading cellphone reviews. She likes to try out new things. She is presently working on her new article on 3DGlasses.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Let It Snow" In Your Browser

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz this is an interesting article to read ,i don't know its a mistake error or actully developed but its amazing.

Go to and just type in search box LET IT SNOW and you will actually get snow on your browser.
You can click  with your mouse cursor on screen to feel the effect of humidity on your screen. :P :P

Try it and share your experience in comment section below__:)__:)__enjoy___:)__:)

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Get Facebook Timeline With 25 Best FB Covers

Posted by sumit rana

Facebook new and amazing development just to arrive and this amazing Profile layout change method is called “Timeline”.Facebook has officially launched The New Facebook Timeline to worldwide (It was available to developers earlier ). 

This new feature displays a hierarchy of all your experiences  date-wise like post updates, comments, photo and video uploads.  Timeline is your collection of photos, posts and apps that tell your story. You can see what you did in last year or last month.With the New Facebook Timeline, you can change the appearance of your Facebook profile becomes more attractive. Well if you are excited with Facebook Timeline, you can enable here, for an example you can see my Facebook Timeline after it activated as you can see in the above image.

How To Enable Time Line Feature?

  • Go To  Page

  • And Click On “Get Timeline”

facebook cover is the only thing that makes your profile view interesting and amzing we collect some of facebook timeline covers for you that are:-

* Click Here To DOWNLOAD ALL (984 kb only)


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Business Mobility and Mobile Communications on the Rise

Posted by sumit rana

This is a Sponsored post written by Stuart Smale.All opinions are 100% his.

Mobility in the working world used to mean changing jobs often. In today's environment, working mobility may still include that older definition, but it has expanded almost exponentially to include mobile workers – those people who work away from desks or offices. How the business world is adapting to that new, changing paradigm foretells the future of business communication.


As of June 2010, mobile phone or smartphone users totaled 93 percent. India reported a 56 percent saturation; China users totaled 59 percent of its citizens while Brazil reported a mobile phone in use for every citizen, a 100 percent saturation. British and German users exceeded 100 percent, which meant that for every citizen of those countries, more than one mobile phone device was in active use: Users were employing more than one mobile phone, often having one issued by a business and one for personal use.

Americans reported 32 percent of users in early 2010 used smartphones over standard mobile phones, and 49 percent of small business owners utilized smartphones over flip phones.

A Nielsen survey reflected that 42 percent of mobile phone access to the Internet was to check email; the majority of those checks were to business email accounts, and 95 percent of those check business email after working hours.

Needless to say, if businesses are not able to manage mobile communications effectively, especially since studies have projected that one-third of employees worldwide will operate outside the standard office environment, businesses will loose employees and fair market shares. Those businesses that adapt to the changing world of mobility stand a far better chance of continued success in the 21st century.

Mobile Productivity Aids

If you are a business owner who wants to streamline details and operations, consider a consolidated communications management system, adapt to compensating users for business use of private mobile phones and drastically decreasing costs of issuing dedicated mobile phones.

A study by Ostermans revealed that as many as 84 percent of workers believe their managers' ability to make and disseminate time-sensitive decisions will negatively impacted if they do not have access to a mobile email platform.

Providing business email access in mobile devices is proving to be of escalating importance to workers, supervisors and businesses themselves.

Appointment calendars that can be updated remotely and sophisticated collaboration tools are high on the business use list. Whether the collaboration is on a project access via such programs as Google Documents or another multiple-input mobile device, distance input is becoming a must in the mobile working environment.

The collaborative tools could be via mobile apps or mobile browsers, but they must build solid communication bridges between colleagues and management. The sales representative involved in contract negotiations in China must have current and accurate data to which to refer from the home office in London, and the common-use information must be as accessible to the team in Calcutta as well.

The individual mobile devices no longer have to be of the same brand name. So long as the tools are compatible with mobile phone manufacturers and accessible by all who need it, the devices can be of Android, iPhone, Motorola, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, HTC or any other brand. It's the coordinated results that count – not the device maker.

Go mobile in your business environment.

Any queries regarding this post can be posted in comment section or you can directly email the author of this article Stuart Smale @ .

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch Sushil Kumar, first man to win Rs 5 cr on 'KBC'

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz how you doing well today in the morning when i was go through my newspaper i read such an awsome news that a men from Bihar Sushil Kumar won 5 crores in KBC season 5.History was made when Sushil Kumar, a computer operator from Bihar, became the first ever contestant to win five crore rupees on 'Kaun Banega Crorepati 5'.

Now that's an amount 27-year-old Sushil Kumar, from Champaran, Bihar, could only dream of a couple of days back. But on Wednesday morning, that dream turned to reality after he became the first crorepati on this season of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati 5'.'Kaun Banega Crorepati 5' host Amitabh Bachchan said, "My heartiest congratulations to Sushil, his family, his wife and all his friends who came to support him."

"First and foremost, I will build a house for myself and then I will help my brothers start their businesses. I'm also very fond of reading, so now I will buy many books, start a library and read a lot," said Kumar.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Microsoft Windows official Angry Birds theme for Free

Posted by sumit rana

Angry Birds Games - As you know that Angry Birds is a very popular games especially since it had been downloaded and installed by 100 million users and even more from all of the world. Recently, Angry Birds game on Chrome found permanent home where any internet user can play this engrossing game for free.For keeping cute angry birds around you 24*7 just read the below article and enjoy the great fun.

This time we have brought you guys the Angry Birds official Angry Birds theme for Windows.Any Windows 7 user can download official Angry Birds theme for free on their Windows PC.

Theme package has 5 cool looking Angry Birds background wallpapers including: Angry Birds in red and yellow, Pigs happy and damaged and Angry Birds contruction view. one of screen shot is given below:-

Click here to download

 Click here to download theme package for official Angry Birds theme for Windows 7. Just click Download link, extract package and double click “Angry Bir” file to preview and use theme on Windows 7 PC. This theme can only be used in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate editions. More five good looking background wallpapers with thene are :-


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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grab The Latest Feature Of Facebook "TIMILINE"

Posted by sumit rana

Hello frinds how you doing well from last few months we getting lot of updates from facebook and today a new and amazing update has been added to facebook profile. this evening when i was goin through one of my friends website FBUPDATES and i got to know about the features of facebook timline.Recent Timeline feature on Facebook has been applauded by most of the users generally. This new feature, though many think has security concerns, yet has changed the Facebook design for good as the response of the users has been more on the positive side. 

Timeline not only makes your profile look better but it seems to be a moving mosaic of photos and videos with so much information at a single place arranged in order of date and time. 
This surely makes the users spend more time checking out their friends profile to see what they did when.If some of the readers have not yet changed to the new profile they can get started with this feature just by clicking the link below.

Anyways this new feature needs some taking to. So here are some easy tips and tricks with pictures to help you make best of this new Timeline feature.

1. View All Your Timeline Content

Facebook’s mysterious algorithm decides which stories will showcase on your Timeline.
However, it also includes half-hidden posts. Posts that are marked on your Timeline, but not displayed, are noted by a blue dot on the central line. You can view these posts by clicking on the individual blue dots.
A quicker method is to click on the three blue dots underneath each year. This gives you the option to view all stories within that year.

2. Hide Stuff From Your Timeline

As we’ve pointed out, the Timeline gives friends the ability to view your entire Facebook history.

For this reason, we imagine the first thing most people will want to do is to “sanitize” their Timeline. The good news is, it’s simple to hide what you don’t want showing.

When you see a post you’d like to nix, just hit the pencil icon at the top of the post and select “Hide from Timeline.” This doesn’t delete the content from your account, but it will keep it safe from prying eyes.

3. Customize Your Favorites Boxes

Next up is the ability to customize the boxes that appear under your cover photo. The “Friends” and “Photos” boxes are fixed, but you can play around with the others.

To edit the boxes, click on the small arrow icon on their right. All boxes that can be moved or removed will have a pencil edit icon appear as you hover.

Hitting on the pencil brings up edit options to remove or swap boxes. To add a Facebook app, or one of the new social apps, click on the plus sign on an empty box.

4. Hide the Sidebar

You can make Timeline look even less cluttered by hiding the sidebar.

To do this, click on the arrow icon at the very bottom right of your screen. The sidebar will collapse, but leave the adverts to bug you — although, we’ve got a tip for those too…

5. Get Rid of an Annoying Advert

If a specific ad is really bothering you, simply adios it from your display.

Hover over the advert and click the “X” that appears at the top right. This gives you the option to hide it or hide all ads from that advertiser.

If you choose to hide the ad, Facebook gives you the further option to tailor what kind of ads appear on your account.

6. Change an Album’s Primary Photo

Albums you’ve created will show up in your Timeline. However, you can change the large, or “primary” image.

Click the pencil edit icon to select a different image from the album that will appear in the big window.

7. Feature a Post on Timeline

Make certain posts appear larger on your Timeline so they take up a double column space.

To do this, click the star icon in the top right corner of the post. You can minimize large posts the same way.

8. Customize Your Subscription Updates


When you subscribe to someone’s public updates, Facebook defaults to “Most updates.” You can change this.

Either go to the person’s profile and click the “Subscribed” drop down menu or, more efficiently, go click your “Subscriptions” favorites box (under your cover photo). This gives you a bird’s-eye view of the people you’ve subscribed to.

Now, if you hit the “Subscribed” box for each person you can tailor exact updates.

9. View Your Private Activity Log


If you’ve hidden items from your Timeline, but still want to review all of your Facebook content, look to your private Activity Log. Click on the “View Activity” box under your cover photo.
Now, by selecting a type of content from the “All” drop down menu, you can browse all your past Facebook activities, organized by date.

10. View Your Profile Through Someone Else’s Eyes


As with the former version of Facebook, you can view how others see your Timeline.
Click the cog icon under your cover photo; then select “View as…”
You can now enter a friend’s name or click on the “public” hyperlink to see how stranger’s view your Timeline.

11. How to Poke


Facebook has downgraded the famous “poke” in the new Timeline design.

If you still want to “poke” your Facebook buddies, you have to head directly to their profiles. Under a friend’s cover photo, next to the “Message” box, there’s a cog menu. Click this and you’ll see the option to poke. As always, use wisely.

Thanks to MASHABLE for this useful information.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To Blog And Earn Money Online

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz how are you? everytime you visit my blog and grab the information i am providing to you but you ever think that you can also become a good blogger and spread knowledge and also you can earn through blogging.

Now a days blogging is bringing fortune to many people, professionals as well as amateurs. Effective blogging is not only about writing good content but play some little tricks to make sure that people read it.If you are really serious to earn money from your blog then you need to keep a few things in mind.

First of all find out the topic of your interest,which you always want to talk about so that its become easy for you to right article about that topic on your blog and your immenese knowledge about that topic make others to read that. Fevourite topics in todays time are Technology,blogging tricks,adsense tricks,social media news etc. do not choose the topics like cars,body building etc.

This will cover your knowledge part now come to the earnign part ads are the only way to earn through your blog place several types of ads listed below on your blog. You will be paid per click for them,the price of click will be decided by the type of ad displayed at that time and from which region of the world that click has been clicked. type of ads available on internet:-

1.Google adsense:-Click here to undertsand the concept of google adsense

2.Ads fly

3.Selling links

4.Selling space on blog for ads

5.Guest posting


7.Social spark

But the most important of all is, you need to ensure steady traffic to your blog. You need to be regular with updates, relevent with contents and aware about topics which attracts maximum interests of poeple. for first few months just do your job of quality postings regularly and don’t expect great results, it will automatically follow with time. Finance and Banking, Technology and entertainment blogs holds higher traffic potentials and quality blogger on these topics can generate good earnings from them…

In other posts I will go into greater details onto how you become a paid reviewer and how you use your PR network or use your blog cautiously for keyword optimization and put advertisements into it. All of these will lead you to learn how to earn money through your blogs.

For more tricks to get traffic on blog and earn from blog visit BLOGGING TRICKS.

Below are some tricks to get genuine traffic on your blog or website:-

  1. Turn your articles and blog posts into PDFs using free PDF converters like OpenOffice. Then submit your PDFs to document sharing sites like Scribd and DocStoc.

  2. Write truly informative and useful articles related to your niche, and publish them on WikiPedia.

  3. Hold a contest and give prizes to your readers. Use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to let people know about the contest. A good contest with good prizes will attract a lot of people.

  4. Build a wiki page for your blog. To ensure your page doesn’t get deleted, create an article that is educational, informational, and not self-promoting.

  5. Write list posts like the one you are reading. Readers love posts like “10 ways to make money” or “6 ways to drive traffic to your blog”. List posts are amongst the most popular kinds of posts, and people tend to share list posts with others more often than other posts.

  6. Make flyers with a catchy title and a description of your blog, and post them on bulletin boards in the entrance to supermarkets and other community buildings.

  7. Post frequently, but don’t sacrifice quantity for quality. Both search engines and visitors like to see fresh, quality content. The more content you have, the more chances you have for ranking for variety of keywords, which will mean more organic traffic for your blog.

  8. Make a lens (or more) using Squidoo and in it, place a few links back to your blog.

  9. Submit your blog to directories relevant to your niche, like (an SEO/webmaster directory).

  10. Make it easy for non-technical readers to link to your blog or share your links with other people by making a “How to link to us” page. Here, give readers easy instructions on how to link to your blog with your keywords as anchor text.

  11. Submit your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Or simply use to submit your site to over 25 search engines for free.

  12. Use sites like Odiogo to turn your blog into a podcast, then submit your podcast to podcast websites.

  13. Answer questions related to your niche on YahooAnswers and other Q & A sites. Include a link to your blog in the resource box.

  14. Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.

  15. Write and submit articles to article directories like EzineArticles and ArticleDashboard.

  16. Turn your articles to videos using free video creation services like Animoto, and submit them to video directories such as YouTube and DailyMotion.

  17. Build a Facebook fan page for your blog.

  18. Make use of plugins like Tell-a-Friend to let your readers quickly share your posts with their friends and family vie email.

  19. Use Hi5 to build a page for your blog and create a community around it.

  20. Don’t clutter your blog with too many pictures, ads, and so on. Keep it clean and easy to navigate. This will help both search engines and visitors to navigate around your blog easily and quickly.

  21. Join BlogEngage to submit your blog and create a community around it.

  22. Ping your blog posts using free ping services such as Pingler and Pingoat.

  23. Create a hub about your blog on HubPages.

  24. Register with few good niche-related forums and use your signature to place links pointing to your blog. Participate in discussions and contribute as much as you can.

  25. Make it easy for your readers to share your posts by installing social bookmarking plugins likeSocialMarker and Digg Buttons.

  26. Readers like to read other people’s comments, especially those who responded to their comments. So, take advantage of that by using a plug-in like Comment Notifier to automatically let your readers know of new comments posted on your blog.

  27. Make your blog more search engine friendly by using SEO plug-ins such as Platinum SEO Pack.

  28. Target long-tail keywords with low competition and try to rank for them. Such keywords are easier to rank for in search engines and give you much more targeted traffic.

  29. Make a MySpace page for your blog.

  30. Make business cards with your blog info on them, hand them to friends and family, and ask them to pass them on. Mall parking lots are good place to pass your cards around. In some states you can even put your business card on windshields. You can get up to 250 free business cards using sites like VistaPrint (although you do have to pay $5 shipping).

  31. Submit your blog to the free directories like DMOZ (hard to get into, but well worth the effort!).

  32. Write a good press release, or hire a professional to do it for you (you can get a pretty decent press release written for you for $5 on, and submit them to free press release distribution sites like

  33. Write creative and attention-grabbing ads about your blog, and publish them on free classified ads sites such as CraigsList and UsFreeAds.

  34. Controversial posts attract visitors. Write a controversial post. Be creative and bold, but be careful not to cross the boundaries.

  35. Ask an expert or a trusted, well-known person in your niche for an interview. Then post the entire interview on your blog, either as a text post or as a video.

  36. Leave quality comments on blogs that are related to your niche. Make sure your comments add value to the blog. Don’t just spam-comment and hope for the best. It never works, and your links will get deleted. Worst of all, you might get blacklisted from the site. If you leave a useful comment, people will be more likely to visit your blog.

  37. Use free banner-making tools like BannerFans to make an interesting banner for your blog. Then find other bloggers in your niche and exchange banners with them.

  38. Exchange links with other blogs in your niche. Don’t go overboard with this technique, or exchange links with each and every blog you find—be selective and make sure the context for your link is appropriate. Most people use their main keyword as the anchor text for their link, that’s good for SEO. But, if you want to get more traffic from those links, instead use attention-grabbing text as your anchor text. Don’t use “Make Money Online” for your link text—people are used to seeing those links all over the web. Instead use something like “10 ways to make $10 in 10 minutes.”

  39. If you find interesting posts on other blogs, write a post about them and link to them. The other bloggers will notice and might do the same for you.

  40. Find good blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. You can either search manually or make it easy for yourself by registering for free with MyBlogGuest, which matches guest bloggers with blogs that accept guest posts. Write and submit your best articles to get the maximum exposure. Don’t just submit the article and leave. Make sure you follow up and respond to comments and questions that readers of those blogs ask.

  41. Submit your site to review sites that write reviews on other websites and blogs, likeCoolSiteOfTheDay.

  42. Submit your blog to BlogCatalog.

  43. People love free stuff, so give out freebies that are related to your niche. If you are in “online money making” niche, a free ebook that teaches people who to make money on Twitter might make an appropriate freebie.

  44. Write a page on about your blog and what you want to do with it.

  45. Use your keywords in the title of your posts. Having your keyword in the title makes it easier for you to rank for that keyword, thus bringing you more organic traffic.

  46. Use your blog’s name as your username on forums, social networking sites, and other places like YahooAnswers. People are curious by nature, so they may check out your blog out of curiosity and if you have good compelling content, they may become your loyal readers.

  47. Make a bumper sticker with your blog address on it, and place it on your car’s bumper. You can even ask your friends and family to do the same for you!

  48. Make a Twitter profile for your blog and tweet each and every post you publish on your blog.

  49. Register with EntreCard and start dropping your card on other blogs. You will be amazed how much traffic you can get from EntreCard.

  50. Register with and download their plugin.Then use the Global CommentLuv Search to find blogs related to your niche and comment on them. It will return up to ten (recent) posts that will be sent back when you comment on a CommentLuv enabled site. Most are dofollow blogs, and you will get dofollow links back to your most recent posts. This is good for link building and getting some traffic.

  51. Make a free ebook with a link back to your site in it, and submit it to free ebook sites

  52. Buy .info domains with long-tail keywords in them and use a redirect to send the traffic they receive to your main site.

  53. Rent a mailing list and send high-quality content with a link back to your site to all the subscribers. Take care with this technique so that you’re not blacklisted as a spammer, though. Find a reputable list broker—or, if in doubt, why not start your own?

  54. Post a classified ad on eBayClassified with a link to your site.

  55. When you eat out, leave a good tip along with a business card with your site info on it.

  56. Create a short report with resell rights and and include your links in the report. Give it to people for free: those people can sell the report to others as their own, so long as they don’t remove your links. The results of this technique will surprise you.

  57. Come up with a really crazy but buzz-worthy post and submit it to (Previously known as Truemors). If it’s good enough, it might just go viral!

  58. Go to YouTube, find popular videos related to your niche and start commenting on those videos with a link back to your blog. Youtube videos get thousands of views, and since most people are sociable creatures, they will read the comments no matter how far down the list your comment is.

  59. Create a page (personal or business) at You can add as many links to your blog as you like. Write a short “about” post about yourself or your blog, and make sure to link to your Twitter and other social networking sites as well. After creating the page, bookmark it usingSocialMarker and ping it with Pingler (or any other tools you like).

  60. Register with for free, and add links and information about your blog. Its a great way to build your brand and get a few backlinks from a high-PR (6) dofollow site.

  61. Submit your RSS feed to RSS aggregators. Here, I don’t mean just your blog’s RSS feed: grab the RSS url of every site you have a link on (example: if you submit articles to, you will have your own “author RSS” URL), and go to It will let you make a custom RSS feed. Take that and submit it to RSS directories and aggregators. This will put your RSS feed on steroids—and will give you many more backlinks.

  62. Make a few (yard) signs with your blog’s URL and a good title related to your niche, and place them on highway exit ramps, at busy intersections, and so on. Make sure you abide by the laws in your own state or country if you try this approach.

  63. Put an ad in your local newspaper. If you live in a small town, it may not be very expensive to have an ad on your local newspaper—or on TV or radio, for that matter.

  64. Order some T-shirts with your blog URL and title printed on them and give them away. People will check out your URL!

  65. This is just for fun, so enjoy it! Make a big and I mean big sandal (or flip flop) with your blog’s URL engraved on the bottom, go to a busy beach, and start walking all over the sand! Leave your mark for others to see. 

    I hope you all will enjoy this article and best of luck for yoyr blogging future.


    For more guidance leave your questions i comments or  CONTACT US HERE 24*7 SERVICE IS AVAILABLE

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Using GOD MODE in Windows

Posted by sumit rana

hello friends,today i go through an intersting article,even very intersting till now, then any article i have posted on windows registry hack.

Do you ever heard about the god mode on windows 7 or 8 or vista also,i hope some of you may not aware of this. So lets have a look what is this!!!

Windows in God mode? On first instance this looks joke but it is true and NOT A JOKE. God mode makes you true Windows God allowing you to access all Windows settings without having to click or hop between different dialog windows. You can open God Mode in upcoming Windows8 and existing Windows 7, Vista 32 bit and Windows Server 2008 (32 bit) operating systems.

How to turn on and use god mode on windows:-

1. On your Windows computer, right click on desktop to create a new Folder. Then rename the newly created folder as:

2. Then folder icon will change to Control Panel icon with now name as ‘God Mode’on the desktop. Double click it to open window as seen below.

It provide access to virtually every setting of Windows operating system. As pointed by lessthandot, there are over 46 different sections of settings. Ready to be GOD of Windows?

i had enjoyed it totaly__itz your turn to have fun with your computer.


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Monday, October 3, 2011

What Does Subscribe To Some One Means On Facebook

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz how you doing? well this days i am not able to give suffciet time to my blog due to busy schdule of lmy last year in college and lot of tension going around me for my placement.ok lets leave it this matter as this not only my problem all my last year friends goin through this tough period of life having lot of pressure from family side also.

So today's topic is about the new feature provided by the facebook thst is subscribe button ,which is still not understood by lot of facebook users or clients.

Subscribe feature, was introduced on Wednesday in what many are calling an attempt to copy social media rivals Google+ and Twitter.The new feature allows users to “subscribe” to people’s profiles and see their updates without being their Facebook friend.

The updates of people you subscribe to will appear in your news feed along with your friends’ updates, however, you will only be able to see the updates that the poster marks as “public.” For those who are concerned about the privacy of your posts, note that if you have your settings on “friends only,” subscribers who are not your Facebook friends will still not be able to see your updates. And if this still isn’t satisfactory, you can always disallow the subscribe option altogether so you will not begin accumulating subscribers.

letz see what this change in facebook will do for us because from last few months most of the changes made in facebook making facebook quite complicated and FB is loosing a bit of its consumers alsoas it is getting bored day by day due to these changes,

Anyhow till it get bored for you enjoyy it___and stay with us for latest updates.enjoyyy___cheerz__:)__:)__:)__:P_:)

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Common Video Convertor For All Nokia Phones

Posted by sumit rana

Recently, Nokia Company acted frequently. In a very short time, Nokia launched several different new cell phones, and each of them is nice and high praised. Such as the new 3G phone - Nokia C6, it takes an 8 MP camera (C6-01) with a 16:9 display. Support 720p video taking. Especially the 3.2 inches screen and the 640*360 screen resolution; they are very nice for videos. So, transfer some video to your Nokia C6, you will enjoy yourself very well during the rest time. But commonly, we may need a Nokia C6 video converter first for converting video to the phone.

Why We Need Such Video Converter for Nokia C6

Because of the limits of video format, some video conversion software for Nokia is necessary.

Normally, the cell phone even the powerful multimedia cell phone just supports some limited video formats such as MP4 and 3GP. Although Nokia C6 is powerful, but still has no breakthrough in formats issue. And MP4 is the default video format.

But the videos we get may not in MP4 files; the video just be contained in AVI, MTS or some other video formats. Even the video is in MP4, the resolution may not fit for the phone. Then, in such situations, we need a Nokia C6 video converter for the video conversion process. And the following is to introduce some tips for selecting video conversion software for Nokia.

1. Forma. The converter should support to convert the popular videos to Nokia C6 with the right format.

2. Quality. The converter should provide fast conversion speed and keep good image.

3. Except the two points above, some other issue should also be considered such as easy to use, convert in batches and updating.
Then, follow the tips you will get a good video converter for Nokia C6.

Suggested Nokia C6 Video Converter

For the Nokia video converting request, here I just suggest Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro. It is the professional video conversion software for Nokia video converting. The software supports to convert videos to every Nokia cell phones (include C6), and it provides fast conversion speed with good image for users. Besides, the advanced functions (merge, clip, crop and effect) are also available for users. And the software keeps updating.

So, with such a reliable Nokia C6 video converter, you can slide your videos freely.

How to Use Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro?

If you are interested in this video converter and you want to know how to use it. Here I can show you the main operation steps of this video converter.
Step1: Import video(s)

Launch Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro Click, 'Add' button to import video(s), click 'Remove' button to delete video(s).

Step2: Choose an output format.
2-1, Click 'Profile' combo box to choose an output format.
2-2, Common profile settings, in most cases, we provide multi-options for each setting.
2-3, More advanced profile settings.

Step3: Click 'Start' to Convert Videos
Click 'Start' button on the interface of this video converter to begin the converting

Like what you see, you just need three steps and then you can finish the main converting processes. For more information, you can see the user guide of this Nokia video converter.

Click the button to download:

Screenshot of Nokia Video Converter


source:-vedio convertor factory

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

UCO Bank Recruitment 2011 For IT Specialists & And Many More

Posted by sumit rana

UCO Bank Recruitment 2011 – Online Application for 127 Specialist Officers Posts: UCO Bank has issued a recruitment notification for the recruitment of 127 Specialist Officers (Law officer & Security Officer, IT Officers in JMGS I) posts. The eligible candidates can apply through online from 26-09-2011 to 17-10-2011. Eligibility details about Age, Educational Qualification, Selection and Other details are given below…

UCO Bank Recruitment vacancy details:
Total no. of posts: 127 vacancies
Name of the post: Specialist Officers
1. Security Officer JMGS-I: 07 vacancies
2. Security Officer MMGS-II: 15 vacancies
3. Law Officers MMGS-II: 02 vacancies
4. Law Officers MMGS-III: 09 vacancies
5. IT Officer JMGS-I: 94 vacancies.

Age Limit: For security officer minimum age will be 21 years and maximum 35 years for JMGS I and 45 years for MMGS II.For Law officers minimum 25 years and maximum 35 years in MMGS II and minimum 30 years and maximum 40 years for Law officer in MMGS III.For IT Officers candidate must have minimum 21 years and maximum 30 years as on 30-06-2011, age relaxation as per rules.

Educational Qualification:
For Security Officer: Candidate must be passed in any Graduation.

For Law Officer: Candidate must be a Law Graduate (3 years or 5 years integrated course) with minimum 60 % marks.

For IT Officers: Candidate should be qualified in BE/BTech (4 years course) in Electronics / Telecommunication / Electronics&communication / Electronincs&instrumentation / computer science / IT (OR) MCA/DOEAC-B level or PG in Electronincs&Tele communications /Electronics’ & communication/ Electronics’& instrumentation / computer science /IT.

Application Fee:
For SC/ST-Rs.50/-(postage charges only).
For all others including OBC-Rs.450/-(Application Fees & postage charges).

Selection Procedure: The selection process is based on written test & Personal Interview.

How to apply: Candidates can apply to Security officers, Law officers, IT officers through online between 26-09-2011 and 17-10-2011.After completion of online registration only for Security Officers and Law Officers, printout of the online application form, fee payment receipt, with relevant documents will be send by ordinary post to the following address, General Manager, Human Resource Management, UCO Bank, Head Officer,1st Floor, 10, B.T.M.Sarani,Kolkata-700 001 (West Bengal) on or before 21-10-2011, from far flung areas 01-11-2011.

Important Dates:

Payment of application fee: 26-09-2011 to 17-10-2011.

Opening Date for registration of On-line application: 26-09-2011

Last Date for On-line application: 17-10-2011.

Last Date for receipt of printout of the registered application: 21-10-2011 (For Law Officers & Security Officers).

Last Date for receipt of printout of the registered application (from far flung areas): 01-11-2011 (For Law Officers & Security Officers).

For more information regarding age limit, educational qualification, pay scale, application fee, no. of posts, selection process, how to apply, closing date for online submission and other information of UCO Bank Recruitment is available at following link…

important links:-

click here for UCO Bank Recruitment 2011 Advt Details


Click here for Fee Payment Challan

Click here for Online Application for Law Officers & Security Officers

Click here for Online Application for IT Officer JMGS-I

source:-freejob alert

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook Introducing Timeline: New Way To Present Your Profile

Posted by sumit rana

Today Facebook announced a revamped profile called the Timeline at its anual FB conference. The new timeline takes the place of your profile and provides a realtime stream of everything you've done, all the way back to ypur 'birth'.

"This is the heart of the Facebook experince, completely rethought from the ground up. We're calling it 'Timeline," said Zukerberg, "Timeline is the story of your life: all your stories, all your apps and a new way to express who you are."


The timeline is realtime stream that shows you all of the events, images and posts that are important to you, while hiding the items that it feels are not important. A sort of automatic autobiography'.

The Timeline lays out everything that you've shared from apps and maps to photos and status messages. There is also a large, wide new header that allows you to show off an image that you choose as a welcome mat of sorts for visitors to your profile. Your avatar is also still present.

If you missed an important event in your Timeline, you can go back and insert it at the appropriate point.

Many of the new apps that work with Timeline are available today, but Timeline itself wont'be rolling out for a few weeks..

Source: TheNextWeb
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Block Useless Notifications From Facebook Groups

Posted by sumit rana

 Facebook has many way to interact with a number of people at the same time like Fan Page, Group and Event. You can share post, photos, videos, events documents simultaneously or you can even ask question to your friends too. But a biggest negative point of these group is that admins of your friends can add you in a group without permission which leads to flooding of useless updates in notifications page.

One option of stopping these notifications is to unjoin that group, but there’s an alternate solution too, where you can stop these notifications while staying in that group.

where you can stop these notifications while staying in that group. 

How to stop group notifications:

    • Open the group from which you want to unsubscribe. You can see all your groups on this page -Facebook Group.

    • Click on “Edit Settings” given on the top with group’s name.

    • This will open the custom notifications

In Edit Settings Make the Following Changes : 

  • Select ‘Only posts I am subscribed to’ to completely stop notifications from that group, you will not receive any notification even if the admin posts. If you want updates from a post click ‘Subscribe’ link given with that post.

  • Uncheck this box if you don’t want notifications as an E-Mail too.

  • This box enables group chatting, if you feel that pop-up appeared by group chats are annoying too, then uncheck this box as well.

Now you are done, just click “Save Changes” and that group will never disturb you again with annoying and useless notifications.



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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google Demolishing Our Thinking Ability {infographic}

Posted by sumit rana

Today's article is about hte changing behaviour of human ability of thinking. i just want you people to make a query to yourself that if i ask you any problem to solve, you will search books or google?,defently you gona search google as you do not have to search a long index as we used to in books. this is a faster way no doubt but indirectly it is effecting our memory vigoursly.

As now days we do not want to remember anything as we always used to google our problems, as a conclusion i want to say that SEARCH word is replaced by GOOGLE.

Instead of saying search this problem today we are saying it google it,its seems to be funny but its dangerous lets have look on below given infographic that how its damaging our thinking capability:-

So beware guyz its not too late to think about this matter unless our minds and also our social life will be totally spammed by google.


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sample Questions To Be Asked In MNC's Aptitude Test

Posted by sumit rana


Father is aged three times more than his son Ronit. After 8 years, he would be two and a half times of Ronit's age. After further 8 years, how many times would he be of Ronit's age?

A. 2 timesB.

1 times

3 times
D. 3 times

Answer: Option A


Let Ronit's present age be x years. Then, father's present age =(x + 3x) years = 4x years.

(4x + 8) = 5 (x + 8)

8x + 16 = 5x + 40
3x = 24
x = 8.

Hence, required ratio = (4x + 16) = 48 = 2.
(x + 16) 24

2.  The sum of ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each is 50 years. What is the age of the youngest child?

A. 4 yearsB. 8 years
C. 10 yearsD. None of these

Answer: Option A


Let the ages of children be x, (x + 3), (x + 6), (x + 9) and (x + 12) years.
Then, x + (x + 3) + (x + 6) + (x + 9) + (x + 12) = 50
5x = 20
x = 4.
Age of the youngest child = x = 4 years.

3.  A father said to his son, "I was as old as you are at the present at the time of your birth". If the father's age is 38 years now, the son's age five years back was:

A. 14 yearsB. 19 years
C. 33 yearsD. 38 years

Answer: Option A


Let the son's present age be x years. Then, (38 - x) = x
2x = 38.
x = 19.
Son's age 5 years back (19 - 5) = 14 years.

4.  A is two years older than B who is twice as old as C. If the total of the ages of A, B and C be 27, the how old is B?

A. 7B. 8
C. 9D. 10
E. 11

Answer: Option D


Let C's age be x years. Then, B's age = 2x years. A's age = (2x + 2) years.
(2x + 2) + 2x + x = 27
5x = 25
x = 5.
Hence, B's age = 2x = 10 years.

5.  Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11 : 9 respectively. What is Anand's present age in years?

A. 24B. 27
C. 40D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these

Answer: Option A

Let the present ages of Sameer and Anand be 5x years and 4x years respectively.

Then, 5x + 3 = 11
4x + 3 9

9(5x + 3) = 11(4x + 3)
45x + 27 = 44x + 33
45x - 44x = 33 - 27
x = 6.
Anand's present age = 4x = 24 years.

6.  A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. The present age of his son is:

A. 14 yearsB. 18 years
C. 20 yearsD. 22 years

Answer: Option D


Let the son's present age be x years. Then, man's present age = (x + 24) years.
(x + 24) + 2 = 2(x + 2)
x + 26 = 2x + 4
x = 22.

7.  Six years ago, the ratio of the ages of Kunal and Sagar was 6 : 5. Four years hence, the ratio of their ages will be 11 : 10. What is Sagar's age at present?

A. 16 yearsB. 18 years
C. 20 yearsD. Cannot be determined
E. None of these

Answer: Option A


Let the ages of Kunal and Sagar 6 years ago be 6x and 5x years respectively.

Then, (6x + 6) + 4 = 11
(5x + 6) + 4 10

10(6x + 10) = 11(5x + 10)
5x = 10
x = 2.
Sagar's present age = (5x + 6) = 16 years.

8.  The sum of the present ages of a father and his son is 60 years. Six years ago, father's age was five times the age of the son. After 6 years, son's age will be:

A. 12 yearsB. 14 years
C. 18 yearsD. 20 years

Answer: Option D


Let the present ages of son and father be x and (60 -x) years respectively.
Then, (60 - x) - 6 = 5(x - 6)
54 - x = 5x - 30
6x = 84
x = 14.
Son's age after 6 years = (x+ 6) = 20 years.

9.  At present, the ratio between the ages of Arun and Deepak is 4 : 3. After 6 years, Arun's age will be 26 years. What is the age of Deepak at present ?

A. 12 yearsB. 15 years
C. 19 and halfD. 21 years

Answer: Option B


Let the present ages of Arun and Deepak be 4x years and 3x years respectively. Then,
4x + 6 = 26       4x = 20
x = 5.
Deepak's age = 3x = 15 years.

10.  Sachin is younger than Rahul by 7 years. If their ages are in the respective ratio of 7 : 9, how old is Sachin?

A. 16 yearsB. 18 years
C. 28 yearsD. 24.5 years
E. None of these

Answer: Option D


Let Rahul's age be x years.
Then, Sachin's age = (x - 7) years.

x - 7
= 7
x 9

9x - 63 = 7x
2x = 63
x = 31.5
Hence, Sachin's age =(x - 7) = 24.5 years

11.  The present ages of three persons in proportions 4 : 7 : 9. Eight years ago, the sum of their ages was 56. Find their present ages (in years).

A. 8, 20, 28B. 16, 28, 36
C. 20, 35, 45D. None of these

Answer: Option B


Let their present ages be 4x, 7x and 9x years respectively.
Then, (4x - 8) + (7x - 8) + (9x - 8) = 56
20x = 80
x = 4.
Their present ages are 4x = 16 years, 7x = 28 years and 9x = 36 years respectively.

12.  Ayesha's father was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old when her brother four years younger to her was born. What is the difference between the ages of her parents?

A. 2 yearsB. 4 years
C. 6 yearsD. 8 years

Answer: Option C


Mother's age when Ayesha's brother was born = 36 years.
Father's age when Ayesha's brother was born = (38 + 4) years = 42 years.
Required difference = (42 - 36) years = 6 years.

13.  A person's present age is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years, he will be one-half of the age of his mother. How old is the mother at present?

A. 32 yearsB. 36 years
C. 40 yearsD. 48 years

Answer: Option C


Let the mother's present age be x years.

Then, the person's present age = 2 x years.

x + 8
= 1 (x + 8)
5 2

2(2x + 40) = 5(x + 8)
x = 40.

14.  Q is as much younger than R as he is older than T. If the sum of the ages of R and T is 50 years, what is definitely the difference between R and Q's age?

A. 1 yearB. 2 years
C. 25 yearsD. Data inadequate
E. None of these

Answer: Option D


R - Q = R- T     Q = T.
Also, R + T = 50     R + Q = 50.
So, (R - Q) cannot be determined.

15.  The age of father 10 years ago was thrice the age of his son. Ten years hence, father's age will be twice that of his son. The ratio of their present ages is:

A. 5 : 2B. 7 : 3
C. 9 : 2D. 13 : 4

Answer: Option B


Let the ages of father and son 10 years ago be 3x and x years respectively.
Then, (3x + 10) + 10 = 2[(x + 10) + 10]
3x + 20 = 2x + 40
x = 20.
Required ratio = (3x + 10) : (x + 10) = 70 : 30 = 7 : 3.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Windows 8 Now Available for Download

Posted by sumit rana

Can’t wait to try out Windows 8 for yourself after Microsoft’s big unveiling of the new OS at Tuesday’s Build Conference? Well, you needn’t wait any longer as the developer preview version of the OS is now available for download.

You can install it on a x86-based 32-bit or a 64-bit machine. Activation is not required, but it’s far from a finalized version of the OS, so if you do install it, expect bugs and glitches. In any case, you should definitely check out Microsoft’s Windows 8 guide to get an idea of what you can expect from the next version of Windows.

The download is available here.

Windows 8: Lock Screen

“Your personalized lock screen shows you unread emails and other app notifications. The image shown here is a photo of the road leading to Mt. Cook National Park in New Zealand.”

Windows 8: Start Screen

“See your apps and content in a glance on the start screen.”

Windows 8: Files

“Pick the files you want to send or share from one place.”

Windows 8: Internet Explorer

“Touch browsing is fast, fluid and intuitive.”

Windows 8: Thumb

“The thumb keyboard feels natural and comfortable.”

Windows 8: Touch Keyboard

“Large buttons help you type on the touch keyboard.”

enjoyyy ___:)__:P__:)

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Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Download Videos From Facebook and from other social networks

Posted by sumit rana

Hey guyz how you doing,well listen you often used to upload vedios to facebook as recently facebook has provided to upload facility on thier own server so very rare people use youtube to upload and then share that link on facebook which was an easier process for those who want to download that vedio but very rare people know how to download from facebook .

Freemake Video Downloader is a great tool to download videos from most of the video sharing websites. Not only it downloads them but it can also convert them to file types that you can use on your favorite devices.

Step 1: Download and install Freemake Video Downloader on your computer. While the application is being installed, copy the URL link of the video page to your clipboard.

Step 2: Once the application is installed successfully, run it. On the main program interface just click on the button Paste URL.

Step 3: The application will now automatically take your last copied link from your clipboard and analyze it. If the link resembles any of the supported website URLs, the application will provide you with the download options shortly. You must now select the quality and encoding of the video that is to be downloaded. When everything is set, press the download button.

Step 4: The application will now start your download and save your video to the desired folder.

Note:-You must install the 32-bit Windows Imaging Component (WIC) before you run Setup. Please visit the Microsoft Download Center to install WIC, and then rerun Setup and it it iis suitable for window 7 only.

If you are a Chrome or Firefox user then you can use the Freemake Video Downloader browser add-ons too which are automatically installed during installation. When you press the add-on button while you are on the video page the plugin sends the video link to the downloader and begins the download.

Some Nice Features of Freemake Video Downloader

This tool certainly has some useful features for a download junkie.

50+ Sites Support for Video Download

The main USP of the tool is its ability to download videos from over 50 websites. Thus now you don’t have to install a different add-on, scripts or application for different services. Freemake is your one shot call now.

Download Ad-Free Video

Freemake automatically removes ads placed on YouTube and other such videos and thus all the videos you download using Freemake will be clean and ad-free.

Convert to AVI, MKV, 3GP, MP3, iPod, PSP, Android

It not only downloads the video but even converts it during the download process. It can convert the videos to AVI, MKV, 3GP, MP3, MP4 format or use ready-made profiles for portable devices.

My Verdict

I tested the tool on various video sites supported by the tool and got 100% results. With so many features and yet so simple in use, I was surprised to find that the program is free to use with no ads, limitations and registration of any kind.

source:-Guding Tech

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