Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Adding Drupal for Facebook Functionality is Easy

Posted by Sumit Rana

As a leading open-source content management system (CMS), Drupal is widely used across a variety of industries, including as a marketing tool for popularizing Drupal for Facebook add-ons and a platform for marketing purposes as a whole. The very nature of Drupal, its open-source character, makes the platform a reliable tool to be utilized as a system able to handle and manage content published on both personal and organizations' websites and blogs, due to the plethora of third-party add-ons and extensions created exclusively for Drupal and distributed freely. Consequently, a growing number of organizations, private corporations and government agencies alike, use Drupal to power their website and integrate various Drupal extensions for Facebook and other social networks.

Interestingly, Drupal is quite an expandable platform, which adds to its popularity among marketing professionals worldwide since this expandability allows for greater customization of websites of various kinds. The so-called Drupal core, Drupal’s standard release, can be expanded to feature functionality that is used to enhance performance and layout of pages created for specific purposes, a community website or a brochure-ware page, for example. Hence, an IT marketing specialist can take advantage of hundreds of add-ons and extensions designed to add social networking, social bookmarking, or other capabilities not included in the original Drupal release. Furthermore, Drupal’s modular design enables administrators to customize the system’s built-in features, while adding new features depending on the specific requirements of a website under construction.

Drupal’s features include functionality that is characterizing all and every reliable content management systems, while those tools that can be of benefit to marketers include access statistics, multi-site support, RSS feed, and workflow tools for automated publishing. Drupal’s core distribution boasts caching and feature throttling, which secure faster performance of websites powered by Drupal. Contemporary websites that are designed with marketing in mind, require improved performance, thus the caching and feature throttling is considered a major advantage when the matter in question is to provide customers with better experience.

Drupal’s ability to integrate third-party modules covers also various messaging tools that are integral part of today’s social networking reality. A widely used contrib module, or contributed Drupal extension, is the Content Construction Kit that enables for creation of invitations, articles, and product reviews, among others. Although such a feature is integral part of any decent CMS, Drupal’s Content Construction Kit can be used to create content dynamically through the CCK Fields API, allowing for creation of various types of tailored content. From a marketer’s point of view, this functionality, if utilized to utmost, can result in creation of content-rich websites that feature varied sections, customized to meet different requirements within the framework of a single marketing-optimized website.

While Drupal is equipped with a set of built-in themes, sites that are built using Drupal can be customized further through contributed themes that can fully replace Drupal’s default look, a useful option to create a unique site. Numerous community-contributed themes are available under a GPL license, thus enabling site administrators to enhance the look of their pages free of charge. The availability of numerous free themes is important in case a particular color scheme should be used to match that of a third-party site whose content is integrated into the Drupal-powered website, for example. Like it or not, but today’s leading websites force others to use their color schemes and other distinguished features in order to be allowed to integrate content or functionality in part or in full. When developing add-ons for Drupal for Facebook, a developer should stick to numerous requirements imposed by the social networking leader itself, while Drupal’s expandability, scalability, and customizability allows for flawless integration of such third-party content and formatting.

Rajesh S Ullal

About the  Author:

When developing add-ons for Drupal for Facebook, a developer should stick to numerous requirements imposed by the social networking leader itself, while Drupal’s expandability, scalability, and customizability allows for flawless integration.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to Create Personal Google Maps with Custom Data, Places & Markers

Posted by Sumit Rana

Google Maps is proven to be a very useful and hence popular application which is available on desktops, laptops or even mobile phones. If you are traveling in an unknown area or city, then Google Maps are there to help you for finding your desired destinations. 

Purpose of Creating Google Maps

Creating custom maps is helpful in many ways on individual as well as business levels. It can help to find many places in the new city such as restaurants or tailors or just some picnic spots located in nearby areas. For business level, you can mark the places and areas for your business associates for marketing your products or can design different campaigns for different localities. You can even plan your journey or trips along with your friends by marking the spots with appropriate notes attached to each spot.

Sharing Information via Google Maps

Additional benefits of creating Personal Google Maps is that you can share the information with all or selected friends or business members so that you all can synchronize your efforts in the same direction. You can update others about the changes in the events at the particular location at the same time.

Let’s discuss the steps which are required to be followed for creating personal Google Maps with custom data, places and markers. 

Steps -

1.The first step is to open the Google Maps interface by opening the website http://maps.google.com. You will see the map of the world or the nation from which you are accessing the website.

2.When the maps interface is opened, you will see that your maps screen is divided in two parts. In the left pan you can see two buttons, and in the right pan, you will see the actual map.

3.Click on the button with name, “My Places” which is located in the left pan at upper side. After that you will see the “Create Map” button, click on it.

4.At this point of creating the persona maps you are required to be sign in the Google website with your Google Id. Remember that your email account details are sufficient to access all other Google applications.

5.After successfully signing in the Google website, you can see the map of your city or country in the right pan.

6.Now you have to choose the title which you wish to give to your personal map which could be something like “How to reach my home”. Now enter this in the title field on the form provided on the left side. You can also add some description to explain the purpose of creating the personal map.

7.Its turn to set the visibility of your personal Google Map so that only intended persons or all people can see the map. If you wish that all people can see the map, then keep the “Public” else select the other option named “Unlisted”.

8.Click on “Save” button and you have successfully completed the first formality.

9.Next step is to actually mark the map by using various tools like marker or line or select. You will see a new toolbar appeared on the screen at the top left corner of the map which contains all the above mentioned tools.

10.First place the marker tool on the starting point of your personal map and then keep dragging it till the destination via a road. You can create some more markers and tag them with proper notes.

That’s all required to create a personal Google Map with your own data on the Google Maps.

Rahul Garewal

About the  Author:

I am Rahul Garewal working as a self-employed content writer & guest blogger. I love to write on Technology or Business articles like Bookkeeping Services uktaxation services.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Compare TV Packages!

Posted by Sumit Rana

Comparing TV packages isn’t as easy as it used to be. Do you know, sometimes, I almost long for the days of four channels, one aerial. And no remote controls either. How many times have you spent trying to turn the TV off with the remote for the set top box?

Anyway. See when you pick a TV package you’re not necessarily just choosing it for its channels, apparently. You could be looking for a great download speed on the internet you invariably get with it these days. Or a massive download limit…

You see these days, TV packages make use of the net to deliver more content across more platforms such as online streaming services like netflix uk

The basic idea is that you could watch TV on your TV (revolutionary idea!); or on your phone (pointless if you ask me); or on your computer (understandable when the kids are hogging the TV). But you have to be careful then which TV packages you go for, because the monthly download limit can affect the number of films you can watch in a 28 day period. 

Broadband speed in your area becomes a consideration as well. There’s no point streaming TV to a broadband connection that delivers less than 2 Mbps. And you’d be surprised how many homes in the UK have speeds of less than 5 Mbps.

Basically, the slower your average download speed, the slower the internet part of your TV packages will perform. So it’s as well to know the average speed at your address before you start.

Now you’ll find some suppliers let you check your speed in-site. Personally I’d also recommend checking out some independent sources of information – when you do your research it turns out the UK has a lot less decent speed broadband than you might imagine, so knock off a couple of figures from an average given you by any state organisation. For example, while Ofcom claimed UK broadband speed was up to an average of 7.6 Mbps in February, an independent Asian survey revealed the end-of-2011 figures to be more like 5 Mbps. And although Ofcom press bumf attributes the increased speed to “cable and fibre rollout”, plenty of press currently suggests there has, as yet, been no fibre rollout. 

Fibre optic cable is expected to roll out to street-end junction boxes in two years’ time. 

Your TV packages aren’t affected by download speeds except where you stream on your computer of course. The normal channel, the TV, and the cable that feeds it, are as reliable as the signal you receive in your area.

Here, again, you may need to do your research. And of course ask yourself if TV packages are necessary on top of the in-cable Freeview you get by just plugging in a modern TV and turning it on. 

If you have special interests then yes it certainly is – but that’s a subject for another post!


About the  Author:

Olivia is a technology writer working with  TV Packages– Cable are an OFCOM accredited independent broadband, telephone and television comparison service which offers a number of comparison services including one for broadband deals.

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Using iPhone to Increase Your Fitness Level

Posted by Sumit Rana

Many vendors have come up with incredible health and fitness applications that can be used as an add-on to augment your well being and achieve better fitness goals. By transmitting your fitness data instantaneously to your iPhone, you can open vast dimensions for yourself. Also you can share and upload it on online databases (through your iPhone) for future analysis.

With advancements in technology, there are numerous health related applications available for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch, but there is virtually no limit to the apps accessible for iPhone 4/4S. iPhone Fitness Sensors are available by a number of vendors off the shelf. By using these fitness apps, you can convert your iPhone into your personal trainer, which serves as your coach in guiding you regarding how you can work out in a better way to achieve good health.

Pairing a foot pod with your iPhone will provide you with real time data for your displacement and cadence. Additionally it can also display the time it takes you to complete a specified distance (lap/split). Thus receiving this data instantaneously on your cell phone, you can achieve best effects out of your morning walk or a stroll around the block.  There is nothing better than having knowledge about how effective your stride and pace has been for you.

You can also couple your iPhone with Bicycle Computer to know cycling parameters. No matter, you bike for training, touring, traveling or specialized mountain biking, you need to achieve the best results out of your exertion. This can augment your fitness level by providing immediate data about your speed, distance, time, calories burned, heart rate, pace altitude, climb and descent. 

iPhone applications can also form a duo with advanced Heart Rate Monitors. There are plentiful applications available that let you read your pulse rate within a matter of seconds. By setting your target heart rate zone, you can perform your aerobic and anaerobic exercises within those set limits. In this way, you stay more focused and achieve better targeted results.

In order to amplify your fitness level, you can synchronize with any compatible equipment like ANT+ fitness sensors from Garmin, Adidas, Timex and more. Thus, you will be able to keep track of your performance on treadmill, race track, cross trainer, leg press, ab wheels, bicycle or any other fitness apparatus.

With the data displayed immediately on your iPhone, you can select your exercise session based on time, speed, or calories burned. Another edge of using these fitness applications is that you are no longer bound with fitness equipment; instead you can have your health parameters measured on the go. Medical tools that are not connected will soon become obsolete as more and more health monitoring technologies are being fused with mobile devices.

With your health stats available at a glance, you can keep a check on where you need to focus more in order to achieve better health results. These simple applications cost a minutely tiny fraction to your wallet, but yield health and fitness benefits that are beyond your imagination.

Kathrine Swtizer

About the  Author:

Kathrine Swtizer is a born cyclist and part time blogger. She writes on fitness gadgets, heart rate monitor watches, bicycle computer as a hobby. Follow her on twitter @KathrineSwitzer

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to do Problogging on Tumblr

Posted by Sumit Rana

When it is about blogging, you will be able to find a large number of blogging platforms that have come and then gone. Lately, Twitter acquired another platform called as Posterous, signifying the fact that a shut-down of such podiums was forthcoming. People have been wondering which platforms turn out to be good when they are blogging. WordPress is the name that mostly bloggers recommend as it is provides users with self-hosted blogs, however if it is not required you can have another option that is called as Tumblr.

Being A Problogger on Tumblr

If you are considering being a Problogger on the Tumblr platform, then you need to know that fact that it originally breaks down into 2 different groups of advice:-

- Fully understand the best strategies and practices particularly for Tumblr

- Utilizing smart marketing and blogging techniques that are useful for all the platforms, and making your blog further open to all such users who do not use Tumblr.

Although these points of advice may be kind of contradictory, but they really are not. The fact here is that you are required to understand not only Tumblr platform but the standardized ‘best practices’ for blogging in general so that you can success in this money making approach.

How Can You Master the Tumblr Blogging Platform?

First and foremost; you are required to understand the facts that are useful in making Tumblr a different platform as compared to others. The 3 biggest differences that you require to know are:

1- Social media networking aspects related to  Tumblr

2- The suitable sort of content that really works for Tumblr

3- How you can make use of the blogging features available on Tumblr to fully mature your blog.

Are You The One Problogging on Tumblr?

As a matter of fact, being a Problogger on Tumblr platform is greatly determined by the way you want to approach and utilize the platform, along with your competence to fully implement the marketing and promotional techniques applied to your Tumblr blog.

Using Tumblr is not at all a rocket science. However the question still remains the same: is Tumblr platform the most appropriate and suitable choice for you? Being a blogger myself, I would suggest people to always opt for WordPress as it is a self-hosted platform for blogging, but for some Tumblr does make sense.

In case your content is integrated with heavy images and you consider the fact that your particular style is suitable for Tumblr, being aware about userbase and reblogs, Tumblr happens to be a big yes. The imperative point here is to focus on the output, which in any blog should be about building and creating an email list. It is very much okay to have followers as well as RSS readers on Tumblr, you only need to ensure that you are collecting emails also in the entire process, and this way you will be able to build your blog not matter what blogging platform you are currently making use of.

Russel Browne

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Russel Browne wants to provide some useful tips which would be quite beneficial to smooth the way of Test4prep exam clearance. Would you like to go through GIAC Certifications guide self assessment tutorials.

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Modern Day’s Need for Apps – The Battle of New Technologies

Posted by Sumit Rana

Cell phones today are a must have and the newer and newer cellular phones coming out now include a very familiar type of technology—mobile applications, or apps. There are several apps that can be found in most previous versions of phones, such as ‘Contacts, Photos, or Internet browser’ which are quite common and the phone would seem unusable without them. As for the brand new and completely revised additions to the cell phone world, like the iPhone, the HTC, or Android phones, these types of phones basically run on mobile applications and would be entirely useless without them. The previously mentioned phones are also known as smart phones and are entering the hands of people of all ages throughout the whole world.

The App Empire founded by Chad Mureta provides a majority of the popular applications for these modern devices. This enormous empire has been created by Mureta to give ordinary people the chance to join his company and create, sell, and manufacture mobile applications. As of now, 21 billion apps have been downloaded and are expected to add another nine billion very soon. The need for apps is outstanding and with this self-made company, anyone with a desire to fulfill the apps demands and to become wealthy quickly can take part of Mureta’s system without a background in technology or large amounts of start-up capital. 

Mobile apps are included in cellular devices because they make the very complicated and technological phones very, very simple to use. The commonly used term ‘app’ brings up the picture of a small square shaped icon on the screen of the phone which includes a recognizable picture of which application you are going to enter. Apps make the finding process much faster on the more technological devices as there is no searching and reading, there is only the search for a small and familiar image of the app. Only clicking the app, whether it’s tapping the screen or using the navigation buttons, enables you to launch the application and immediately get the task done. 

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular and well recognized cellular phones in the world of the 21st century. Yes, this iPhone is universally renowned and a major reason for its popularity is most likely the inevitable usage of apps. This touch screen cell phone includes only two buttons; a button on the bottom center of the device, and another on the top right side. The iPhone is one of the only phones which notarize the use of applications because the entire phone includes nothing other than applications. That’s right, only pages and pages of mobile applications and no other button to press to reach the app of your choice. Even using the phone for the purpose of calling has its own application then messages app follows right after. One of the most interesting apps for the iPhone is the preinstalled ‘iPod’ app which is specifically made for listening to music on every Apple device. Though some prefer the more computerized use of phones, people choose this Apple phone over others only due to the simplicity of solely usage apps.

There are many other phones which also apply applications to their systems but not nearly as much as the iPhone does. The HTC is a new cell phone type which is growing rapidly in popularity as it also puts glory to the technology of apps. The HTC devices have more hard buttons and are a lot more similar to your own personal desktop but also run on apps almost completely. These types of apps exactly resemble some of the apps that are found on Windows computer systems such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Reader. But apps are still apps and the ever growing popularity of the HTC devices can be credited to apps by themselves, and the rest of the credit may be given to the convenience of having your own personal computer at your fingertips.

Chad Mureta’s App Empire and many, many other application companies are benefiting from the increasing needs of not only cellular phones, but also handy apps to go along with it. The App Empire reviews on Mureta’s empire are very positive due to the fact that it is indeed very easy to be a part of the new and growing company and his get rich techniques actually work. 

ElSayed ElAssal

About the  Author:

ElSayed ElAssal is a technology – App Empire lover who works in the internet marketing business with 4 years experience. Check out the App Empire Reviews.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Does Adsense Boost Your SEO ?!

Posted by Sumit Rana

Hey guyz,its been a long time that i have'nt write on tricky tech,as thier are number of guest posts in que and we always admire them and always behind them.So here today i got an article for you, which will help you in deciding whether adsense is helping you in SEO or not ! Google adsense the most prominent and difficult to handle thing in a blogger's life except those which move to buy sell ads or writting paid reviews etc. But still adsense is most preferable choice for most number of bloggers for their earning. But do you ever think that this suddenly boost your SEO or helping you in your ranking ? 

Every website or blog is optimized in google search engine through google crawler, basically it is an algorithm which runs 24x7 on internet.

For adsense this google crawler play an important role to check the status of clicks that they are not fake this means that sidewise your site or blog is also optimized if you having adsense ads on your blog so indirectly it is helping you in SEO. My logic thinks so what you think plz share in comments.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Computers and the Internet Today

Posted by Sumit Rana

In the computer world, in the very beginnings at least, the term hacker could have been used to describe the pioneers that developed the very first computers and internet networks. These hackers wrote the code and laid the groundwork for the great technology that we use nowadays. For example, the Windows & Mac operating systems that we know so well today is the gradual evolution of Operating System interfaces building upon one another to be as presentable as it is today. Being user friendly has always been an issue in computers and I feel as if the way things are heading, we might start taking a few steps back. Things have become more complicated because of security issues and features. And since corporations have started to become some of the biggest stops on the internet superhighway, they look to control the information that is being presented.

Much of the latest information technology news centers on the sharing of copyright information. While I am fully for the idea of protecting copyrighted work, there needs to be a place where we draw the line as to who can be prosecuted for stealing entertainment and information. One of my biggest causes for concern is the prosecution and arrest of various peoples for having downloaded a singer’s song album. And then being fined in excess of $100,000.00. This is horrible, considering that this single person wouldn’t have come anywhere close to causing $100,000.00 worth of harm or destruction. To the average everyday person, losing $100,000.00 would cause as much harm as would losing a loved one or losing a home in a fire. It makes life incalculably much more difficult than it should ever be for one person and their copyright woes.

Whenever we test our freedom as an individual is when we notice how truly captive we are. Unable to properly represent ourselves in any true fashion, we become bound to our every day job as to provide our family with sustenance and a path to move forward. My biggest concern is the lack of concern the adults in our society to the younger generations concerns. Overwhelming and crushing student debt coupled with a vanishing job market… there aren’t even enough middle class income jobs as they have all been outsourced or broken apart for lower end employees to manage and perform. Computers have facilitated all this and brought upon the era of the machine worker, capable of performing at all hours of the day with light supervision required. Quality checks at this point become the prominent exhibition of effort on their human overseers… that and making the big decisions.

The majority of the people in the office workspace have had their job completely transform with the emergence of computers as the main source of informational input. For example, if there ever comes a day where the computer becomes no longer, the restructuring and training for an emerging employee would be vastly different in today’s terms. However what troubles me most is most people’s perception of money. To the vast majority, wealth is measured by digits on a computer screen with no real physical counterpart. If for some reason the internet and online systems were rendered inaccessible, what is to become of the online banker? Would they understand that they need to go in person to an ATM teller in order to secure their wealth?

With the emergence of computers, our dependence on real physical money disappears, and the reasoning for it even existing goes away with it as well. We are never educated as to what gives money its worth, we never question as to why our dollar buys less today than yesterday. And this derives from severe overspending and debt that came upon the typical American today. All with the aide of the computers, and as this might be a bad thing… we must understand that humanity moves forward with or without the aid of technology. The problem that I see today is that people only moves forward with the help of technology.

Blathnaid Magill

About the  Author:

We sell and service all types of computers and laptops at USA Computer Store and we are well know for computer repair Fort Lauderdale  and you can visit our website at http://www.usacomputerstore.com or visit us in person at 4820 NE 12th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334. 

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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to stop cell phone spam

Posted by Sumit Rana

From the first hand-held mobile phone demonstrated by Dr Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973 to modern day tech giants dishing out their ‘gems’ year upon year, there has been no single device that has evolved in the manner and the speed at which it did like the cell phone. In the twenty years from 1990 to 2011, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions have grown from 12.4 million to over 5.6 billion, with cell phones being the single commodity that is considered essential all over the globe, be it the developing Western world or poorer countries. Nothing says communication quite like the cell phone.

But alas, the cell phone’s rapid development and spread have seen it become the victim of a nuisance that those who use technology for communication purposes are all too familiar with, I am of course talking about spam.

What started as Email ads for sex stimulants and nonexistent Facebook friends has evolved to the modern form of spamming, that which targets cell phones.

Spammers targeting cell phone numbers sent around 4.5 billion spam texts last year, nearly double the amount sent in 2009, according to the market research firm Ferris Research. And the problem is getting worse because it is difficult for authorities to catch the culprits.

What makes the problem worse that spammers don’t necessarily stick to one technique; there is spam that can sign you up for a never ending service if you tap the wrong key on the phone pad. There is also spam that asks consumers to take a survey and divulge what one thinks is useless information like yearly salary, favorite vacation spot or addresses. This information can be sold to digital marketers and can be used to crack personal accounts, and the problem seems to have spread everywhere like a cancer.

To combat some aspects of spam attacks on cell phones, the mobile industry recently joined with a maker of antispam software called Cloudmark, which lets users report spam messages. Once reported, carriers can block the number.

But these efforts do not seem to be enough to rid us of the menace of spamming. Studies and reports have shown that spammers are turning to large banks of phone numbers, regularly changing the Web sites they try to get consumers to click, and blasting their messages from the Internet using over the top messaging systems, which let them send millions of messages cheaply. The moment a carrier blocks one number, spammers simply start using another.

The most advisable way of battling spamming has always been caution. One should be very careful not to respond to unrecognized texts, and all numbers suspected of engaged in spamming should be reported to the relevant carriers. Additionally, most if not all operation systems available in cell phones at present have an array of spam blockers that can be easily downloaded onto cell phones.

Tips to remember while choosing anti-spam software

While going through the many available options when downloading spam filters, users should remember a few tips to ensure they cover all their bases with regards to protecting themselves against spam. Firstly, the ideal spam filter should come with multiple options that prevent spam and junk mail from piling up in the user’s inbox. Experts suggests using those filters that have both black and white lists, sensitivity settings, community-based filtering, challenge and response techniques, and quarantine settings. Also, spam filter software should have the ability to protect multiple accounts of any user with a single installation, while at the same time being able to block mails that contains harmful malware like Trojans and viruses or harmful attachments. Perhaps most important, when selecting a spam filter, one needs to evaluate if the spam filtering software they select is compatible with their current email client or webmail service provider, as downloading an incompatible client could lead to a sense of false security, one that could prove to be a very costly one.

So while the problem does indeed need addressing and phones need to be made more secure, in this instant the first step is self help. Users need to read up and educate themselves on how to protect themselves more efficiently against spammers, as they themselves are the first line of protection against this menace.

Stella Rebecca

About the  Author:

Stella Rabecca has been in the business of providing quality information on Mobile Phone Monitoring. Her main expertise lies within the spectrum of iPhone Tracking software which are making waves in the technology world today...

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Integrating the Web With Windows 8

Posted by Sumit Rana

Windows 8 is aiming to largely change the way in which we use and operate computers. There are several key elements to this that will be briefly discussed because they need to be understood, but the focus of this article lies in SkyDrive. SkyDrive promises to change the way hundreds of millions of users manage their files and online usage. It could even make internal storage redundant, but more on that later. The free Windows 8 download has demonstrated two fundamental things that need to be understood before SkyDrive will make sense:

The move to ARM chips

Windows will no longer be the all-powerful system it has always been. This is not, however, a bad thing. Windows has failed in its mobility in the past because of its high demand and notorious resource usage, but the ARM chip base should solve this problem. There will no longer be a need for high demand desktops and huge laptop batteries with the new lower performance system. What it means in reality is that desktop operations will be very limited and a move to cloud through SkyDrive will be needed. This limitation, however, will open the user to a far greater range of potential through the SkyDrive app.


The cross-platform interface is one that will necessarily change the way in which we compute. The Windows 8 beta download is clearly designed to be used across all interfaces, from phones to Xboxes and PCs. What this will mean is that you will be able to access your Windows profile and cloud computing from anywhere, and on practically any machine. For this to work, the system will necessarily need SkyDrive so that all files can be accessed from anywhere.


Understanding the ARM chip and the cross-platform systems demonstrates the need for a cloud computing system with which to back this mobility up. SkyDrive is this system, and Microsoft has promised it will be world changing. It will be a central feature of Windows 8 and the basic principle of it will allow almost unlimited processing and storage power through any interface. This means you could realistically run programs with obscenely high demands on a tablet screen. The only remaining issue will be that of data transfer, but the 4G network and faster-speed Wi-Fi is helping to improve that greatly.

If you combine this system with the capability of passing data between people, sharing apps, and hosting programs as a third party, then this system really becomes a kind of ‘data with wings’ system that will allow you to throw data around the world as you please and grab hold of it wherever you may be. The existence of SkyDrive, and its integration in all Microsoft OSes, will mean there will be practically no need to ever store data anywhere but the cloud again. Other than backing up files, it will actually be a tedious and unnecessary process to save a PowerPoint presentation to a USB and take it with you to a meeting, for example.

The potential of SkyDrive is enormous, and if it manages to work as has been promised, then this system will immediately change the ways in which hundreds of millions of people utilise and both store data and programs. 

Kushal Tomar

About the  Author:

Kushal Tomar is a freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics including free Windows 8 download and Windows 8 beta download.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Protecting Your Phone Against Damage

Posted by Sumit Rana

While Amazon’s boss has invented a phone airbag, there are simpler ways to protect your business or personal phone. Unlike other telephone systems, the portability of a mobile phone puts it at risk of damage and the cost of repairs can often equal the price of a new phone. And there is nothing more frustrating than losing everything from your contacts to customised ringtones when your phone is damaged beyond repair.

Protective case

It’s inevitable that you will drop your phone – and probably several times at that. Usually it is dropped on a very hard surface too and your phone is then scratched, dented or worst case scenario, in several pieces.

The easiest way to prevent your phone from damage is to place it in a protective case. These cases come in a variety of types and depend on your type of phone and the treatment it is subjected to.

It’s important to purchase a case that is made to fit your particular phone. The wrong one will not protect it properly, so make sure you are making the right choice before completing the purchase.

Some cases offer better protection as well. A tradesman, for example, will want a cover with extra padding to protect it from the rigours of the worksite. And if you work around water, you will want a waterproof case.

Screen protector

Screens are easy to scratch and often it happens without you even realising how and when. Keys in a purse or putting it down on a table screen-first can easily result in scratches. Even the slightest scratch affects the screen quality – and replacing a screen is often cost-prohibitive.

A simple and low-cost solution is to use plastic screen protectors, which attach to the screen most often by using static electricity, protecting the actual glass from damage. If the plastic is scratched, it is a simple matter of replacing the plastic cover. They don’t affect screen quality and often save you from having to make costly repairs.

Phone holster

These were highly popular when mobile phones were more bulky than they are today, but they still offer great protection for your phone. The case attaches to your belt or clips onto your pants and provides a secure pouch for your phone that is still accessible. Many people like them because it is a great option to putting the phone in your pocket where it can be uncomfortable and also prone to scratches from keys. 

Neck strap

While they may not be a style statement, they are an effective way of keeping your phone away from potential damage. It allows the phone to simply hang from a chain or lanyard around your neck. Not a great product, however, if you do a lot of running!

Purse/handbag case

Similar to a phone holster, they are designed to keep your phone safe from sharp objects in your handbag or purse. They are a pretty handy item and can even keep your phone free of dirt, errant lipstick or other potentially harmful items.


Just as we insure our homes and cars, mobile phone insurance is also available. With the cost of some phones today, it pays to have them covered against damage and theft. Often the cost of repairing slight damage can equal the cost of a new phone, so for many people insurance provides some peace of mind. 

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