Friday, September 26, 2014

Order Any Xiaomi Phone in the First Go

Posted by sumit rana
Xiaomi phones are getting viral these days. Probably the first phone after Apple Iphone which is being sold in black at higher prices on bidding sites like ebay and olx then the actual price. Always 3-4 lac people register for few thousand phones at flipkart but most of them never able to get it into their carts. But now you can be out of those few lucky ones who are able to grasp the Xiomi in your carts.
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Friday, August 1, 2014

API Testing Overview & Post Man User Guide

Posted by sumit rana

Today i have been told in my office that i have to do API testing, which was completely a new topic for me. I searched on internet and with the help of some colleagues in my office i gathered below data. Someone else might doing the same job at his/her office so i am sharing this.

 API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is clear from the name that while performing API testing we will be doing testing at backend which do not offer GUI rather works at back-end.

API is set of rules or standards for accessing a web based service. A software company releases its API so that others can design products that are powered by their services.

API’s are software to software interface not the user interface. With API’s web applications talk to each other without any user intervention or knowledge.

APIs and Web services are completely invisible to Web site surfers and software users. Their job is to run silently in the background, providing a way for applications to work with each other to get the user the information or functionality he needs.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Posted by sumit rana
I always find it humorous but at the same time an important part of youth discussion on which smartphone is better. There has been a war on this topic on the blogs or social networking sites and resultant is nothing but abusive language, lame reasons, discussion never ends.

As a gadget freak I have played with smartphones with different OS for quite some time now so if you ask me, I am frankly going to give you a brief and biased opinion. 
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