Monday, October 3, 2011

What Does Subscribe To Some One Means On Facebook

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz how you doing? well this days i am not able to give suffciet time to my blog due to busy schdule of lmy last year in college and lot of tension going around me for my placement.ok lets leave it this matter as this not only my problem all my last year friends goin through this tough period of life having lot of pressure from family side also.

So today's topic is about the new feature provided by the facebook thst is subscribe button ,which is still not understood by lot of facebook users or clients.

Subscribe feature, was introduced on Wednesday in what many are calling an attempt to copy social media rivals Google+ and Twitter.The new feature allows users to “subscribe” to people’s profiles and see their updates without being their Facebook friend.

The updates of people you subscribe to will appear in your news feed along with your friends’ updates, however, you will only be able to see the updates that the poster marks as “public.” For those who are concerned about the privacy of your posts, note that if you have your settings on “friends only,” subscribers who are not your Facebook friends will still not be able to see your updates. And if this still isn’t satisfactory, you can always disallow the subscribe option altogether so you will not begin accumulating subscribers.

letz see what this change in facebook will do for us because from last few months most of the changes made in facebook making facebook quite complicated and FB is loosing a bit of its consumers alsoas it is getting bored day by day due to these changes,

Anyhow till it get bored for you enjoyy it___and stay with us for latest updates.enjoyyy___cheerz__:)__:)__:)__:P_:)