Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amazing Status Update For All Facebook Freaks

Posted by Sumit Rana

Recently i found very interesting Trick which definitely makes you glad and your friend fool and shocked. so its a very simple and easy trick. so u have to follow some steps.

1.visit this facebook page and like it.

click here to like it

even u also like TRICKY TECH fan page

2. now you have to write anA interestingA status like this

I am in
relationship with
see more

3.A write @See more in your status to tag this page

to know more about tagging click here

now thats all

waiting for 100 of comments and likes

if u like this trick so comment below

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Important Notice For All PTU Engineers

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz ,todays's article is specially for all Enginnering students of PTU. my self also pursuing B-tech from PTU. Last night an important notice was uploaded on ptu website,nathin special but the 

ACADEMIC CALENDAR for Session: 2011-12 For 2nd Semester onwards.

According to this every semester has been reduced to 5 months only and working days will be same as previous i.e 90 days that means saturdays may be working from next sem.

But the good thing is for the final year students as they will gwt thier degrre's in month of april last or may download the below notice from ptu site yo will be better clarified:-



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Monday, July 18, 2011

Download from Fileserve, Filesonic, FileFactory etc, as Premium Users For Free

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz,often when we download from some downloading sites like fileserve media fire and hotfile etc,we need to wait for some time or either we have to go throught some surveys on that site which somtimes make us frustated and we try to find out other ways which may consume more time such as torrents etc.

Though Torrents are popular but have their own disadvantages including being blocked on many systems. So, File Sharing Websites like Filesonic, Fileserve, FileFactory, etc. have come up and became popular offering Good Speed. Problem with them is Number of Downloads Restriction, Waiting Time, etc. in case of Free users while Premium Users enjoy Direct Downloads.

Here, we will see how can we direct download from Filesonic, Fileserve, FileFactory and many more such File Hosting services as Premium users without waiting, entering captchas, etc.

DebridMax is a French online service which takes advantage of Browser addons and lets you download a file from File hosts immediately from multiple links and multiple servers.

Go to Site is in French so, use the Translate Bar on right top corner of page to translate in English. If you are on Chrome Browser, you will be notified automatically and given option to translate.

Then, click on “Sign up! Its free” button to create account. Enter Email ID and other info. to complete registration. You will receive activation link via Email which on clicking activates your account.

Download Firefox Addon or Chrome Plugin as per your browser using the link on Homepage.

You are all set now! DebridMax button will appear besides the address bar of Browser (Chrome). Open Downloader and new window appears where you have to paste download links ( 8 at a time).

Premium Download Link will be generated and file can be downloaded immediately direct from browser or Download Manager Software.

At the Moment, DebrisMax supports, Filesonic, Fileserve, FileFactory, Megaupload, Megavideo, Rapidshare,, Netload, Wupload, Hotfile and DepositFiles.


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Friday, July 15, 2011

Now Bill Gates Planning to launch His Social Networking Site

Posted by Sumit Rana

 Screen shot of microsoft social networking site(

Hey guyz how you doing,today i got an intersting article for all of you as i came to know about the new social networking site from microsoft also, seems to me like Microsoft is planning for a launch of new social networking site in partnership with Facebook and Twitter. Here is the first glimpse of the homepage that got revealed by mistake. The site was originally owned and operated by Microsoft.

But once it was out in news, Microsoft immediately hid the page saying “ is just an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web and they did not mean to create it honestly.”

So what your take on this? Do you really think is just an internal design project or is Microsoft really planning to start a new social networking site? Let us know in your comments
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Get New Interface Of Blogger 2011 For Free

Posted by Sumit Rana

Earlier in 2010 Blogger has added to many new features like new Template designer ( enables to create templates without any knowledge of HTML/CSS ), different fonts where added, stats option,comments filtering etc.

And now in 2011 as per of the blogger promise they have launched thier new attracting and kewl features. 

From below given screenshots you can imagine that how intersting is new interface of blogger.

Layout page view:-

 Blogger updated new Interface, new interface is available for all Blogger in Draft users, It looks very cool, see below more screenshots.

Click here to get new interface of blogger.



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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Again 13 Proves Unlucky For India

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey  guyz how you doing m specialy asking to the mumbai guyz,last evening what happend in zaveri bazar,Mumba devi temple and Dadar is very sad and pityfull. Right after 973 days 21 hours and 20 minutes mumbai again getting injured when 3 serial blasts took place last evening.

13 July its KASAB's birthday and Mumbai is paying for his birhtday gift.

13 is alwyas been an unlucky number for India.if we see previous blasts in different cities of the india we come to know that 80% bomb blast were on 13th of the month and rest are on 26th.Indian Mujahideen (IM)Has taken the responsibility for all these bomb blasts,below are given some of the big bomb blast occured on 13th and 26th of month:-

13 december  2001      -      Parliament house

13 May  2008               -       Jaipur

26 July  2008              -       Ahemdabad

13 September 2008   -        Delhi

26 November 2008   -         Mumbai

13 february 2010        -         Jerman Bakery

13 July 2011                 -         Mumbai

Some Help line numbers:- 

Emergency numbers: 022-22621855; 022-22621983; 022-22625020;

022-22641449; 022-22620111

KEM Hospital: 022-24136051

Nair: 022-23085379

Harkishandas: 23855555/30095555

Saifee: 022-6757 0111

JJ Hospital: 022-2373 5555

GT Hospital: 022-22621466, 022-22621464

St George Hospital: 022 22620242, 022-22620109

When all these gona over,well for now we shoudl pray for the sole of all died in bomb blast's. But it arrises several questions that should we feel afraid on every outing from our home on 13th of the month???_____ :(__:(___:(___:(

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GOOGLE PLUS vs Facebook via infographic???

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz how you doing ,itz been a long time that i have not written for you guyz,well today i got an intersting article with lot of flow chart representation. i Hope you all must hear of Google plus ,yes another social networking site by google after demolshish of orkut,but this time they are fighting back and fighting hard too.                                                 if you don not have a account on google + then click here to get invitation ,you just have to comment with your email address so that i can send you invitation, and i will invite you to google +

now letz have a look at the flow chart comparing google+ and facebook:-


and yes for getting google+ invitation leave your emmail address in the comment section below___:)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Nokia N9 to be launched in 23 countries,Except India

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz how you doing ? Today i got a news which may be sad for some of my readers from india and nokia phones freak.

The N9 is by far one of the most ambitious ventures for Nokia. It runs on MeeGo, the OS Stephen Elop canned in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone and is likely to be the last commercial smartphone running on the platform from Nokia. For the 30 minutes or so that I played with the N9,


If a product’s success could be gauged by the buzz around it before its launch, well, the Nokia N9 would be a best-seller already (check out our first impressions and hands-on video here). We are not sure if Nokia expected it to become a fad in smartphone-land considering it did not plan to launch it globally. Till now, the folks at Nokia had their lips zipped about the N9′s eventual availability but now we can safely say it would be limited to 23 countries, at least initially. A page on Nokia’s European site lists these 23 countries and exclusions include India, UK and most of Western Europe. Hit the jump for the list of 23 countries that will be getting the N9.

Countries where the N9 will be launched: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, UAE and Vietnam.

We believe that this list will be expanded soon to include more countries but then stranger things have happened and you might have to pick it up on your next trip to one of these countries or ask family and friends there, after all.

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Speak Asia New Office has been established in Mumbai

Posted by Sumit Rana

 A new message came from Speak Asia Online on email ids of panelists and on their site that a Meeting will be Held on 9th of July in Mumbai with Managers and with Distributors of SAOL about the proccess of Future Plans.

Speak Asia is launching a new India centric website on July 10th. The site will provide information on products, services offered by Speak Asia and show case on how to burn your reward points.

New Office has been established in Mumbai and Final touches are being given.

Distribution of Reward points is ON and new advertisements campaigns will also be launched to promote the business.

Nothing was said about the starting of cashouts and payments in the banks.


Fellow and Dear Speak Asians,
We are announcing some new measures for moving forward which reflects our consistent approach for taking the business forward along with our Speak Asian community. We wish to reassure all Speak Asians that Company is putting all its efforts in ensuring the best interest of panelist.
1. We are holding a business re-start meeting on July 9th in Mumbai . This meeting shall constitute all the Managers, Distributors of SAOL, The discussion will be primarily on the process involved for going further.
2. We are here to work with you for a great future for which a local presence will be important for moving forward as we grow together. Speak Asia is launching a new India centric website on July 10th. The site will provide information on products, services offered by Speak Asia and show case on how to burn your reward points. We regret for the delay in launch of the site which is largely due to reasons beyond our control .However we are sure that once the operations begin there is no looking back.
3. We will soon be moving into a spanking new office, our permanent establishment (PE) in Mumbai. As you read this communication , finishing touches to inspiring design for the new office are being given and this large liaison office will be the hub of our joint growth.
4. Distribution of Rewards has taken shape. Provogue Gift vouchers have been sent and utilized by panelists. Confirmations for the winners of Laptops, Television and Cell Phones are being obtained to start the distribution process in shortest possible time.
5. Soon you will see Speak Asia’s new advertising campaign. So whether you are outdoors, watching television or reading a newspaper, your company will be occupying top of mind recall with its new message about the products & services, rewards points earning and many more benefits you will get.
So keep a look out on your email box as a lot of communication will come to you from the company .
Fellow Speak Asians, here’s to the future which belongs to ‘Our Community’ !
Team Speak Asia


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