Monday, September 24, 2012

How Internet Essentials Bridging The Next Generation Digital Divide

Posted by Sumit Rana

In the 21st century internet is being counted as one of the basic necessities in a household. This fact cannot be denied by us as the utility of this simple device is immense and the way in which our world is progressing we have to depend on it for many reasons. But having an internet connection in the household would also mean incurring some additional expenses regularly which is still not viable in all the households. This is creating a division among the next generation youngsters as only some of them have access to this device at their home. 

To bridge this gap between the next generation learners Comcast has launched the Internet Essential Program whereby internet connection will be offered to the mediocre families at a lower price.

The benefits

Through Comcast’s Internet Essential Program, the internet connection will be offered to the low income families at a fixed monthly rental. The interested parents can rest assured that apart from the monthly charge, which has also been subsidies keeping in mind the target group, no excess charges will be applicable with this connection. The applicants do not need to pay any installation charges, taxes, rent on the modem or any money for the activation of the connection. 

They can also rest assured that the monthly rental will not be increased after a certain period of time. Since, this project has been launched by Comcast to bridge the increasing gap between the different groups of learners, the applicants can rest assured about the rentals of the connection.

Reason behind the launching this program

Researchers have come to the conclusion that due to the inability of the low income groups to pay for the internet connection; the children’s are lagging behind in comparison to the wealthy kids. These kids are being denied the opportunity to learn without any faults on their part. The researchers have identified certain areas, in which they have fallen back like their perception about the web world and how to use it for their own benefit. 

To do away with this growing epidemic they have taken the decision to launch the program that will make them at par with the wealthier kids and open up before them equal opportunities in the long run.

Additional perks

Along with access to internet from the home at a reasonable rate, the applicants are also going to enjoy many other additional advantages through the voucher that will be given to them. With this voucher, they will be able to purchase a latest computer at a discounted price. Furthermore, they will also get the opportunity to get trained about using the various tools of internet for making it easier for them. 

With the help of the help of this tool the young learners will be able to get updated about the latest developments taking place all around the world, educational tools as well as online job opportunities.

Researchers have to the conclusion that the equal opportunity for accessing internet ahs the power of bringing about a change in the economy of USA by creating more job opportunities in the future course of time. 

The day when access to internet will fall into the category of one of the basic rights of the human beings is not far away as it has become of the primary vehicle for bring about enlightenment among the learners of the next generation.


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