Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tom and Jerry videos or TV Shows: Which one is better?

Posted by Sumit Rana

The sheer popularity of the Tom and Jerry is simply remarkable. A journey which began in 1940 has since taken over the world, with numerous cartoon shows, film videos, toys and games. This article will take an in depth look into two areas of the Tom and Jerry franchise and debate whether the Tom and Jerry videos or TV shows are better.

But first of all, if you have never heard of Tom and Jerry (…which I find very hard to believe) then here is an insight into the famous classic cartoon show:

Tom and Jerry is a series of cartoons which revolve around a continuous rivalry between Tom – a cat, and Jerry – a mouse. The cartoon is a comic one as Tom’s chase of Jerry often results in a humours ending with the mouse often outwitting the cat. It is a cartoon show which is probably about 95%, if not more, visual and thus only a minimal proportion is actually oral. This is one of the main reasons why it has become a TV show which is popular amongst all ages.

As mentioned earlier, nowadays there is so much more available to you if you are a Tom and Jerry fan rather than just the cartoons. One of these options is the videos available, with the main one being Tom and Jerry: The Movie. But which is better; the cartoons or the video?

Of course, this all depends on you and what you want. If you want the classic version, something traditional, then you will be best suited to the Tom and Jerry cartoons. After all, this is exactly how they originated and it is the sole reason behind the pair’s worldwide popularity and success. You can catch the TV shows around the world on various channels today. What’s more, the cartoons are not as long in length as the videos and thus you need not dedicate a full amount of your day to watching an entire movie.

Nevertheless, that is not to say that the Tom and Jerry videos do not have their advantages either. The videos are great because they are something you can hold on to and watch time and time again. What’s more, if you are a film lover and enjoy sitting down for an hour or two engrossed in a good video, then this will be a great option. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to get all of the family together, have some popcorn and enjoy some family fun and a great film.

So what do I advise? In my opinion, a healthy dosage of the both is the perfect remedy! If you are a Tom and Jerry fan then I am certain you will appreciate and enjoy both forms, after all they both share the same concept.

So there you have it; the benefits of both watching the Tom and Jerry cartoons as well as the Tom and Jerry videos. Whichever one you opt to go for, one thing is for sure; you will have endless hours of fun watching them


About the  Author:

Olivia has recently introduced his kids to the variety of tom and jerry videos in his collection. Thanks to the internet he can share Tom & Jerry with his kids long after the videos perish

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The Belle Rock Casino and Apple’s HTML5

Posted by Sumit Rana

Two years ago, Apple made the decision that they would no longer provide support for Adobe Flash on any of their products, including the popular iPhone and iPad. This opened up a hornet’s nest of controversy. With both sides of the issue asserting their position, the debate continued. However, in the end, Apple did not waiver from its decision to drop support for Adobe Flash.

When this announcement was made, many online casinos were dabbling in the development of software to permit mobile phone users to participate in gaming. This decision was felt hard by some who relied upon Adobe Flash for their games to operate properly on Apple devices. They then had to come up with quick fixes or lose significant revenue. However, this decision has not had a significant impact on mobile gaming at the Belle Rock Casino or its customers.

The Belle Rock Casino already was providing mobile gaming to their customers who used Android devices. This was of course by using Adobe flash. The Belle Rock Casino had the foresight to create an HTML 5 version of its software for mobile devices. Therefore, Apple’s decision did not slow them down at all. It was business as usual for the Belle Rock Casino who didn’t have to stop serving their Apple customers.

Apple iPhone users account for about 15% of Belle Rock Casino’s customers. Belle Rock Casino offered its HTML5 software for these users. While Android users have the largest share of mobile gaming, Belle Rock Casino wants to make sure no customer is excluded due to their choice of operating system. Currently, the Belle Rock Casino offers both Adobe and HTML5. Android users can download Adobe Air to their phones to operate the games. Therefore, like Android users, Apple users can enjoy mobile casino gambling. Visit Here to try out Club’s iPad casino and iPhone casino.

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Google Dropping Some Of Their Features

Posted by Sumit Rana

The amount of services that are offered by the search engine giant Google seem to be impossible to keep track of. Some might say that there are just too many, and that the services are spread too thin to allow success. Even more so, the anticipation behind the intentional use of the features just don't quite measure up to the actual results.

The latter explanation is the reason that Google announced this week that they will be discontinuing their Google Apps for Teams, Video for Business, as well as Google Listen.

This change by Google is just one of many efforts being put forth by the company in order to revamp and consolidate the efforts of the company. According to an article on the Daily Gossip website, this drop is just part one of the fifty+ services that google has gotten rid of in 2012.

Apps for Teams

Apps for Teams was the service that enabled users involved in a business or school with a verified email account to share non-email programs an features like Google Docs and similar services. The director of engineering at Google, Max Ibel, said that the the service just didn't do and deliver what they had expected it to.

Google Listen

On top of Apps for Teams, Google will also be cutting their podcast search and listen program, Google Listen. This service was the 2009 precursor of the now widely-used Google Play. The option to listen to podcasts will not be lost by users of Google Listen – if they use Google Reader, they will be able to listen to whichever podcasts that they had saved there thanks to the import/export button.

Getting rid of Google Listen is a prime example of the type of consolidation being done by the company – seeing which similar services are doing better – which in this case would certainly be Google Play.

Video for Business

The other consolidation example would be the discontinuance of Video for Business, which was a platform that allowed customers of Apps for Business and Education to be able to use internal video chat. Instead of stand on its own, Video for Business will be switching over to Google Drive. As part of the change, there will be no storage penalty for users who had content on Video for Business – all of the content on Google Drive will count towards nothing.

What Does This Mean?

All of these changes put in place by Ibel and the rest of the Google team are losing to really start taking place in the beginning of autumn. In general, it doesn't look like many changes are going to take place that will really affect a majority of Google users as if they are going to be at a loss.

The goal is not to make less available for easier operation, but rather, keep everything more relevant. The changes could however show that companies like Google are having a hard time keeping up with their own size.

Kady Babs

About the  Author:

Mike Lamardo is a writer for several blogs that cover tech, entertainment, science and more. He contributes towards Uverse, ReactrMag as well as others. 

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Google plus ads vs Facebook ads: An overview

Posted by Sumit Rana

Any good search engine optimizing consultant does not forget to post advertisement on Face book or Google Plus. This is because Face book and Google plus both are grasping the world’s attention.

People try to post their ads on such sites where maximum viewers can see it. Internet business give guarantees of success if good search engine optimization techniques are adopted.

Google has better viewership

Google Plus ads have more people and traffic to attract. Everyone knows Google name and tries to search on it for every query.

Face Book Has Better Location

Face book has one of the best locations for ads. Google has majority to attract but face book have viewers. The viewers are selected who love to search for new brands and industries.

Online advertisements have given a way to small business holders as well. Small businesses can be shown as a branded item online.

Unbeatable Record of Google Plus

Face book offers to expand business but it does not take the responsibility to take care of business. Whereas, according to few search reports face book still have lower ratings of advertisement as compare to Google plus. If Face book reaches to 50 million users then Google plus reaches 60 million users, the record is unbeatable since years. Due to this, Google plus advertisement is considered more reliable in every age.

Threats from Face book

Google Plus needs to secure it more from face book threats of taking business. But no doubt Google is safer as it has several options to build ads on. These options are YouTube and Gmail. Face book is famous because of popularity but viewership is found only on Google platform.

Level of Competition

Online market is full of competitors and there are several ways to attract customers. This cannot be said with a rule of thumb that any particular search engine is better than another. It is just like a stock index market where you cannot know which industry will close in better position at the day end. It is quite possible that face book take over the business for little while and again Google plus introduces new techniques to attract viewership. But it is a fact that before face book and Google war there was not a tough competition. Now it is tough to predict that who will own how much business of the industry. Face book engine has become a basic social medium to advertise at.

Sincere Users of Google Plus

Usually Face book attracts a certain age group whereas Google Plus attracts several age groups. Professionals and people from educational and research background can be attracted by Google plus.

Target the Customers

Before making an advertisement it is very important to keep in mind that you target the age group you are going to make your customer. Similarly which profession can become the best user of the product you are advertising for?  From a general perspective distinguishing between both the search engine’s efficiency is difficult. Because advertisement is a form of promotion so it is better if every source of promotion is experienced. Both the search engines yield results in attracting traffic to the web page.

Kady Babs

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Kady Babs is a Certified Professional and freelance writer. At present attached with Test 4 This is Best Source for Cisco CCDP Certification. You can try free demos Cisco CCNP Certification with 100% Risk Free and Money Back Guaranteed. Babs has creative writing skills and helping people to get certified on first try. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Protecting Yourself from the Unprecedented Projects for Cell Phone Loss During London Olympics

Posted by Sumit Rana

Large sports events draw in a wide range of people. Savvy urbanites and rural folk alike congregate in the excitement of witnessing their favorite teams and athletes in competition. Due to the large number of people unfamiliar with the terrain and the emotional distraction of the event, sporting events have always attracted thieves and conmen.

London has a population of over 7.5 million, and they expect this to grow by over two million for the Summer Olympics. Public transportation experts claim an extra one million passengers will utilize the Tube for travel through the city. Crime is expected to increase along several dimensions, but the greatest threat appears to be an item nearly all tourists bring with them.

Cell Phones on a Good Day

A typical day in the UK sees the loss or theft of over 17,000 cell phones. In London, another 50,000 cell phones are lost or stolen every two weeks. A large number of these losses likely occurs on the Tube and in other public spaces expecting heavy tourist traffic during the Olympics.

Projected Losses

Every department in the London city government is working overtime in preparation for the massive influx of people. Their efforts are often guided by independent research, such as the survey conducted by security analysis firm Venafi. The firm estimates an extra loss or theft of 17,000 phones during the Olympics. This brings the total to 67,000.

Serious Threat

The theft or loss of older model cell phones posed a threat to the owner. Phones often contained a list of contacts and the ability to extra fees for use of certain features. Losing a cell phone now is a nightmare. They are often used to access the Internet, so your browsing history, saved passwords, usernames, and other information is either not secured at all or held behind an easy-to-crack password.

Venafi went further by estimating the average amount of personal and business information held on cell phones. Multiplying this amount by the projected losses yields a total information loss of 214 terabytes. Anyone with the phone will have plenty of time to browse the APP store and search for useful information, since modern phones have stronger battery packs. It is also simple and inexpensive to purchase AC adapter for any phone.

Preventing Loss or Theft

The best protection for all in attendance is a few basic precautions. The first step is realizing the importance of your cell phone. Notably, there are not 50,000 debit cards or keyrings lost in London every two weeks. People are less likely to have such valuables out of their pockets and carry-ons during Tube commutes or in other public places.

On the contrary, it is now normal for people to use their phones at any given time no matter the location. It is tempting to browse the Internet or clean up files during the commute, but this is a bad idea during the Olympics. It is too easy to set the phone down and lose it. Beyond this precaution, tourists should install a remote wipe app for protection and remain aware of potential thieves.

The Olympics are an exciting and emotional experience. Commuting to and from lodging is likely to prove hectic and full of distractions. Spare yourself unnecessary worry and danger by taking extra precautions to avoid the projected rise in cell phone loss.

Sienna Larsen

About the  Author:

Sienna Larsen is a freelance writer in San Francisco. She writes for where you can research the most current technology for cell phones.

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