Thursday, January 24, 2013

Space Settler-Free Multiplayer RTS Game for Apple Users

Posted by Sumit Rana

Space Settlers is a Sci-Fi space building game for iOS. In the game, players build their space base, research technologies in the tech center, produce resources like Dark Energy, Crystal and Tritium, as well as build Chariot to destroy other planets. It is the first online Sci-Fi iOS game so far on iTunes App Store. That is to say, iPhone iPad users will be no longer bothered by the inability to play RTS game on iPhone iPad.

For those who are eager to know more about this online RTS game, please head to the developer’s official page at:

The online iPhone iPad game boasts a cliff-hanging storyline that revolves around the most fascinated God Particle that is dated back to 13 billion years and Dark Energy Crystal, the most powerful energy source, existing in the form of crystal. These are all rooted in the prediction of Scientist Hawking with the help of a super computer.

In this online game, Terra, due to the abundance in great technological remains, is particularly offered by headquarter of Space Settlers as the place for the first settlers to open up the treasures left by the ancient people.

This game is available in App Store:

Kay Features:

1 You can not only build strong mecha chariots with over 100 accessories provided, but also get amazing blueprints of as many as 25 types of mecha chariots with the increase of tech levels. 

2 You are allowed to drive chariots, launch fortress attacks, no matter for yourself or your legion, get resources, destroy enemies, conquer planet, learn advanced techs, etc. 

3. Enhance your attack speed, attack range, HP, energy and propulsion while launching attack.

4. The multiplayer battlefield of real-time strategy genre with intelligent locking and attack is extremely easy to play. 

5. It offers optimized chat system and auto enemy planet search function, enabling each player to build friend groups and fight together with your buddies. 

6. With exquisite, dynamic and sharp picture, godlike music and next-gen style, this game gives you complete access to graphically impressive visuals, stirring sound and thrilling strategic game for free on iPhone and iPad.

Though Space Settlers might not be an easy-to-understand game, it is a visually beautiful game with brightly sharp, engaging graphics and its building structure models are exceptionally detailed with each part in good order.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Key features of Blackberry Curve 9220

Posted by Sumit Rana

The BlackBerry Curve 9220 design is only a marginal change from the original blackberry curves that came out five years ago. The fact that this model is still so popular is a testament to its appealing design concept. The BlackBerry Curves were originally seen as state-of-the art and were certainly a novel shape at the time. So how has the Curve managed to survive so long despite the advent of interactive software running on operating systems that communicate to the user via powerful computers that boast touchscreen-operated mini-theaters, some of which have resolutions beyond that of a regular laptop or computer screen! Back to the original question of what are the key features of the BlackBerry Curve 9220 that keep it at the top of the bestseller list of mobile phones?

The Blackberry shape seems to be more than curvaceous!

Ergonomics is an important part of a phone buyers decision to purchase – holding a phone and it feeling right are important. But there’s more to it than this with the 9220; most phone these days are a two-handed operation and especially those that split apart or are larger touch-screen varieties with no keyboard. Although the deft handed may well be able to use many phones with one hand, texting with the curve single-handed is a breeze. The downside is that it encourages texting while driving (Don’t do it folks it’ll kill you!) as it lulls drivers into a false sense of safety as only a single hand is needed to send an SMS. The lack of attention to the road is overlooked and often the text will be the last thing they ever read.

A modest display but touchscreen is not the key feature here…

The screen display is very modest but capable of displaying an Internet page well enough to collect email and make a Facebook status update – Gaming will not be a big part of the typical Curve 9220 as it has a modest processor and a simple 2Mpx camera. The 320 x 200 display is ideal for the odd picture sharing and but will not be playing any movies that you will be able to stand for more than 10 minutes. The touchscreen allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds with the full qwerty keyboard offering those who like to do so (and this is many people) – the opportunity to text at blistering speeds. Having watched my wife who owns one of these, text at an enormous pace – sending and receiving messages faster than I can think, to numerous people. This all takes place in a conversational juggling act that typically only women are able to maintain.

Robust and easy to use

No easy access to online storage and only a measly 512 MB to go at in internal storage can mean that dropping this phone in the toilet by mistake (presumably while simultaneously texting 9 people)  will result in you needing a new phone and possible a data recovery operation to go with it. Thankfully this is actually possible these days. If you still have the MicroHD card from a damaged phone and need to recover data from it you can send it away and they will simply send you a new SIM back all ready to put in your new phone – handy if your contacts are all stuck on your BlackBerry and you are butter-fingered! These phones are very robust, offer a good battery life, are pocket-friendly and very easy to use; although the technology may be from a 2G era, they do now have GSM. The key feature that has made the BlackBerry remain popular is their lightning-fast one-hand-operable keyboard! Sometimes innovation is not what everyone wants it seems. I asked my wife what made her BlackBerry so special. Real buttons was her answer – go figure.


About the  Author:

Raymond Ray has an extensive background in researching and writing about technology and gadgets. He is a data recovery engineer at SalvageData. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights about technology and gadgets on various web properties including Foxnews, business insider etc.

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Steps to Transfer SQL Server Database to a New Location

Posted by Sumit Rana

You can easily move your database created in SQL Server 2012 to a different location using SQL Server Management Studio. You have the choice to copy your database to the same server instance or another server instance, or restore it altogether to a new directory path. As a prerequisite, you must have administrative privileges to restore a full database backup and no other user must be currently connected to the database. If the database uses Full or Bulk-logged recovery model, you should create a backup of the active transaction log before starting with the process.


If the database being restored already exists, you must be a member of the 'sysadmin'and 'dbcreator'fixed server roles, or must be the owner (dbo) of the database to have RESTORE permissions. In case the database does not exist, the user must be granted CREATE DATABASE permissions for executing RESTORE.

Restoring SQL Server Database to a New Location Using SQL Server Management Studio

·       Set a connection to the SQL Server Database Engine instance. Navigate to the Object Explorer and click on the server name. A tree appears below the server name.

·       Right-click 'Database' in the tree and select 'Restore Database'. The 'Restore Database' dialog box is displayed on the screen.

·       Go to the 'General' page and specify the database to be restored and the location of backup sets in the 'Source' section. Choose the following options:

·       Database

Choose the database you need to restore from the drop-down list. The drop-down menu will only list those databases that are included in the 'msdb' backup history.

·       Device

When you click the browse button, the 'Select backup devices' dialog box shows up on the screen. Choose any of the listed device types in the 'Backup media type' box. Add one or more devices to the 'Backup media' box by clicking 'Add'. After selecting the backup devices, click 'OK'.

Choose the database to be restored in the 'Source: Device: Database' list box.

·       Once you specify options in the 'Source' section, the name of the database being restored automatically shows up in the 'Database' box in the 'Destination' section. You can choose to rename the database by typing in a new name in this box.

·       The 'Restore to' box gives you options for restoring SQL database to a specific point in time. Click 'Timeline' to open the 'Backup Timeline' dialog box. In this dialog, you can select a point in time up to which you need to restore. You can also choose the default option 'To the last backup taken' in the 'Restore to' box.

·       The 'Backup sets to restore' grid shows all backups present at the location you have specified. Choose the backups you need to restore. You are presented with a recovery plan. You can modify this plan according to your preference by changing selections in the grid.

·       You can choose to specify a new location for the database files by navigating to the 'Files' page. Click 'Relocate all files to folder'. Specify a new location for both the folders: 'Data file folder' and 'Log file folder'.

If you are moving your database from SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012, it will be automatically upgraded during the restore process.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

How you use coupons when you shop online

Posted by Sumit Rana

Modern era man is very busy and is trapped in the technological advancement. Man demands are increasing day by day irrespective of his earnings so he is always in search of discounts. In such a situation, couponing is really a relief. Any document ore code which can be presented to the retailer to gain some kind of financial benefit in the form of discount on any product is called a coupon. The option of couponing provides the customers with the opportunity to buy the items of their need with lot of savings.

As many of us know, there’s lots of buzz going around these days about couponing. People everywhere are using coupons in this economy and looking for ways to save money at various places either like clothing, electronics, travel, entertainment and more!

Coupons play an important role in attracting the customers into the store. Coupons help in furthering the brand image of the product without huge investments. It makes the brand popular among the end-users. Individuals talk more about the brand, thus making it a hit amongst the masses.

In modern era where man is not having much time to buy something for himself he goes to online shopping stores and if he get discounts their then it will be like cherry on cake for him. Without spending much and saving time he will get such offers which he haven’t expect ever. This will generally attract more customers to the site which enhanced the sales.

But not only are the online stores individually effective in this business but the online couponing websites also playing crucial role. There are tons of sites on internet providing coupons but only few of them are providing genuine deals. Genuine deals here refers to the range of discounts and the categories covered under coupons. 

One of the website which I remember is Easy, with just a click you can search by store. This is a great way to find targetcoupons  as well as features and promotions exclusive to Target. Coupon Chief coupon codesare always genuine and works up to your expectations. You will not find any used coupon on the website. If you can also check their deals by doing +1 on Google+!

Hop over and check the site out. Let me know what you think about it. If you’ve ever used the site in the past, share with us your experience and the what kind of awesome deal you scored!

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