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Vipre Antivirus

Posted by Sumit Rana

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GFI for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Vipre Antivirus has a great combination of antivirus software features. The software includes antivirus and antispyware protection. Vipre  doesn’t just protect from viruses and spyware, but also covers rootkits, Trojans, worms, keyloggers, dialers, adware, malicious scripts, and a number of other malware threats.Unlike older antivirus programs that have bolted on antispyware or antivirus modules to their existing software, VIPRE is designed to optimize overall performance by melding antivirus and antispyware together into one, single, powerful tool. This combination of technologies gives you high performance software that doesn't slow down your PC, is low on system resources, and makes it easy to protect your PC from the bad guys.

Vipre Antivirus 2012 can protect your computer from a variety of hostile and unwanted programs, including viruses, spyware, adware, scareware, rootkits and keyloggers. This is made possible by the use of highly developed heuristics technologies ? Genscan and Cobra ? which go a long way in providing real-time protection for your PC. When you have installed the antivirus on your PC, it schedules a complete system scan each day at 1:00 am. It always has the latest definitions updated before the scan and hence generates a list of threats after the completion of the scan; it generally recommends the quarantine option, but it can be customized too. The best feature in the effective cleanup is that, it doesn?t delete executable files.

Vipre Antivirus has a number of useful tools that ensure security. The secure file eraser lets you completely and permanently remove sensitive files from your computer.It detects most, if not all, of known malware. The score is high on this kind of detection, and it detected 98.4% of threats when tested. But Vipre, as a policy, chooses to remain ?in the now? That is, it is more intent on detecting new threats that keep appearing every minute. It uses a combination of fuzzy logic, heuristic pattern recognition techniques and behavior analysis to detect these threats. It works, but, it does compromise a little on detecting old and known security threats. It is not just good at detecting threats but also extremely effective at removing them too. Its false positive rate is also very low.

The software is quite easy. It is not as quick as some of the other antivirus products, but it comes with a pre-installation scan.You might need to download and install the Sunbelt?s VIPRE rescue which cleans up the system and helps a hassle free installation.

VIPRE is in a league of its own when it comes to antivirus software; VIPRE is clearly one of the best antivirus program available today.

VIPRE comes with free U.S. based technical support! By now, you have been using the software for awhile and we hope you're ready to share your thoughts with the world! or you can share here on

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Top Games And Apps For Football Fans

Posted by Sumit Rana

Years ago football fans had to wait for games to be shown on TV to get their regular fix. Today fans are in a much better position. There are dozens of apps and games available on several digital devices. Here are just some of the football fixes fans and followers can sink their teeth into. 

Fifa 12

Fifa 12 is a popular game available to download on a variety of digital devices. The aim of the game is exactly what you would expect in a real-time football scenario; get great players, play a great game, win the game, but most importantly – show off your skills. Yes! And I’m not joking either. Since this is a virtual game, of course, other factors come into play and are very important to gaming fans: intelligence, stunning graphics and superb adaptability, making this one of the most widespread games at the moment. Fifa 12 is available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, Mobile, PS2, and Mac.

Top tips for getting high scores on Fifa 12

  1. Don’t always get the best teams even though this can be very tempting. It’s better to spend less and get teams you can build and train up. This works well and makes you a better, more all-round team in the long run.

  2. Think before you dive into tackles. It’s better to keep your opponents under pressure, then get the ball.

  3. Keep testing the goalie. This is a great tactic to get him tired before you pounce and score your winning goals.

  4. In order to maintain good possession and chances on goal, limit the number of times you pass the ball.

Fifa Street

Fifa Street is an exciting street footy game. It allows you to show up and show off your football skills in different, exotic locations all over the world. Fifa Street is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for footy fans because of this simple reason: it allows you to experience the game, the music and on some levels – the culture of the various environments in which the sport can be played. There isn’t much more you can ask for. Of course, skills move, intelligence and ball control are second to none.

Fifa Street is available on PS3 and Xbox360.

Jumpers For Goal Posts

Jumpers for Goal Posts is a totally different type of computer football game. It’s not like the other two we’ve already mentioned because this is more realistic when it comes to an actual football career.

Features of Jumpers for goal posts that make this game so widely played:

You have to start as a beginner by playing 5-aside games to build up your skill and technique.

Once you’ve mastered your skills, you can be signed with a football league for a set period of time (one season).

At the end of your season, take part in the playoffs. Like in real life, the better you are, the higher your profile will be raised. Soon you’ll be earning a lot of money and big teams will start noticing you.

Jumpers for Goal Posts allows the best players to get girlfriends, buy assets and move up in ‘society’. This game is for the most skilful online players because it revolves around skill and good technique. If you’ve got those you’ll do very well at this game.

Have you played any of these three football games? Are there others you’d recommend to footy-mad fans?


About the  Author:

This is a guest post contribution from James who is a football fan. He writes for Speed loans, and you can click here for more information.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Significant Things Regarding Mobile Marketing

Posted by Sumit Rana

Mobile Marketing is definitely an impressive manner of marketing (predicting, explaining and focusing on potential clients) through a cell phone. Mobile entrepreneurs, who're a new comer to e-commerce area, have to know about various ways to create into take part in the efficient utilization of mobile. Regardless if you are a person or perhaps a company, you must understand about mobile marketing which is rather important. Everybody uses mobile however, many apply it marketing reasons plus some for his or her personal use. Let’s take a look how companies make their efficient use.

Uses from the Cell Phone for Companies:

Customer Support Service: It is extremely apparent the clients contact at customer service number to numerous companies/organizations to understand about the merchandise and also to gather the appropriate information. Not just the clients they also contact individuals to tell them about new items or specifics of their accounts, new offers, updates and much more. We are able to say that they're towards the top of their game through text marketing. Go ahead and it's faster, economical and fewer annoying.

Daily News Updates: News updates receive through texts. Whenever something new launches, the businesses are roused to share the content for their potential clients for competitions, marketing items, discount rates, and purchase offers and so forth.

Information Regarding Bill Obligations - We're conveyed through the companies for obligations of mobile bills or other specifics of due payment or status of current bills.

Increasing Subscriber Base - Subscriber base sometimes has related to producing leads for an organization where it searches for building list or subscriber base through feedback forms.

Promotions for Potential clients - Clients are informed about various gift coupons, vouchers, discount rates and awards etc.

Now following the commercial purpose, allows arrived at the private usage

Cell Phone for People: Text Marketing, Mobile Web, Closeness marketing through Blue tooth, Multimedia message service, Mobile Programs, PPC (Pay Per Call) Mobile Marketing, Banner Advertisements, Location-based Marketing, Voice Mobile Marketing, Mobile Games

Along each one of these campaigns, now mobile marketing happen to be bestowing its influence to produce the following wield legitimate estate professionals through mobile marketing machines also called M3. They provide best mobile marketing machines bonus to obtain huge profits through. The merchandise will probably be released soon, so remain in harmony for many freebies to try to get your personal market.

By far, the most popular mobile device is Smart-phones. Just about half of cell phone users own one, and the marketing efforts need to be conducted to schemes that will charm to them. I think that arriving at users through their smart phones is a fantabulous marketing strategy, later on it can arrive at potential buyers where they come about to be at a small given time.

When inquired about obstructions to establishing a mobile media marketing program in Enterprise mobility companies, above one-third of responders declared that lack of tactics was the primary confront they faced. Lack of possessions was mentioned as the second most ordinary obstacle entering the way of the responders mobile marketing efforts at 22%.


About the  Author:

Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics as Enterprise mobility companies, for more information you can check her other blogs.

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Make Fans on Facebook- An Easy Way

Posted by Sumit Rana

Networking websites have become an essential part of modern man’s routine life. These sites help you to stay connected to people as well as explore and skim through random material which may interest you. This has made these sites one of the top most mediums for advertisement and promotion of product/service available out there. For bloggers, it is also a good place to start off with their campaign to spread their blog and gather subscribers and generate maximum viewing.

Stay connected

For this purpose, most of the bloggers have these tag boxes of Facebook and twitter to connect them and sped out the word. For your blog promotion, a Facebook fan page is an essential accessory, as it will only help increase the traffic on your blog. The fan page needs to be updated regularly and some sort of fun activity needs to be happening to get Likes on your fan page so that you may have sufficient number of members to make your blog look like a hit.

The Easy Way

In order to get numerous fans in a short time, no amount of designing and marketing could help you. For that you need to apply a simple code/script on your blog/ website or fan page and you will get automatic increase numbers of fan. This script once applied will make sure that anybody who visits your page or blog will become a member as a small tag follows the cursor all around and as soon as the visitor clicks anywhere on the page, he becomes a fan. It happens automatically and then the tag disappears so he cannot even unlock it.

Instructions for the Application

In few easy steps you can apply the code yourself to your website or blog and you will get to see a marked increase in your fan numbers overnight. Following are the steps for the application of this useful feature:

  1. Go to blogger

  2. Then click Layout

  3. Then go to Edit HTML.

  4. Now hold together the buttons F and Ctrl on your keyboard and look for the tag.

  5. Copy the code/script given below above this tag.



         function ClickJackFbShow(){




  1. Press Ctrl and F together and find the tag.

  2. The following code is to be copied above the tag of .




  1. Just replace the bold words with your fan page URL link.

  2. Save it.

Now refresh your page and check to see if our cursor appears with a like tag and whether your fans increase automatically. You have a thriving fan page with regular increases in your number of fans, as the number of your blog viewing increases.

Johan S Lam

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I am John S Lam from Pass Certification; it gives 100% guaranteed success in your CompTIA Project+ Certification exam. Let’s take benefit of Apple Certification Training Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.

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Mobile Software that helps in Remote Tracking of Your Kids

Posted by Sumit Rana

Do you think that your kids most often lie to you about where they are going? Do you fear that your teens are being bullied or abused by predators? Have you caught your kid exchanging messages over the phone till late night? Does your child return home late from school on a frequent basis? Well, these are all signs of mobile threats, and it’s the time you consider active mobile monitoring software. The software is a complete solution to track the cell phone belongings to your kids in order to avoid unethical activities and protect your kids from abusers. With the software, you no longer have to worry about the safety and security of your child. The software is highly efficient to track all details concerned to your child’s phone.

 How can you track your kids through monitoring software?

Mobile monitoring software is like a spy agent that operates invisibly on the target phone with the main objective of tracking and recording myriad of cell phone activities of your child. The software logs the activities, and uploads the same to the remote server to watch the activities online with the help of the official site of the software. Through the software, you can view your kid’s activities from any place with a web enabled device. There are numerous applications available in the market today. If you are keen to install the software, you can consider Flexispy, Mobistealth, Spy Bubble, or Mobile Spy.

Activities Tracked by Mobile Monitoring Software

Child protection is the main motto for parents, and hence they do all it takes to ensure their child’s safety. The software has been designed by companies keeping this factor in mind. Some of the useful activities tracked through mobile monitoring software are as following:

Ø  Retrieves outgoing and incoming call logs with the duration, and time and stamps irrespective of whether the call history is saved or deleted by your kid.

Ø  Retrieves text messages sent to and received from the phone along with its full content. The app also retrieves the text message history even when the same has been removed from the target phone.

Ø  Captures updates and posts on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

Ø  Logs all interactions done via chat messengers

Ø  Monitors videos and images captured, viewed, and downloaded from your child’s cell phone camera

Ø  Checks the details of the URLs visited by your kid in addition to bookmarks created

Ø  Retrieves the events, to do lists, memos, new contact entries, calendar, notes, and much more

Ø  Tracks the location of your kid via GPS service

The monitoring software has myriad of features, which is similar to that of parental control as it keeps a remote eye on the actions of your mischievous children is one of the most preferred applications not only by parents, but also by employers to monitor their employees, and individuals who are suspicious about their spouse. Thus, in this way, parents can safely monitor the whereabouts of their kids without letting their kids know about it.


About the  Author:

Cynthia loves to write on latest Cell Phone Spy software. To know about her updates please visit her blog.

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Social Media Campaigns and their value in SEO

Posted by Sumit Rana

Social media networks are an invaluable tool in promoting products and services and raising brand awareness. From the moment companies and even small businesses understood the importance of making themselves known through social media networks, it was the turn of these networks to react and offer advertising options. Now, companies can run social media campaigns in order to raise brand awareness and inform customers of new products and services.

Planning a strategy

When using the power of social media networks, planning is key. Companies need to understand what terms are searched by users of these networks that can be related with their products and services. Here is where SEO comes into play. Companies often appeal to the services offered by SEO experts, in order to optimize the content of their campaigns, so that this content can be reached through regular search by users. Social networks offer companies the ability to run advertising campaigns, and ensure a certain level of exposure, but appealing to SEO techniques can improve the efficiency of these campaigns even on the longer term.

The execution phase

Putting up together all the materials needed for running the campaign is just the first step. The next step is the execution. Setting up a Facebook brand page, or launching a new campaign on Twitter are part of this phase. What companies aim at through these strategies is to make their brand known to a large number of people. While the users that are already listed through likes or follows are sure to be exposed to the next advertising campaign, increasing their numbers depends on the SEO value of the content published by companies through these social media venues. Users that search certain terms will be guided to the brand page or the Twitter message posted by the company and will learn about the novelties presented through the advertising campaign this way.

Is there a need for complicating things?

Sometimes, advertising experts tend to complicate social media campaigns, through cryptic messages that are more tributary to the traditional way of running an advertising campaign. However, the new way of advertising is a lot less subtle, and it relies mostly on sending out a message that is clear and can be identified through regular searches. Back in the days, companies did not have to think about SEO and how to choose the best terms so that users can find them in the online environment. Nowadays, it is all about optimization for online advertising tools, and running a social media campaign that is based on SEO is a must. Instead of complicating things, a social media campaign should keep things simple, so that their SEO value contributes to their success.


Running a social media campaign is different from running an advertising campaign in real life. SEO is also a must, since it is the best way to increase exposure for a company or a product. Even the largest companies appeal to social media campaigns in order to establish a foothold in the online environment, so it should not come as a surprise that more and more businesses are jumping the bandwagon.

Kady Babs

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Kady Babs is a Certified Professional and freelance writer. At present attached with Test 4 This is Best Source for PMP Certification Training. You can try free demos of Security+ Certification Training with 100% Risk Free and Money Back Guaranteed. Babs has creative writing skills and helping people to get certified on first try. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Top Reasons Designer Students Should Have A Blog

Posted by Sumit Rana

Designer students all over the globe are realising more and more that the way to take their work to International heights is to build a blog. Designer students work with their hands. Their creativity extends from the mind and goes way beyond a thesis or a written presentation. Their chosen path means that they can’t always describe with words, the thoughts and visions they have in their minds. Their work largely cries out to be displayed rather than read. This is where a blog comes in. If a designer student wants to establish a platform and create hype around their work, they need to get it out in a blog.

Your blog is your virtual storage room without having that studio you definitely can’t afford

Students are generally living on the breadline. They can barely afford the materials for their next design, let alone a studio. If you’re starting out in the designer business it’s important to make the right connections and build the right stepping stones. You can’t possibly do this without showing off your creativity and genius. This is where a blog comes in. A blog enables a designer student to exhibit your best work. Not only can you display pictures of all the aspects and perspectives of your creation, you can also write descriptive articles of where you are in the process, what made you think of the creation, what’s next and where the work is going to finally end up. Showing off your thought pattern in this way can really capture the minds of the people who’re eventually going to be your fans and clients. Designer students can build an online journal of work you’re starting then show off the final products to the entire world.

A blog gives a designer student structure and an outlet to flaunt pictures of your designs

A blog is essential if a designer student has pictures of their designs. You may have asked friends to put on shows of your costumes, jewellery etc. Having a place to display all of these works is an incredible starting point, which gives you the edge over students without a blog. A student with a blog can also get friends to model your designs when you’re limited by what  teachers, or your school ask for. This way the true creative spirit can always have a place to shine.

A designer student can promote their YouTube videos on their blogs

You Tube is swamped by videos, and unless you know the ropes and are one of the power users, your video will only ever manage to get a few family views. A blog is handy because you can talk about the video. You can describe your thoughts behind it, how you got ideas for the show, who were involved and what you hope to achieve from making it. You can embed the video in your blog post – and now it makes sense to people viewing it because they can see your work and your vision. Even if you don’t put on a show, you can have friends model your product and make a tape from this. This won’t awe the people there, but on your blog, it will look sensational. But most of all, it will give your viewers and potential clients an insight to who your really are and what your work is about.

A blog also gives a designer student options to mix drawings, actual designs and videos in the same place - something a brick and mortar studio will never allow you to do. Are you a designer student? Do you have a blog?

Anna Cleanthous

About the  Author:

This is a guest post contribution from James who writes for pay day loans, a site that offers instant loans.

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