Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps for Students

Posted by Sumit Rana

Even through Microsoft is likely to come with Windows Phone 8 this year, the significance of Windows Phone 7 still holds and as far as apps for educational field are concern, Windows market is flooded with thousands of useful and competent WP 7 apps which are quite helpful for student of any level. From the list of thousands we have picked out 10 best Windows Phone 7 apps which are proven to be useful, entertaining and helpful in accomplishing basic tasks for students. So let’s find out which are these 10 tireless academic companions. 

1. Pronunciation Guide Download 

First on our list is the English Pronunciation Guide which is quite a helpful WP 7 app for those students for whom English is a second language. This app make sure to provide you the possible pronunciations of each word in various forms spoken by different native speakers.

2. Quity Download

Quity is a WP7 app which streamlines the translation services found on the sites like Google Translate and enable the user to simply select the source and the target language to do the translation. It avoids the user trouble and saves time of revisiting the translation site again and again. ]

3. Scientific Calculator Download 

It’s surprising that WP7 phones doesn’t comes with pre installed scientific calculator app. Students in many scenarios feels the need of scientific calculator and this scientific calculator app on WP7 enables the students with the advances scientific calc features on their palm.  

4. 01Converter Download 

It’s always confusing converting decimals into binary and vice versa, I myself being a computer engineers find it complex doing even the simplest conversion. If you also find it difficult then this binary to decimal and decimal to binary conversation app for Windows Phone 7 is of great use. Its perfect for computer engineering students. 

 5. Scribble Download 

If you are in the artistic field then even whole world would not be enough for you as a canvas, however Scribble is a kind of WP 7 app which can be with you all the time and can convert your WP 7 into a small mobile canvas on which you can, any time and any where show your creativity and can practice to make beautiful artefacts.

6. Cmic Reader Download

Cmic reader is a WP 7 app which enables the students to read out any of the text files stored on the SkyDrive account. This cuts down the documents and file you need to carry on your Windows Phone 7.  

7. Talking Translator Download 

Why to read out thing when Windows Phone 7 apps called Talking Translator can enable you to hear. Talking Translator is a fabulous WP7 tool which supports 52 different languages and can speak out the translated work. 



When it comes to pronunciation of English words, then the WP 7 App ‘American English Pronunciation’ is a competent tool which provides user the list of 500 most used words in English. 




When everyone is thing worlds is moving on a pace, running behind is not at all an intelligent decision and hence Chronograph is a stopwatch app which enables you to be ahead in any aspect life with a pace. In a competitive world you can put yourself a head when practices things with time and beat the phenomena with milliseconds.  




Convert is a useful app which easily converts the variety of units like length, volume, weight and temperature quite accurately on the Windows Phone 7. 

So, being a student which app you have used and would like to use to make things easy. Do let us know your views on this post and also the apps listed in our list. 

Parveen Yadav

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Comparison of services provided by Dish Network and Cable TV

Posted by Sumit Rana

When you switch on your TV you find a big list of television channels to choose from. The television offers entertainment from the comfort of your living room. One can choose any channel related to sports, kids, music, wildlife, news update and many other programs brought to you from different parts of the world. Such a wide array of programs available to a viewer is possible only with the help of cable television and services provided by dish network. Cable TV is a system of providing television programs to consumers with the aid of radio frequency (RF) signals relayed to televisions through coaxial cables or digital light pulses through fixed optical fibers positioned on the subscriber's property, similar to over-the-air method deployed in traditional broadcast television in which a television antenna is needed. FM radio programming, high-speed Internet, telephony, and similar non-television services may also be provided. 

It is difficult to compare Dish Network satellite service to cable television service, sine each cable television company offers different programming packages, pricing, and service levels. But Customer has to analyze the pros and cons of both the services before subscribing to any one of them. Dish Network is a contender of DirecTV in the open market. Most cable television is provided by a local government-sponsored monopoly. Thus if one goes by the rules of economics Dish Network will almost always be more reasonable than cable television. Cable television programming packages are different in each specific geographic region. The key is to decide on the channels you want to subscribe to and compare the packages which provide those channels.

A customer needs to find out what type of receiver comes with the satellite or cable television service. Many receivers include built-on Digital Video Recorders. A Digital Video Recorder or DVR facilitates easy recording of your favorite programs and watch them as per your convenience. Satellite television services like Dish Network and DirecTV are very dependable. It seems counter-intuitive that receiving television from a satellite thousands of miles away could be more dependable than receiving television from a physical cable, but that is often the case. Dish Network transmits more than 220 channels which are beyond the technical capacity of most cable television systems. It provides over 25 channels of High definition TV channels or HDTV which is an extra bonus over those provided by the local cable television company. 

Moreover when you move across the country, it is possible to move the Dish Network satellite system along with you but most cable television systems can only be moveable within the same city. Dish Network is a boon for the sports lover as it transmits all NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games. Besides it also broadcasts all college football and college basketball games. It provides about 80 channels of pay-per-view programming while most cable television systems support only 40 PPV channels. The network provides programming in a huge variety of languages, comprising Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and others. 

Thus dish network is a far better choice and a more reasonable one in comparison to cable television.


About the  Author:

Sachin writes article on a range of topics related to different business sectors like internet, broadband and satellite TV. He is an enthusiastic writer who is fond with teaching and reading. Holding a long experience in the filed he is currently associated with various institutions for writing.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IOS and Android game- Samurai vs Zombies Defense review

Posted by Sumit Rana

It is rare to see so many factors standing against the success of a newly launched game. Have there been games on Zombies? Yes, in fact a loads on them. Have there been games on Samurais? Yes, that too is in plenty. Have there been many castle defense games? Hell yes, it has already crosses the saturation point quite back. Are there freemium titles available? Honestly! There are many other places to spend your dollars in small transaction which are better than this. So is this game fun? There you are! This is the point you need to make to play and refer Samurai vs Zombies Defense game to somebody.

Your character in the game Samurai vs Zombies Defense is of a Samurai who is honor bound to protect the doors of his sacred village from an onslaught of attackers. It is just that the onslaught of attackers is Zombies who are attempting to bring down the sacred city.

The controls of the game are very simple- touch and hold to left to go to the left side and similarly touch and hold on the right side for movement to right. Rest of the controls are at the bottom of the screen which includes the controls for power-ups and for calling reinforcements. A single touch is all that is needed to use these controls at the bottom.

The combat controls automatically kick in when you are in range of an enemy. There are two combat weapons- the bow and arrow which is the long range weapon and the sword which is the short range weapon to give the Zombies a feel of the sharp side of your sword in case they want to get up close and personal.

The genre of Samurai vs Zombies Defense is the castle defense game where you are placed between the entrance of your castle and the horde of attackers moving to mutilate your kingdom. As you proceed to new levels you will face newer challenges, stronger enemies and bosses which you will have to finish off in order to survive. The best part in Samurai vs Zombies Defense game is the battles with the boss which are quite powerful and it is an enthralling experience defeating them.

One thing you should note, here you are not fighting a group of bandit type Zombies, but a full dynasty of Zombies. However, this should not make you sweat as you are not alone in your struggle. Aside from having your faithful bow & arrow and sword, you also have the support of summonable samurais. These warriors from your kingdom range from archers, swordsmen and after some levels riflemen and horse riders which will stand by you in your fight.

Aside from your weapons and samurais, you also have some special powers of your own which will aid you in thinning the horde of Zombies in case they get overwhelming. A powerful slash from your sword will cut through several of the Zombies and will inflict considerable damage in case they dare to invade your space, also you can cause a lightning strike that will zap these half dead brain eaters and will keep cause them enough feat to keep their distance. However, these attacks are recharging types so take care to use them wisely.

The reward you get for pushing back these walking dead from your kingdom is coins. The more Zombies you take down more the coins you will earn. You can use these gold coins for buying anything in the game, from health boost to upgrades for you fellow samurais. You can also upgrade you own weapons using these coins. If you are willing then this is not the only way to proceed.

Like any other iOS game you can buy your way to success. In Samurai vs Zombies Defense game you can buy gems using real world money. You can use these gems at the in-game store. While many will rightly say that it is more buying your way to success rather than taking help, but then you can easily proceed in the game without spending a dime.

Using these gems you can buy power-ups and upgrades which you can’t even imagine of. For example the forever coin doubler. However, I really do not see any reason to spend actual money on the gems as the game is nowhere so hard that you cannot proceed. That said, if you would like to show your appreciation to the Glu Games for developing such good games then I would definitely suggest doing so.

Using the gems you can buy rare items and play a mini slot machine game called Pachinko by which you can earn upgrades. This adds another layer to the otherwise straightforward gameplay.

Except for the tinge added through Pachinko, there is nothing unique about Samurai vs Zombies Defense game. It has all that you expect from a castle defense game but nothing extra. Though a struggle between Samurais and Zombies is not common but still the game has nothing new to offer. That said, I would like to add that it is still an interesting title to play on iOS or Android devices. The controls are great and you will never feel confused even in the thickest crowd of Zombies. I found the normal levels quite easy to cross but the boss levels are thrilling experiences. Overall, though this game has a lot of combinations it is storyline, yet it manages to create a fun blend. Recommended to all Android and iOS users… go ahead and take down these walking dead for the honor of your kingdom.

Ankit Sinha 

About the  Author:

Ankit Sinha is a regular column writer at Techulator dot com - the technology news and product review website. You can find more game reviews by him at Techulator dot com

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 11 Android Applications that Bloggers can't Miss

Posted by Sumit Rana

In this article i would be presenting you and giving you information about the 11 Best Application for Bloggers which they can not live without and are at the same time very important for them for checking their day to day progress and Analytics .

So i have prepared and sorted out the most used and needed Applications that you can or i should say use being a Blogger to track things on your Mobile device . Though there can be many such apps but these are the best and should be used !

Google Analytics

Check your google Analytics stats anywhere providing features such as 

* Charts!

* Secure login with the android account manager

* Current stats: Panel, Visitors, Content, Goals and Ecommerc 



You can easily publish posts with pictures, labels and location information. Also, you can view the list of posts and if you have multiple accounts or blogs, you can easily switch between them.

Blogging on the go is made easy with the Blogger app.



Write new posts, edit content, and manage comments on your WordPress blog.

WordPress for Android is an Open Source app that empowers you to write new posts, edit content, view stats, and manage comments with built-in notifications.




- Post anything: Share photos, video, quotes, chats, links, and text. Bonus 'create a post' widget for your home screen.

- Advanced controls: Save drafts, queue posts, customize tweets, and more!

- Messages: View and reply to messages.

- Address book: Find people to follow from your address book.

- Multiple blogs: Seamlessly manage all of your blogs.




Allows you to Manage your Social Networks in one go ! HootSuite for Android: Manage Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare from one place.

Manage multiple social networks on the go with HootSuite for Android. Now supports multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts.



Maintain and write down your ideas on your pc using the Sync option , who cares to write things on pen and paper these days ?



- Post entries to your journal and communities

- Post photos

- Create and post polls 

- Edit your last journal entry

- Compose and edit drafts

Manage your app settings for mobile posting 


Posterous Spaces 

- Easily control who you share with, every time.

- Post anything – combine photos, video and text in seconds.

- Create as many Spaces as you want (make them private or public.)

- Create a Space for your group in minutes, letting everyone involved contribute.

- Automatically broadcast your public posts to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and 20 other destinations. 


-create/view/edit/delete blog posts

-post comments to published blog posts

-upload picture(s) and video(s)

-select size and quality of pictures uploaded

-set publish date/time

-publish as draft

-share pictures, videos, YouTube clips, links etc.



Directly from your mobile phone you can share photos, videos, audio and text with your friends, family and contacts on all the major social networking sites and services. 

Moby distributes to more than 25 sites and services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Netlog, and many more.

Abobe Photoshop

Using Images in your Posts , edit on your Mobile and save Them !



About the  Author:

Owner and Editor in Chief of The Complete Tech Site . I am a Great Tech Freak , like to be updated with what's going over the web , doing Computer engineering and a 2nd Year student, I write articles on all the latest Tech news and tricks on my site Brunch Tech.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The One Fear That Every Writer and Blogger Has

Posted by Sumit Rana

Be a writer and mention fear – the first thought that grips the heart is will I be accepted as a writer or thrashed for my audacious impudence. Both words are of relative meaning but the usage was a conscious one to emphasize more.

Acceptance and Rejection

Acceptance is doubtlessly the first fear among writers of any kind, bloggers included. This is the Achilles heel of a writer that could also cause to lose some of the best but with a sensitive mind. An enormous populace of writers across the world has faded into the oblivion owing to the lack of professional publishers who could find value in their literary genius than the counts of profit. An outright or repeated rejection is what a writer fears most in his career as a writer. These can also a potent reason for success and failure among them.

Clash of Ideas

Each writer comes with their own style of writing and elucidating with words. A complete lack of practical knowledge among them may even make them incapable of adjustment to commercial writing. On the other hand they may not even be able to understand that the reason for their repeated failures is one – an utter inadequacy to adjust to commercial writing. Concise and apt use of words with succinct deliverance of thoughts and ideas is the flavour of a new age of writing. Inability to cope to these standards may be another fear.

Dreams Come Untrue

There are many who have always dreamt of being a writer and quite successfully at that too.  There is a big basket of assorted hopes and dreams they carry wherever they may go. At the end of a fruitless walk they are adversely scared; they have wasted time and lost hopes of result. It can make one dread of their hopes to have a successful writing career as well. This can be a gripping fear for those who are advancing in age and thus feel inadequacies of their worth. This can have a worsening effect on individual and creative minds.

Generation Gap

This is a common fear among elderly or grown up writers in the middle stages of life. Quite easily they can feel the effects of being distanced from colleagues at work or in the same field of endeavor. It is caused by a false alarm of age that seems to draw them away from the flow of writing and engineering of thoughts into words. There is a natural degradation which can set in as a result of fear at all age groups of writers with the onslaught of time.

Inappropriate Writing

There is an occasional fear among writers of an inadequacy of their writing. This can be a lack of proper research material and the ability to present them in an appropriate manner. This is a common fear that also take over writers when they are engaged in a nonstop writing activity; additionally if a lack of confidence sets in as a result of few rejections it can assume greater dimensions of the fear of failure.

Rajkumar Jonnala

About the  Author:

Rajkumar Jonnala likes to write about topics on IT, Science and Technology related to server rackand rack cabinets. Technology runs the world and he believes that a good understanding of such things will help us to make the best use of these modern day devices.

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Angry Birds Space v1.0.0 Free Download (PC)

Posted by Sumit Rana

Angry Birds Space got launched yesterday for iOS, Android, Pc and Mac which is available in the market and has got thousands of downloads uptill now. Since the game is paid and if someone want to play it then he has to buy it so this time we have brought you guys the Angry Birds Space V1.0.0 (Full Patch) and you can download it for free.

The chase is on! After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own Angry Birds Space introduces you to new adventures on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit! Also featuring the DANGER ZONE, the most difficult Angry Birds levels ever! Can you master the Danger Zone?

  • 60 interstellar levels

  • Regular free updates

  • Brand new birds

  • Brand new superpowers

  • Zero-gravity space adventures

  • Trick shots using planets gravity

  • Hidden bonus levels

  • Beautifully detailed backgrounds

Publisher: Rovio Mobile
Developer: Rovio Mobile

Genre: Logic (Puzzle)

How To Apply the Patch

  1. Install the game by double clicking “AngryBirdsSpaceInstaller_1.0.0.exe” and following the further instructions.

  2. Copy the “Patch.Exe” file in the installation directory.

  3. Double Click and apply the patch.

  4. Run the Game and apply this cd key – ” THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO ” (without quotes)

  5. Enjoy the Game!

Download Link : (Size : 32MB)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Maintain SEO and Page Rank When Migrating Your Website

Posted by Sumit Rana

One of the primary concerns when migrating your website to a new hosting provider or domain is the impact the migration will have on SEO. If done improperly, a site migration can devastate a quality page ranking and make recovery a time consuming and costly SEO process.

Maintaining a website to a new hosting provider or IP address is a straight forward task in terms of maintaining page rank. As long as the website URL remains unchanged, a website's page rank should not be affected when switching hosting companies or changing a website IP address. The recommended steps to complete this process include:

  1. first install and configure a new web server environment using the new hosting provider or IP address.

  2. Then install a duplicate copy of the website on the new web server environment. Test the new web site using a temporary hostname to ensure the hosting account is functioning properly.

  3. Then once testing is complete, update domain records to redirect the website hostname to the new IP address. DNS can take 24-48 hours to complete replication through the Internet, so this change may not be instantaneous.

  4. Then test the new DNS name resolution to ensure website visitors are redirected to the new website.

  5. Then once you have verified that search engines are indexing pages on the new website (again, taking up to 48 hours), you can safely de-install the old site.

First of all this process is much less critical to SEO and page rank than the process of migrating a website to a new and different domain name. Special steps must be taken when moving a website to a new domain so that visitors know where to locate the website and contents, and so that search engines dynamically modify the indexed page content to point to the new location of that content.

When migrating to a new domain, a website running on the Apache web server platform can make use of the 301 redirect to help ensure your page ranking is maintained after the website migration is complete. A 301 redirect is the most efficient and search engine friendly method for the redirection of websites and associated web pages moved to a new domain, and involves the modification of the Apache .htaccess file so that both visitors and search engines alike are notified and redirected to the new web page location.

Vikas Bhatt

About the  Author:

Vikas Bhatt is a blogger who blogs on several Tech Blogs and writes about Android Apps, Reviews and Firmwares Updates on his Android Blog. He also manages a bookmakers in australia website.

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How Google Can Track Web Spam Based Upon Classifications and Click Data

Posted by Sumit Rana

When you search for something on Google, the site tries to return results that best match your intentions – results, in other words, that are useful to you. And as long as that’s been going on, spam has been going on too. Any cheap SEO agency will tell you horror stories about spam in the old days, how it flooded the web and made our jobs next to impossible – and even now it’s still going, with spammers constantly fighting to find ways to get around Google’s algorithms and rank highly for next to irrelevant topics.

 I’ve never really understood – and neither has anyone at any cheap Seo agency I have ever worked with, or for –  spam. I mean, what’s the point of junking up SERPs with irrelevant search results, when experience shows that web users only get angry if they can’t find what they are searching for? Given that spam is by definition irrelevant it seems weird that anyone makes any money out of beating the web bots and getting an irrelevant site into the top pages.

Anyway. The whole function of a cheap SEO agency is to get your site ranked highly for the proper keywords – precisely the opposite to the function of a spam page, which is to get ranked for anything and then try to sell stuff to the person viewing the page. And the whole function of Google is to get the pages optimised by the cheap SEO agency back at the top where they belong, by weeding out the spam threatening to take its place.

The elimination of spam is behind almost everything Google does, at one level or another. Frequent content changes, for example, are there to fox simple spam, which retains the same structure for its whole life. At the more complex end of the spectrum, Google analyses click through rates and the length of time people spend on pages, in order to try and identify and ignore spam for future searches.

While a cheap SEO agency optimises your page for true keywords, spam pages are optimised for false ones – i.e. keywords that have nothing to do with the content of the page. So when a user clicks on one, it is highly likely that he or shewill leave again as soon as the spam page loads.

Google looks at the pages routinely appearing in SERPs for a query, then at their click through rates (the number of times they get clicked on), then at how long a person spends on that page. If a page has plenty of click throughs, but no-one ever stays on it for more than a second, it is safe to assume there is something wrong with the information it contains.

A cheap SEO agency does everything in its power to make sure everything on a page is exactly right for the keywords contained in a search. A spam page doesn’t – and with Google hot on its heels it has only a limited lifespan, thank goodness.

Donna Boxtar

About the  Author:

The above article is composed and edited by Donna B. She is associated with many  cheap SEO agency as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to SEO, Social Media etc.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

9 Essential Tips To Improve Your Blogging Career

Posted by Sumit Rana

In the growing field of internet, the blogging is growing like a charm. Blogging is really a great experience and time pass as well. But now it is not only the subject of time pass. Many and many bloggers are taking it seriously and are turning into professional bloggers. There are many examples of the bloggers, which are making healthy living from the blogging. If you also love the blogging and are thinking to turn into a professional blogger, then you must follow some essential tips that can enhance your blogging career. Let’s have a look on the essential tips for your blogging career and that can turn you into a successful blogger.

1. Feel Motivated

Blogging is not any field, that you start today and tomorrow your success is sure. The blogging takes time to make you popular and you have to pass from the no. of ups and downs before becoming a professional blogger. You may also get caught in the situations, where you will feel the blogging as an annoying field. Your confidence may get down as well. So the very first for good blogging career is to stay motivated. You should read the biographies of the famous professional bloggers and then you will come to know that those people also did not met the success in a single turn. Keeping in touch with the other bloggers on the social sites is also a wise attempt to stay motivated.

2. Be Patience

Patience is the major key in the success of your blogging. The blogging is not any thing that you start today and the next day your blog is touching the sky of success. It is a long process and takes time to show your efforts. Sometimes it takes even years for a blog to become successful blog. So patience is the property which you must have to improve your blogging career.

3. Be Unique

The blogging needs you ti be unique. Unique titles is the only way by which you can rank higher in the search engines. Blogging does not mean that just copy the content and then paste it on your blog. The blogging is a platform to share your knowledge via your blog. Will it be good to your blogging career if your are sharing the others thoughts and knowledge on your blog?? So be unique in the content and most times in the topics as well.

4. Interact With Other Bloggers

This is also an essential task, that can show very good results in your blogging career. You can interact with the other bloggers and can ask them about your problems. You can build good relations with other bloggers, which will help in setting a good image of you in the blogging field. You can use the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter to have interaction with other professional bloggers.

5. Write Search Optimized Content

The search engine is the only way by which you can get visitors for your site and thus make money from your blog. You should follow the basic SEO techniques such as internal links, link building, on page optimization etc.

6. Subscription Option to Your Blog

You should provide the subscription option your readers. For the successful blog, it is highly necessary to have a large no. of subscribers. You should use the attractive subscription boxes and also encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog.

7. Communicate with Your Readers 

The blog becomes successful by the readers, so you should not treat with the readers as an owner. You should have the friendly nature with your readers. You should respond to all the queries of your readers. You should also place a link of your Facebook or twitter account to have a direct chat with your readers.

8. Social Media 

Nowadays social media is more important than SEO. The social sites such as Facebook, Twitter can be proved as a great traffic source for your blog, if used properly. So you should also look on the social media involvement for better blog results and to improve your blogging career.

9. Guest Bloggers

The blogging requires time, but there may be some times, that you cannot get time for posting the article on your blog and in such cases your site may get died. So you must encourage the guest bloggers to write articles for your blog. You should promise them at least one or two back links from your blog.

Summary: The blogging is a great way to earn money, but only for those who follow the guidelines carefully. No doubt you can take it as your profession, but for this you will have to work hard. If i talk about the scope in the field of blogging, then Yes, there is a good scope in the blogging, but follow the above mentioned tips seriously to improve your blogging career.

If you have any suggestion, doubt or query related to this post, then please do let us know it by dropping your comments in the comment section below.

Rajkumar Jonnala

About the  Author:

Rajkumar Jonnala likes to write about topics on IT, Science and Technology related to cable tidy  and rackcable management.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facebook Enhancing Emocations Codes In 2012

Posted by Sumit Rana

In last few years facebook has changed a lot,new timeline feature then facebook groups and pages converted to timeline interfaces, most of the features are acceptable by us.But according to me the most promising feature facebook has introduced is the updation in smiley or emocations. Previous smileys enable in facebook was also good you can check out here  and also a screenshot is given below.

You would get a new smiley . Here are the most used  Facebook smileys and you would surely like to use them in chat and try to impress most of your friends in your chatlist.

CLICK HERE for Old smileys.









[[f9.callme]] [[f9.clap]][[f9.confused]]






I hope you will enjoy this article so lets begin it guyz and do mention your fev smiley in comment section.

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10 Do’s in writing a blog post

Posted by Sumit Rana

How challenging could it be to create a blog post? If a youngster can do it, you can too right? Well composing a blog post is not challenging at all, but composing a great post is very challenging.Below are the things that you need to keep in mind before writing a great blog post.

What not to do while writing a post.

1) Don’t lose focus

When you begin composing up a post you usually have a subject in thoughts that you want to protect. However then the terms begin streaming and before you know it you have moved the whole publish into something absolutely different. If it’s appropriate content, this might not be such a bad factor. However a publish that begins as one subject and stops with the blog writer just rambling on and on can be dangerous to the overall excellent of the weblog. Keep what you want the end outcome to be in thoughts whole time you are composing your publish.

2) Prevent textual content from being too heavy

Break up your content into details and topic points; otherwise your content can become too frustrating to study. Having your sentences damaged up into a record design gives individuals a crack from too much textual content and allows individuals to look at quickly for the aspects. It’s unlikely that anyone is going to study anything term for term and you want individuals to be able to take away the overall idea of the publish quickly.

What to do?

3) Create back links for your posts

Support your publish with hyperlinks to other websites that are contextual to your publish.

4) Create Statements snappy

Contain your whole disagreement in your title. Examine out Nationwide magazines to see how they do it.

5) Connect your readers

You only have moments to pick up individuals' interest. If you cannot pick up somebody's interest within the first few phrases you write, you have lost them.

6) Never run away from controversy

People love to read a well-written, suspect piece compared to something that is just plain information. This does not mean to place warning to the wind and strike certain individuals, categories, or events without any courtesy to the situation, but if there can be something you feel enthusiastic about do not be terrified to pleasantly reveal your viewpoint. This promotes individuals to also reveal theirs, and can lead to great conversations in content area of your post. The key is nearing disputes with consideration and understanding.

Things to do after writing a post

7) Reveal your writing with focus on customers

You’ve just designed a writing that you know would be valuable for certain clients. What are you holding out for? Deliver them an e-mail with the shorter URL and a observe, “thought this could really help your company.” Then examine the statistics to see if they visited on it.

8) Social network bookmarking

While this strategy does not have the power it used to, publishing your articles to well-known social bookmarking websites (Digg, StumbleUpon, facebook, etc.) can still be a great resource of traffic, inbound links and overall visibility. Think of social search for submitting as peer-reviewed articles. If others bookmark/digg your articles, the more visibility you get and the more chance you have for others to web link to you or referrals your articles on their websites.

9) Never miss proof-reading

There is nothing more intense than posting a post before you have check it only to come back later and realize that you have several obvious mistakes, or more intense have a audience point them out to you. You lose reliability when you post something that is wrought with lexical mistakes, so take plenty of a chance to modify and then post.

Successfully writing strong content takes a lot of persistence, but is also the best way to sketch in new visitors and continue to grow. Never just hit up a post with no thought, take a while making it the best post possible. Your visitors want to read quality over amount.

10) Share the post on social network

Share your post on social networking site so as to gain some initial visitors from social network to make Google aware of some activity on your website.


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Monday, March 19, 2012

Be Friendly With Google Panda Updates And Take Maximum Out Of It

Posted by Sumit Rana

The recent change in the algorithms of search engine monster Google has startled many. The change has ushered in display of quality search results. This update may have proved to be a boon for several websites but a classic disaster for those which actually didn’t have the potential to be on top. Search results of several blogs were at stake. Why? Simply they failed to abide by the recent rules set by the Panda. The updates make sure that you reach a desirable position in the search results by being search-engine friendly. 

Did you say search engine friendly? Well what’s it all about? 

In order to reach the top, your website must be in a position to being approved by Google Panda, the latest update in the algorithms followed by the search engine. Your website should be of high quality and be updated often so that users are able to view excellent and relevant contents. Here are some ways to determine if your website is Panda friendly: -

Posting Unique Content: Panda always welcomes contents that are relevant and unique. Copyright issues are a big no-no when the panda is around. Original and unique contents are secret to reaching the top results in the search engine. 

SEO Friendly Design: Are you stuck with the boring and complicated design? Templates should be attractive and simple. Take a look at website designs that are ranking high. Poorly designed websites are no longer picked by Google. Check if the template is SEO friendly and generating traffic. 

Check out your robot files: You already know that there are several robot files you have worked with. Robot files are actually meant to index blog files. Make sure that you edit them so as to prevent the crawlers from indexing template files. Wow!! You are saved. 

Take a look at Headline tags: if your HTML headline tag is inappropriate, Panda may catch hold of you. These tags are fundamentals in focusing on special keywords. Make sure that target keywords are existent in titles of articles. 

Google Webmaster: You may consider using Google Webmaster to get answers for all the difficulties you have been facing. 

Jack Jones

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Jack Jones is a SEO expert. He is in this field from the last 6 years. For information SEO Hampshire, he suggests you to visit

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Watch out for what you need to keep in mind when starting a new blog

Posted by Sumit Rana

Thinking of starting a new blog? What problems are you facing? Just see to it that you keep some important pointers in mind before you actually start with a new blog. 

Decide on the niche or topic

The first one is to choose or decide on the topic that you wish to start the blog on. This is just like a business idea. So, you should ensure that the blog that you choose to start must be around the niche that you are interested in and that is hot among the readers. 

Each blogger creates the blog that is related to their passion or interest. But you need to ensure that you create the blog that is not just of your interest, but is popular among others as well. Choose the niche that interests you as well as others. 

You need to pay great attention at this time as this is the step that will make or mar your progress in the blogging field. So, in case you are not sure about the niche or topic on which to start the blog on, you need to spare time for it and then move towards the next step.

Know about your niche/ have passion for it

When you have decided the blog topic or niche, then create it interestingly. Make sure that you are not just creating the blog to earn money, you are creating it for your own interest and passion and to provide great details to the interested readers. The main reason behind this is that when you write about the topic that is interesting and demanded, the readers will visit again and make your blog popular.

Get the correct plugin

Then, you require the proper plugin. Many a bloggers select WordPress as the blogging platform. So, whichever platform you choose, you need to have good plugin that can in turn increase the blog productivity, search engine rankings, visitor interaction as well as other things. You can also try some Wordpress Blog Setup Service if you don’t have proper idea of wordpress settings.

Know the competition

Knowing the competitors is equally important when you start a blog. The best part about blogging is that the competitors are just your friends. You compete with the friends to get more visitors to your blog. You even link to these competitors, quote them and send readers to their blogs as well. So, you should know who is doing well in the blogging field and so plan accordingly as to how you will be friends with them and gain benefit for your own blog as well.

Keywords and content

Keywords play an important role in the blogging field. The Google Adwords tool is great research tool that lets you know what people search for. This way, you get the idea of how many people search for the certain keywords. You can then use those keywords accordingly and as per your niche.

As content is the king, it is true even in the field of blogging. When you start with a new blog, it is imperative to have original, fresh, quality and keyword rich content. People will only come to your blog if you have interesting and beneficial content on it.

Ankit Panday

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This Post is Written by Ankit Pandey, who runs Link Building Company SeoEaze and provides Link Wheel Service.

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PlayStation Vita Review

Posted by Sumit Rana

So, with the release of the PS Vita, the gaming world has gone crazy. This new monster both looks and works like the Next Generation Handheld. With its new features such as Two Analog Sticks, A Bigger Screen in comparison to the PSP with OLED Capacitive Touch etc. this new handheld is ready to kick the others into the black hole.Let’s come to the PROS first



Powered with the ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) CPU and the SGX543MP4+ GPU you get to experience the big console graphics right there in your palm. With no trace of any pixelation anywhere on the screen you get the perfect PS3 gaming experience in a much smaller size.


The PS Vita brings back the same comfortable ‘Olympic Track’ shape with new extended features. Sony has finally brought to life a perfect handheld fused with a controller. This device has Dual Joysticks which bring the perfect gaming experience like those in the Big Boys.

The Console’s 512 MB RAM being so powerful that it wakes up within a flash even after you put it to sleep for a whole day. Even if you want to change some setting and return back to your game, you can do it with full comfort and without any worries due to its instantaneous resume with its powerful processor which is the same processor found in the I-Pad 2.

It also has the Accelerometer and Gyrometer which lets you play games by just moving your console that brings the PS Vita in close competition to smartphones. Well, it’s actually a smartphone except the phone part. 

With this device you are at a pretty good place when you want to game while travelling as the battery backup is marvelous with it’s built it DC 3.7 V 2210 mAH Lithium-Ion Battery. This device is an epitome for gaming and will soothe all of your gaming addiction’s needs.


The PS Vita comes with a 0.3 MP front camera and a 0.3 MP rear camera which is a great upgrade from its ancestral design. It also has a soft touch pad in the rear which will make the navigation a little faster. The PS Vita offers both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, depending on the one you bought and will keep you connected to the internet as long as you want.

With the PS Vita you can pretty much view any kind of Media files, be it Photos, Videos and Music.Below are the supported formats:-


1)      JPEG (Exif 2.2.1)

2)      TIFF

3)      GIF

4)      BMP

5)      PNG


1)      MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC)

2)      H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Hi/Main/Baseline Profile (AAC)


1)     MP3 MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3

2)     MPEG-4 AAC, WAVE (Linear PCM)

The device sure has a lot to give the user but it lacks in some places too, below are the CONS


The PS Vita sure offers a lot of features but those features come on a price of massive $249 USD for the Wi-Fi version and $299 USD for the Wi-Fi + 3G Version. This high cost will sure stop many people from grabbing the smaller console.



After so much Sony has done the PS Vita still doesn’t have internal memory, gamers will be needed to add a Memory Card and a PS Vita Propriety Card which will be needed to download games from the Sony Network. Though it gives all the games from the first PS to PSP games for download but this sure adds a lot of trouble for the users.



The Battery is inbuilt and is not removable and hence you would have to get an official replacement if it brings up some error.

So that brings everything to an end,

My Score for the PS Vita à ★★★☆☆ (3/5)
My Comment
à A great device but you sure want to consider the others before buying it.

Deepansh Khurana

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Deepansh Khurana is owner of The Plymath. The Polymath is a personal blog filled with the musings, writings, thinking, views, events of an Indian Teenager's Life. The website primarily covers the topics of Gaming, His Views Poetry and Writing.You can contact him @

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