Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What is blackberry doing at the moment

Posted by sumit rana

Blackberry are releasing the Blackberry 10 devices in the early part of 2013 which you will be able to buy from sites such as www.dialaphone.co.uk. They will include the new 'Flow' interface to the Blackberry phone, bringing the brand up to date and in competition with Android and Apple smartphones. The new devices are leaving the keyboards behind in favour of  touch screens, and with better camera's than previous models. The 'Flow' interface is designed to be much more user friendly and plays on the idea of flowing smoothly between whatever you are doing on the phone, on a much larger screen.

It starts with a lock screen, and from here you can see notifications and unread messages on the left. You can also view the date and time,  and upcoming meetings. You can launch the camera from here too, which is useful for those moments when you need to take a quick unprepared snap. Unlocking the phone involves a simple swipe action upwards, and  from then on you can navigate around the phone by continuing to slide your thumb around. The home screen has 'Active Frames' four of which are on display at any given time, and you can slide downwards to view more. These active frames are your most recently used apps, which is handy if you tend to use certain apps more regularly than anything else, such as Facebook. The short cut bar at the bottom of the home screen and app list provides quick links to your most regularly used phone features like the camera.  

When you swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen, whatever you are currently viewing becomes minimised  and shows you all of your new notifications on the left. This is where the idea of the Flow interface falls into place, and you can appreciate how user friendly the new Blackberry devices will be.

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5 Tips for Successful Facebook Marketing E

Posted by sumit rana

Ever since the success of Facebook and the concept of “pages” to like came along, the social media marketing came across a new history. Now, most of the people around the world like visit such pages for product and service updates instead of surfing around search engines or e-stores. Why is that? It is simple because it offers to maintain social life and window-shop at the same time. As far as the business owners are concerned, they are able to create a huge audience without really paying anything or may be a little amount. If done smartly, Facebook alone can work as the only marketing device for any business. 

  1. Chalking out the Plan

Before setting up an account and going public with the contents, there has to be a full-proof plan about how to execute things. Facebook popularity is related to the ongoing Facebook trend, engaging and exciting updates and some oomph that will earn new “likes” and have the remaining ones scheduled to returns. The timeline that facebook offers seems to be working great for business profiles than the personal ones with options to share larger photos, add events and such things. So, setting up an attractive and relative timeline with a pinch of uniqueness should be done at first.

  1. Considering the Quality to Top the Newsfeed

There are many pages that beg for “likes” and even seek for them like hungry hyenas. Well, “likes” are obviously important, and for the new unknown brands, it is sometimes needed to be a bit cheesy to gain more of them, but things of quality will definitely draw more attention and most importantly, respect. Keeping up the quality and being creative with the presentation may take some time, but at the end of the day, it will found the base strongly.

  1. Involving the “Fans” to Spread the Word

Facebook has this option that when someone likes a page, it appears on the feeds of another friend who has not liked it yet, and through this they can know about the page and like it. Though this works mostly for “paid” pages, but it can also be done with the “Add to My Interest” option in every page. If a user checks this on, the updates from the page will be more on the feeds. So, asking the “likers” nicely and encouraging them for that will help a lot. Arranging engaging contests can be another way here.

  1. Figuring Out the Best Timing

There should be studies done on the target audience of the page which must include a section about the time they mostly check their Facebook. If the pictures and updates from the page are posted on that time, it will be the first thing they see then “like” or “comment” probably and the advertising is done!

  1. Using the Facebook’s Advertising Option

As mentioned before, Facebook has its own “pinning” option for pages to be displayed on the right side which requires a certain amount of money, monthly. In terms of the massive traffic it may draw, it can be a wise way to invest that money for that 7-Day pinning advertisement.


About the  Author:

Kate is a part of team who developed an android spy app. Also we are reviewing other mobile applications in our blog.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Invite All your friends in Facebook group

Posted by sumit rana

Sharing is so much easy in Facebook and lot of groups made each day.But adding friends is so much difficult so finally we found unique and easy way to do so.So if you are admin of some group and want to invite all friends then check out this. Now for all those admins looking for how to add friends to group check out this unique and easy way to do so.

Before inviting your friends you have to use Firefox browser.Because this trick works only for Firefox.
1.First of all open your particular group in you Firefox browser

2.Press ctrl+shift+k and you will see new window will appear.

now you have to paste you java script code mentioned above

3.use this javascript file


4.when u paste script and press enter automatically add your friends in group

Hope you like this method and also share this with your friends too.

we will also bring video tutorial soon 

Note - Before using this trick you have to join our group Technowit then only it works

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Understanding the Comptroller

Posted by sumit rana

Any organization that involves finance has need of the comptroller. This is the individual responsible for the supervising of accounting and financial reporting of an organization. While the term may seem a little mystifying to the outsider, this individual is responsible for financial oversight. It is a managerial position and one that is primarily a role of leadership. Although the comptroller is involved in accounting, it is not to be confused with bookkeeping since the role of the comptroller is involved in forecast and analysis. The comptroller's main function is to provide the financial standard operating procedure that supports the organization's financial mission.

Organizations of different levels have need of a comptroller. Companies and financial organizations employ comptrollers and financial control officers to maintain their profits and ensure accountability in spending and resources. This individual is an audit expert who implements and monitors internal controls. Government agencies at the state and local level have need of comptrollers to help manage tax revenue. At the state and local level of government, the comptroller is an elected or appointed official with widely varying powers over budgetary and management matters. At the federal level, the Government Accountability Office is headed by a comptroller, and banks are supervised by the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, which is an office in the federal treasury.

The primary tool that comptrollers use in the supervision of accounting and finance is countersigning. This is an internal control that monitors expenses and commitments by means of monitoring and measuring their resources. This plays an important role in the prevention and detection of fraud and protects the organization's resources. Through internal audits and financial reporting, the comptroller insures an organization's compliance with existing laws and regulations, and outlines the achievement of specific operational goals. The comptroller is the head of the accounting department. They maintain and operate the books and records of the business.

Within an organization, a financial control officer and comptroller have similar functions, but there are fundamental differences. The financial control officer is the overall financial leader of an organization and oversees finance, accounting, payroll, and tax departments. Their primary function is to look ahead. They analyze past financial performance to accurately predict the organization's financial future. By contrast, the comptroller heads smaller departments within the organization, and is primarily concerned with cash management, budgeting, compliance, and internal controls. The comptroller provides the reports that the financial control officer uses to generate working forecasts of capital and growth. The comptroller is primarily concerned with looking at data that has already been generated.

By providing financial leadership, the comptroller is essential to an organization's smooth operation. The comptroller works to effectively correlate operational and financial data provided by a finance department. Without the analysis that a comptroller provides of the financial functioning of a company or organization, executives and teams cannot understand the financial impact of their decisions in real time. Since an organization has many operational expenses that are coordinated across the company, it is important to have someone in a position to oversee this.

 June Tolbert

About the  Author:

June Tolbert writes for educational journals and blogs. MBA online programs and degrees are offered by several top schools.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

10 Tips to Prevent Cyber-bullying Effecting Teenagers

Posted by sumit rana

Cyber bullying is growing rapidly in this digital age. The bitter reality is that, the online-bullying is more destructive than offline bullying. It is a crime that is done by teasers using online network to hurt or to threaten someone in a planned manner. In this way, technological tools can be used to harm preschoolers. Parents play an important role in preventing cyber harassment, but the question arises what type of parental effort is required to stop online hazards among teenagers? So here we are discussing ten best ways to keep safe teenagers from cyber-bullying:

1. Limit kids’ access to computer network: there are many games to play like soccer, cricket and bike riding rather than to waste time on internet. Try to take children far from net it can decrease the danger of cyber bullying.

2.  Educate them how to face anxiety like online harassment: parents should tell their toddlers about online moral threats. Teach them to avoid strangers, block annoyers or teasers; do not misuse the internet, and how to spend time in positive activities.

3. Check and balance: are kids getting bad grades constantly, do you feel them drugged, have they low confidence level and are they skipping school or not willing to attend classes; then definitely there is going something wrong with kids. In this situation give them proper attention and ask their problem without getting hot. Provide your baby some positive options to consume spare time.

4. Treat them as friends: aloofness can be the cause of selecting immoral activities. So keep your children close to you and put effort to increase their public sphere with pious and gentle groups. Join them in fun activities that would be more supportive to prevent babies from online curse. 

5. Create tension-free surroundings: show patience, peace, calmness and do not fight in front of them. That can worry kids. Do notice their attitudes and correct children if they act rudely.

6.  Get assistance from other parties: if cyber bullying is happening to your child then involve their teachers, instructors and other trusted ones. They may help you to stop this.  Report to police if they are receiving threatening mails. 

7. Encourage your teens: All kids make blunders. It is the part of their training. So encourage and let them telling their mistakes to you. Avoid blaming but advice to be careful. Be encouraging and listen to adolescents without pre-judging and censure. Try to understand their emotions.

8. Do not punish them: teens feel hesitation to tell their parents about being online terrorized because they have fear of losing freedom and facilities like; computers and mobile phones. Without scolding you can easily handle the problem.

9. Boost their confidence: Lack of communication between parent and child can create a feeling of deprivation that leads to choose unethical ways for satisfaction. So try enhancing their confidence level by meeting their friends, providing opportunities to discuss problems, appreciating and trusting them.

10. Stealth Mobile Monitoring Application: There is need to be check activities of teens on mobile and internet without caring that they like it or not. Keep their gadgets in busy areas of house that’s how you can easily keep an eye on them and seek to know their passwords. So, to stop those connecting with strange people on internet you need stealth mobile monitoring application. It is the modern and easiest way to prevent teenagers from cyber bullying. These days monitoring app is gaining popularity among parents. It is the most trusted way. It assists parents with different features:

Read chat and Instant messages, e-mails (sent and received), calls (outgoing and incoming), all text messages

Keep record of visited web sites, cyber searches (Google, Bing, yahoo), each and every program they run (games), downloads etc

Check posts, photos, profiles on social communities (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace),

Notify while writing improper words and opening the unethical sites,

Block specific people and sites.


About the  Author:

Allen is a technology blogger and writer. He is a business graduate from University of Southern California. He loves to help parents in safety issues the kids have on web and write his reviews on different android parental control software programs and android spy software technology. He wants to be an enthusiastic blogger in this high demanding blogging world

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