Saturday, June 30, 2012

Facebook Changes Email Setting You

Posted by Sumit Rana

In a shift being explained to be self-serving as well as tricky, Facebook has distorted users’ contact info to put on view email add only, without correctly notifying user about the change. If you verify the contact info for the Facebook profile these days, you will observe that email add marked is the – whether you sought it to or not. Facebook instigated its mail service way back November 2010, into the bargain to that they established it as incorporated messaging services, where the Facebook messages, mails and chats would be kept in single inbox.

The Users Not Visibly Notified about the Change 

Though FB at first provided the users to choose in to email services, in April just this year they were notified that they would be assigned practice mail address. Despite the fact that the notification did allow the users to know that the mail will be employed as point of contacts for the Facebook friends along with the provided options to change into different address, its full purpose of the roll-out wasn’t made understandable.

Facebook You@Facebook.Com

In its place of merely including the mail addresses next to those that the users had previously chosen to contribute to, FB has made the alternative addresses concealed from the users view in Timelines.

Some blogger notice this and it seems that they have been first to mark the change, noting that when the user had sure to mail them previous to what he or she was being aware of about the change, they wouldn’t receive any emails till he has checked in Facebook – a little that they do seldom.

Giving the Choice, yet Making Decision for You

FB said in one statement that the announcement made back in April is about the update made in the addresses in Facebook to be more consistent in the site. Additionally, for all who receive the address, they are also rolled out with the new settings that suggest people the preference to make a decision of which address they would desire to show in the timeline. The preference has been out and available for all, on the other hand the manner in which the site has rolled out - change user setting along with the defaults to the personal domain; it seems that more social network makes the choice for the user. 

The user can easily and quickly edit the setting just to reinstate the original mail info supply, merely by hitting ABOUT in the TIMELINE, then editing the contact info to show the mail address of your choice. 

So, this is how it’s all about. The change in your domain is brought by the change made by the administrator of the site. You do not have the choice but just opt for the options provided by them. Whatever it is, really it is not that harmful in the account. However, you can report this to the site administrator and just make a comment. Facebook becomes a widely appreciated site to communicate, endorse, and promote plus the use of this social site at marketing avenues for some businesses.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Makes Social Media Campaign Popular?

Posted by Sumit Rana

Marketing plays a major role in any business and also considered as the most significant aspect of business strategy. That is why large companies are investing millions of dollars to ensure effective marketing strategy for their business. In today’s competitive world, most companies are using social media campaign that includes using community sites, blogs, video sharing sites and many others in marketing their products and services.

Reasons why social media campaign is trendy

1.Using social media is a low cost investment as compared to other options. It is because using social media when marketing can be free but using the conventional methods is expensive.

2.Through social media campaign it is a lot easier to obtain traffic into your site. It is the easiest way of promoting the business as it acts like word of mouth and people certainly believe on it instead to commercial advertising.

3.It gives the business the chance of connecting with customers, vendors, prospective customers, competitors as well as the media. Social media use various ways of sending message such as through photographs, videos and blog. Likewise, constituents can act on the message interactively as they can like, dislike, ignore it and even share it to their friends, family and associates.

4.Social media is a remarkable networking tool. It is a great help making deals, selling products and services as well as developing networks. Through the social media, networking has gone globally and it expands opportunities.


Many entrepreneurs are using social media campaign in building successful business.  However, you need to consider important factors when promoting the business online in order to make the most of the potential and obtain realistic time sales. Likewise, using social media in marketing will make your site more profitable.

Tips when using social media campaign

1.Give clear information about the products of the company. As much as possible, you should provide true information and avoid providing exaggerated details about your business. Otherwise, people will be discouraged to visit your site once they found out that your claims are impossible to achieve.

2.Post many links as possible as long as it is allowed.

Despite of the wonderful opportunities offered by social media campaign, it still has some drawbacks. It requires a lot of effort and time in maintaining the campaign. If the business decides to outsource the campaign there is great possibility that it cannot control the outcome and may lead to disastrous results. Since social media acts like word of mouth, it can lose brand identification in case that bad word spreads.

In this sense, before deciding to use social media campaign it is necessary to learn the ins and outs. Keep in mind that it needs time, training, effort and experience. As much as possible you should hire experts that specializes social media to ensure that they will create effective campaign promotion, campaign planning and strategy, prize management, graphic and content design, legal adjudication, performance analysis and technical support. Therefore, it is significant to choose the right campaign suitable to your brand and business.

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A browser war between Chrome vs I Explorer vs Firefox

Posted by Sumit Rana

While many people do not bother a lot in regards to what kind of browser they use, those making the most important browsers on the market are very much interested in gaining more users on their side. For the moment, the most popular and the most used browsers on laptops and desktops are Chrome (powered by Google), Firefox (created by Mozilla), and IE9 (the latest version of the Microsoft patented browser). A war rages on between these three browsers and choosing between one and another can be a pain if you do not know what to look for.

1.HTML5 support

Being in touch with the latest technology advances is a must for all modern browsers, and HTML5 is one of those technologies that cannot be ignored. According to the latest tests, Chrome stands on top of everyone else, in terms of HTML5 features that are already implemented. Right after Chrome, Firefox manages a nice score in terms of HTML5 implementation, which means that the differences between the two are not that important. IE9 seems to staying behind, for the moment, and chances are that, until IE10 appears, the gap between Microsoft’s browser and Google’s child will remain the same.

HTML5 implementation score:

Chrome – 374

Firefox 11 – 335

IE9 – 141 

2.Hardware acceleration

Internet applications become more and more sophisticated, which means that the new browsers have to be able to deal with new challenges. The technique was first implemented by IE9, which is why it is quite obvious why the Microsoft browser is best in this field. As Chrome and Firefox could not allow themselves to lag behind, they have also implemented hardware acceleration. However, some glitches do appear, especially in Chrome’s case, which means that the other two companies still have a long way to go in terms of implementing hardware acceleration.

Hardware acceleration implementation score

IE9 – 4414

Firefox 10 – 2936

Chrome – 2190 


One of the most important issues when it comes to browsing online is privacy. None of us likes to have their data taken and used in activities we do not know anything about and we do not give our consent for. However, remaining totally anonymous on the Internet is getting harder and harder each day. Even your browser is used as a tool to register your likings, your preferences, your searches, the websites you visit, your profile and so on. IE9 has implemented Tracking Protection that allows you to choose to block ads from third party websites, while Firefox also has a Do Not Track feature. The latter, however, seems to be less responsive to effectively blocking ads, while the IE9 feature seems to work without a glitch. Also, it must be noted that Chrome has yet to implement such a feature.


Despite all described above, there is no way of telling whether one browser is clearly better than the other. The only solution to choose wise is to try them on your machine, and see which one satisfies your tastes better.

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Five ways to learn on page SEO

Posted by Sumit Rana

On page SEO is related to how the content on your website pages is created and shown. You do not have to be a genius to create user friendly websites, but a bit of knowledge on how SEO works will not hurt you one bit. Here are some tips on how to manage your on page SEO goals.

1.Use keywords responsibly

Gone are the days when website owners were simply filling page after page after page with keywords and nothing else and managed to score high in search engines queries, at least for a while. The people behind the modern search engines no longer allow spamming and keyword stuffing, and, even more, those that are caught red handed, are likely to have their websites banned. What you need to know is that you should not avoid keywords altogether; without them, no one will be able to reach your page and see its contents. However, a reasonable keyword density is a must, and 1-3% scores are considered decent. 

2.Adding images to your written content

SEO is related to written content, most of the time, but you should know that it is not resumed to it. If you decide to add pictures to your website, not only that you will make it more appealing, but you will also increase the value of on page SEO. In order to do that, you need to add image descriptions that contain essential keywords, and to use file names that contain such keywords, as well.

3.Creating internal linking

Once a visitor lands on your website, your interest is to keep it that visitor for as long as possible on your page. Internal linking can solve your problem, because it can improve the on page SEO for your web pages. For instance, if an article contains information about a subject that is also addressed on another page, place an anchor text, that will help the user navigate through your website and collect all the information he or she is interested in. You can achieve the same result – which is very beneficial for on page SEO – by creating a functional sitemap or by letting readers know what pages they have visited so far.

4.Unique content

Nothing is liked more by search engine than unique content. If you manage to craft SEO articles and pages that are unique and provide users with new and interesting content, you will have all the chances of becoming successful with your website. This is not something to be taken lightly, since on page SEO will not benefit from copied content.

5.Share it

Once you have your website populated with great content, and visitors start pouring in, a method to increase your traffic is by allowing users to share their opinions and to let other know about what you have read on your website. By enabling comments on your pages, you will produce even more SEO content, only that it will be user generated. Also, sharing the content on social media networks will add more value to your website.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Outsourcing of Software Consulting Services Is Becoming Crucial for Business Growth?

Posted by Sumit Rana

Classic market economies bet on business growth to achieve sustainable economic development and although world economy is on decline for some time, a good number of crucial niches, like IT and software consulting services enjoy steady growth in the context of knowledge-based and knowledge-oriented economies around the world. Gradually, North American and European companies realized it is hard to sustain an acceptable rate of growth without outsourcing certain activities to firms located in regions where labor resources and skills, combined with lower payroll costs, allow for competitive pricing in the field of IT services and IT consulting.

Asia/Pacific region naturally emerged as a new hub where companies from around the world outsource projects related to software research and development, IT consulting, and software implementation. Regional powers like India, the Philippines, and to a lesser extent Pakistan, now possess the required infrastructure and human resources to provide reliable software consulting services to business customers ranging from mid-sized enterprises to leading multinationals. Thus, in a two-way process, local software consultancies and software contribute to the growth of the regional economies through projects outsourced to them by foreign-based customers, while foreign customer benefit from lower software production and maintenance costs.

In a world economy that is increasingly dependent on various advanced technologies, and in a business context where numerous similar software solutions are flooding the market, software consulting services emerged as a crucial segment within the multifaceted IT industry. Furthermore, the cost of software consulting in the Western hemisphere grew markedly in the past decades due to increasing payroll expenditures and bettering living standard in the West. Thus, naturally, countries like India took advantage of their relatively well-developed educational system in the sphere of IT, which resulted in a massive inflow of business contracts for software consulting form abroad. In addition, local service providers grew in expertise, became able to invest in further education of their employees and are now well-equipped to deal with extremely complex and sophisticated projects and issues in the field of information technologies.

Western companies, pressured by stagnating local markets and worsened fundamentals, are in fact forced to outsource some of their IT-related activities, not only related to IT consulting, but also activities like software support and upgrade, to companies based in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, looking to reduce overall business costs. On the other hand, software consulting is so crucial element of modern-day long-term business planning that even small and mid-sized enterprises must set aside funds for such third-party services. Thus, the process of outsourcing from the West to the East has become largely irreversible, and the software consultancy business is flourishing, its heart and soul center gradually moving eastwards.

This is a natural process that is hard to regulate without causing harm to some fundamental free-market principles although the European Union and the United States have adopted legislation that is intended to limit the damage from software development and software consulting outsourcing to their respective economies. Nevertheless, an increasing number of US-based and Europe-based organizations take advantage of outsourcing, inevitably turning to firms based south and east of their borders.

In spite of all the negative media hype, the outsourcing of software development and consulting services is of mutual benefit to both customers and service providers, fueling overall business growth in both outsourcing and service-providing nations. The former benefit from lower business costs and improved competitiveness, white the latter enjoy stable income and witness creation of new jobs. Of course, the process is far more complex and many-sided, but software consulting services will continue to flourish in fast-developing economies like India's, while their overall importance for business growth is set to increase in a technology-based business environment.

Rajesh S Ullal

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The process is far more complex and many-sided, but software consulting services will continue to flourish in fast-developing economies like India's, while their overall importance for business growth is set to increase in a technology-based business environment.

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Social Media - A Blessing to Businesses

Posted by Sumit Rana

With current economic challenges, businesses are looking for ways in which they can expand their businesses and continue to make profits. To be able to do this effectively, businesses are investing more money into marketing. Though marketing can be expensive, technology has provided a cheaper form that is gaining popularity. This form of marketing is called social media marketing.

Social media sites are flooded with businesses especially from those who are conducting their businesses online as it provides them with a chance of networking not only with their customers but also with other businesses. Although these sites can be said to benefit some types of businesses, other businesses can still be able to gain from them.

Identification of Customer’s Needs

One social media site that is preferred by many businesses is MySpace. This is because of its popularity which enables a businesses to be able to meet more people and thus expand their customer base both internationally and country wide. However, a business owner should not overlook other sites such as facebook. 

One advantage is that a business is able to connect with their customers and thus get their point of views on their products. Businesses can also use these sites to find out emerging needs of their customers. This can be used as a new businesses opportunity that can lead to more profits.

 Expansion of Customer Base

A business will be able to benefit more of they are able to maintain accounts in more than one social site. This is because they will not only be able to reach more people but will have an opportunity of having different level of customers. This is because each social site is usually preferred by a certain group of people. An example can be witnessed in facebook and twitter that are popular among young people. If a business wants to cut across all people then they need to be in different social sites so that they can be able to cater for all their customers.

Availability of Consultations

Though social media seems like the new way to go many businesses struggle with how they can create enough publicity and thus find as many people as possible in their page. However, this should not be a main concern for worry as there are companies that offer consultations that a business can make use of. These companies ensure that businesses get enough movement in their site but at a fee. However, businesses should not find this as an expense, but as an investment that will bring rewards.

Although social sites provide access to customers, a business may also be able to network with others and share ideas. This will make them improve their services and also find new business opportunities.

With knowledge of market targets for a business, they may be able to reap more profits and expand their businesses when they invest in social media marketing as more and more people are using social media sites. However, they should ensure that they do enough research and consultation as this can have disastrous results if not handled properly.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Microsoft Cloud Computing Features Review

Posted by Sumit Rana

Cloud Computing is a new technology that is now looked and searched by millions of people, companies and entrepreneurs. As one of the most important software and hardware producers of the world, Microsoft had to impose the trend in matters of cloud computing. Even if Amazon and Google offer reliable cloud computing services as well, Microsoft remains the top cloud computing services provider, at least for corporate clients and major companies.

Microsoft Cloud Power

     -  reduced investment

     -  reliable and fast

     -  competitive advantage

Cloud computing is a process of data storage that allows the user to access the data from any corner of the world using a simple internet connection. As Microsoft stores the databases and files on secured servers, those details are more secure, compared with the option of keeping those files on local computers. The Small and medium Enterprises can now benefit of a great method to access data from any work point, therefore it is a perfect for companies such as the ones from outsourcing, services, and financial.

Microsoft proposes to offer cloud services for SME clients that want to reach wide markets, and to increase their worldwide popularity. For example, Microsoft works with a large number of European Governments that are looking to implement computerization in the local and natural structures, and the cloud computing facility of Microsoft has been proven as a good opportunity.

Microsoft Collaborations

Microsoft had the inspiration of cooperating with reliable partners in the world of cloud computing, such as Avaelgo, a company that offers IT and consulting services. Even if we are talking about a company with only 10 employees, this firm was proven as an inspiration for Microsoft that manager to offer training to thousands of people worldwide in the area of cloud computing using the support of this reliable partner. With the help of Avalego, Microsoft offered a reliable cloud computing platform that is now available even for clients that don’t have such a reliable infrastructure.

Other Cloud Computing Services of Microsoft

      - auto scalable software solutions

The cloud based services of Microsoft are now developed through Windows Azure, a special operating system that offers auto scalable cloud computing solutions. This offers the system the possibility to run their own maintenance tasks, and to maximize the effect of expenses. While in the past, a client had to pay thousands of dollars for a simple cloud computing solution, today, with the help of Azure; Microsoft offers a customizable solution for any client that needs this feature at a reduced price.

European Support

Microsoft tries to help a Europe ravaged by the Financial Recession and unemployment by offering jobs to the smart youngsters that are looking for a new career development idea. The world of cloud computing is still at its beginnings, and Microsoft looks like the company that has the strongest world in this direction. With tools like Azure and Skillage, a tool that was designed to measure the skills of people to manage cloud computing services, it seems like Microsoft has ambitious plans in this direction.

Kady Babs

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