Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Targeting Facebook With Its New Weapon Google +

Posted by Sumit Rana

Facebook and Google are the two giants of the online world.Although With the aim to compete with, social networking site Facebook, internet search giant Google has recently unveiled its version of a social networking service “Google Plus” to foray and base itself in social networking space .

It’s an ambitious gambit that aims to turn all of Google’s services into one giant social platform, and in the process steal some thunder from Facebook while making Google – for once – a big player in social networking.

Google has redesigned the top navigation bar to work across all of its services. It’s very similar to the notification bar found in Facebook, which alerts users about new activity concerning their accounts.

Google+ has a handful of sub-services designed to match various social needs. Circles lets users decide which of their friends and followers can see individual updates or other pieces of content. It’s a feature Facebook took quite a while to develop with “Lists”. Hangouts works with each social Circle by creating access to a multi-person video chat. Sparks is a customized feed aggregator of content curated from across the web.

Google+ also has a mobile aspect, which could be especially appealing to people using Android phones. Nearly every update made through Google+ lets users add location data. The company also addressed the problem of unreliable data networks by building in Instant Upload. The feature will save pictures that get cut off through faulty connections and upload them later on. Finally, there’s Huddle, a real-time group messaging feature.

While it’s clear that Google as spent a lot of effort on Google+, the company has a poor track record with social products. Social network Orkut, Google Buzz and Google Wave are all examples of products had at best mixed results.

Some, like blogger Dave Winer, are skeptical of Google’s ability to challenge Facebook by turning its search product into a social network. In a blog post titled “Google Yawn“, he writes:

“…All you do is make your core product heavier. The thing you wanted to kill (Facebook) doesn’t go anywhere. It hardly notices what you did. The users might care to the extent that they’re annoyed… Products like the one Google just announced are hatched at off-sites at resorts near Monterey or in the Sierra, and were designed to meet the needs of the corporation that created it. A huge scared angry corporation.”

At least in Facebook’s case, it didn’t need a series of videos to explain how to use its service. Google, on the other hand, has six total videos demonstrating the various uses of Google+.

check out the whole video demonstration google+

At present Google+ is available on Android market and the mobile web and soon will be available on App Store. Google+ is still on Field trial and you can join it by invitation only.

To get Google+ invitation officially from Google visit this page,fill & submit your first name and email and Google will invite you to join their Google+ project.

Is it possible to compete with facebook?

No matter what Google says, Google+ is the company’s response to the rise of Facebook. The two companies are in heated competition for talent, page views and consumers. While Google controls the search market and has a strong presence on mobile with Android, it hasn’t been able to crack the social nut. Its most successful social product, YouTube, had to be acquired, and it still ranks as one of the most expensive acquisitions in the company’s history.

Has Google finally nailed social with Google+? We’re going to publish more of our thoughts on Google’s new social network in future, but we will say this: Google no longer gets a free pass in social. It must prove that it can draw users and keep them engaged in a way that doesn’t replicate Facebook or Twitter’s functionality. Only time will tell if Google has finally found its magical arrow.

Facebook has more active daily users, and those users spend more time on the site, Google far outweighs Facebook in terms of revenue.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

New Cricket Rules 2011

Posted by Sumit Rana

Well this is not a shocking news for all of you as we all are expecting this news from international cricket council (ICCI). On monday after meeting of ICCi coucncil some new rules have been dded to the cricket and some previous rules are also modified. 

These rules will be in effect from october 1.Means for indian team these rules will be effective with the tart of england tour.Lets find out this new rules will make game of cricket more intersting or can effect the popularity and intrest of the people ina negative way.

Here is the list of the rules added to cricket game:-

1.The biggest change is The process of using runners by injured batsmen is abolished. The usage of runners has existed since a century in cricket and has often led to disagreements between the two opposing teams.

2. In a bid to revamp ODI cricket, new balls will be used from each end. As per existing rules, the ball is changed after the 34th over as it loses its shine.

3. The batting powerplay is generally taken in the death overs while the bowling powerplay is usually taken in the 11th to 15th over period, which beats the purpose of making the middle-overs more interesting.So batting powerplay has to be taken by  40 overs only.

4.UDRS has been introduced by which we can challenge the umpire' decision,it is a fantastic option available 4 everyone,the mistakes made by the umpires can be caught by it and also the player can confirm the things.

Well guyz your views are alwyas accpeted in comments,so tell me plz according to you these rules will maintanin the inerets of people in cricket or not???


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Increase Adsense CPM/CPC

Posted by Sumit Rana

Recently one of my reader asked a question about the CPC he receives for each click from adsense. He is getting around 0.01$ per click (yes, its very low). He asked me to check his blog for some suggestions. I found out the possible reasons for low CPC. In this post, let me explain simple tips on how to increase Adsense CPC.

What is Adsense CPC?

CPC is ‘Cost Per Click’ in average. Let’s say, you get 0.02$ for one click and 1$ for another click, so your average CPC is (0.02$ + 1$ )/2 =  0.51$. CPC is a another factor in Adsense to decide the performance along with eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mile) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

You must try the possible methods to increase the CPC in Adsense to maximize the revenue. Increasing the CTR also will help, but when CPC is low with high CTR, still there will be less earnings.

For example, instead of getting 10 clicks at 0.02$ CPC ( 10 x 0.02$ = 0.2$), try to get 2 clicks at 0.50$ CPC which is 2 x 0.50$ = 1$, much better isn’t it?. So, your CTR is less ( 10 to 2), but final earning is much better ( 0.2$ to 1$) because of good CPC ( 0.02$ to 0.5$). I hope you got my point.

Monitor your Higher CTR Ad with Custom Channels:-

Channels are very important here. This gives the clear idea of which Ad slot is performing well, measure CPC, eCPM , CTR and earnings of particular ad block. Create custom channels for each ad slot in your blog and monitor the performance for  two weeks.

How this helps in increasing Adsense CPC?

  • Remove the low performing Ad slot from your blog ( Decide by CTR and final earnings) for testing purpose. Now, Google may serve better ads to other two ad slots which is performing well, so your earnings will increase.

Before creating your custom channels, you may want to take some time to consider how channels can best be used on your site. Think about which metrics you would like to track - are you looking to compare performance of various ad layouts, or do you want to find out which groups of pages are generating the most clicks? When creating custom channels, we suggest that you use descriptive names for each channel, so that they are easily identifiable in your reports.

Once you've decided how you're going to use custom channels, there are two steps to creating them: first, the creation of the custom channel name; and second, adding the channel-specific code to your webpages.

To create a new custom channel name:

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. From the links below the AdSense Setup tab, click Channels

  3. Choose the appropriate product sub-tab and click the Custom Channels link

  4. On the resulting page, enter a name that will help you to identify this channel later. For example, carpages or blue_skyscrapers. You can also check the targeting checkbox to have this custom channel displayed to advertisers as a targetable ad placement. If you choose to do so, you'll need to enter additional details. If not, simply continue to create a custom channel for tracking purposes only.

  5. Click Add channel. Your new channel will be added to the Active Channels list.

To add the channel-specific code to your page:

  1. Click the AdSense Setup page and choose the appropriate product. After choosing your ad type, format, and colors, select up to five custom channels from the Channel list by clicking the add>> link. Then click Continue.

  2. Copy-and-paste the ad layout code into your webpages. The channel identifier within your code will track performance on these pages.

To track a page using a different custom channel, you'll need to update the code on that page. You can also remove all channel tracking from a page by generating ad code that specifies No channel selection and replacing it on your pages


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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Toggling Google Song

Posted by Sumit Rana

You may have f song heard lots of hip hop songs rap romantic and etc.but you never heard a toggling song.

Do not worie its nt a another field of music,but it is the name given to song based on google and that is totly composed ib google translater,and i had named this song toogling google song .

A song about Google Translate written by Taiwanese Pianist Wiwi Kuan (官大為), using only voices from the Taiwanese version of Google Translate.

lets have a look:-

Well i found this is an amazing effort so cheerz to the creator___:)___:P__<3

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Design Your Logo For Free

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz how you doing i hope you all must enjoying the hot and rainy in some parts of india.Anyways you know these days the most number of websites on internet are launched by Indians.Mostly by the 11th standard onward students. But it happens all the time that they are not able to design a suitable logo for thier websites,which can uniquely defines thier identity on internet.

So here are the list of some usefull online editors which make your desging very easy and productable output.

1. LogoWorks

 LogoWorks is sponsored by HP and has attained very goo name. It has very good features to create a free logo online.

2. Cooltext

Cooltext is a free graphics tool to create the logos for company without any designing knowledge .

3. LogoEase

LogoEase is a free logo designing website which helps you create a professional logo for free. This site will solve your question for How To Make Logos Free

4. The Logo Creator

The Logo Creator is very good website to design logo online for free. This iste have many great features which will help you to create a online logo.

5. LogoMaker

LogoMaker is a very good website which has tons of Images for logos to help you create your own professional logo.

i hope these tools will help you in creating your website. Best of luck.

and my website logo is not designed with these websites this is designed in adobe photoshop by me if you want me to design your logo visit our hire us section


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Support Baba Anshan:-Congress Killing Democratic India

Posted by Sumit Rana

Well this is really harshing to the democratic rights of indian peoples,i myslf as indian feeling like prisoner of congress government.

Today its been prooved that nathing can be get by satyagrah movements or we can say that Gandhigiri or our silent protests are completly demolished by the government. The frsh incident at ramleela ground delhi is prooving the same.where our indian brothers and sisters came from various parts of the country to support Baba Ramdev in his anshan against the corruptionand the deposited black money in foriegn countries.

Yes it was 4 june Thousands from all over India assembled at the sprawling Ramlila Ground in central Delhi as yoga guru Baba Ramdev went on his fast against corruption and illicit wealth. and it is just 15 hours from start government people or corrupted people loose thier sense and ordered delhi police to create another mahabharta at ramleela ground,

Ramdev's fast comes two months after Hazare went on a similar campaign to pressurize the government for a stronger anti-graft Lokpal Bill. The ruling dispensation played a double game, with ministers trying to woo him, even as the Congress slammed it "five-star satyagraha". Digvijay singh from congress ,prooving himself a mentaly retarded leader through statements made by him. below given animated picture is just showing the condition of india now yes india is been prisoned in corruption jail by the congress administration:-

I am asking you people "is this the same congress party that is been organized by Mahatma Gandhi" no its not the same thier is lot of difference between the strategies.

but not to worrie guyz we are indians and we better know how to come back and will surely reply to the government and will get the black money to our country.

Supporting Baba Ramdev were many of his ardent supports. From students to farmers to office-goers -- people from all walks of life -- turned out at the Ramlila Ground on Saturday, tough in their resolve to join the fight against corruption

To Support Ramdev Baba you can give a simple miss call to him.

If you are in India Call – 022-33081122

If you are outside India call +91-022-33081122

All the Numbers are Toll Free. You will not be charge for giving the miss call.

vande mataram___:)___enjoyy___jay hind__:)

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Windows 8 Exploring Touch Interface

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz,after window XP we all are happy using windows 7 as its comfort and graphics are very advanced then the XP and VISTA . but since a logn time we are using this window only,now its turn to enjoy a new interface of the windows by microsoft that is Windows 8.

For the first time in its life, Windows will receive a true touch interface. Since Windows XP, Microsoft has tried to graft touch capabilities onto its operating system, but has consistently failed to bridge the gap between precise mouse and keyboard interfaces, and sloppy, imprecise, finger-based interfaces. Windows 8 changes that. Microsoft describes the new interface as “touch first”; it’ll work with a mouse and a keyboard, but it was designed for fingers.

Features Of Windows 8:-

  • Fast launching of apps from a tile-based Start screen, which replaces the Windows Start menu with a customizable, scalable full-screen view of apps.

  • Live tiles with notifications, showing always up-to-date information from your apps.

  • Fluid, natural switching between running apps.

  • Convenient ability to snap and resize an app to the side of the screen, so you can really multitask using the capabilities of Windows.

  • Web-connected and Web-powered apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript that have access to the full power of the PC.

  • Fully touch-optimized browsing, with all the power of hardware-accelerated Internet Explorer 10.

You can find more information posted by Microsoft over here.

Watch it’s video here posted on YouTube by Microsoft today:


What we really like the most ?

Well other than screen touch user interface i am really impressed with its all new supporting feasibility with HTML 5, yeah ! Windows 8 apps use the power of HTML 5, tapping into the native capabilities of Windows using standard JavaScript and HTML to deliver new kinds of experiences.

So we all hope Windows 8 will reach up-to the satisfaction more than the most success-full recently Windows 7.

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