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I always find it humorous but at the same time an important part of youth discussion on which smartphone is better. There has been a war on this topic on the blogs or social networking sites and resultant is nothing but abusive language, lame reasons, discussion never ends.

As a gadget freak I have played with smartphones with different OS for quite some time now so if you ask me, I am frankly going to give you a brief and biased opinion. 


When Microsoft announced its entry into smartphones, everyone speculated that it’s going be a revolution. For some time it was an awesome new experience but on a whole majority users were disappointed by the windows environment on smartphones.

As this OS is still in the early phase, there are not many apps in the windows store which have become a part of our daily lives. Whether it is games or apps, you can see a big gap when compared with IOS or android whose apps just keep on increasing every day. Windows phone heavily relies on zune for managing videos or songs which is really frustrating because I don’t think every pc is installed with a zune Software .

The windows phone UI is based on live tiles which are constantly updated on the go. I must say this design is minimalistic and deep blacks and colorful tiles really give a neat finish when using the phone. The very 1st windows phone was launched by Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft. This deal was a do or die situation to the declining sales of Nokia. As with the configuration part, Windows OS does not require any special beasty hardware to run smoothly. Its OS architecture is similar to IOS so the devices running this OS hardly hang or slow down when using them. 

As windows phone OS is not open source so devices are costlier and devices are still to reach the masses. But if Microsoft can remove minor hiccups from its OS then I hope we can get a neat and much user friendly OS.


Apple has been always related with Quality, Luxury, Simple yet complexity. The simple docked style icons and pages filled with different apps are its main UI. There is not even a single topic on which apps are not available in its app store. Its minimalistic designed UI means users hardly have any option to customize the UI apart from changing the wallpaper or screensaver.  

The screen resolution of (iphone 5s) is simply awesome but many users will actually agree with me that the screen size should be bigger as the competition is on for bigger screens as they give you more screen space so you can browse the web pages with ease and also watch videos on a bigger screen giving you a much better feel as compared on a smaller screen.

Steve Jobs concept of a smartphone was truly amazing and this can be proved from the fact that IOS has been a benchmark for comparing the stability of mobile OS. The common man mentality is that if someone owns an apple device, he is rich :)  

Talking about daily use, call quality is great, build is too good and a sturdy design makes it even better, Superb Camera. But for a movie buff converting videos every time he wants to watch a movie or video or transferring songs via the not so friendly i-Tunes is really tiresome and frustrating.

Apple has installed so many features on its device but fails on some simple yet needy tools like Bluetooth transfers or simple file sharing options as available in Android platform. With the launch of new apple devices and updating of its ios 7.1 i hope apple will be on the top spot again.   
I have something for Hackers\Crackers too. People who are familiar with ios jailbreaks would know that many of the ios jailbreaks are majorly done because people want to modify their UI according to their needs. If apple can see what’s happening and what customizations we as users actually want maybe we can create an OS far more superior to the already stiff competition.


Here comes the green robot  the rise of android OS in just a short span simply blows away my mind. Google’s idea of open source mobile environment platform is so unique that it simply finishes up the competition by huge margins. 

You ask me why I am too much inclined towards Android; the reason is simple because it’s my personal opinion. The biggest advantage of android is its open source environment. It means any Smartphone manufacturer is free to do any modifications with the OS. This is the advantage we as users get because now we get many options to choose from. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and many others constantly keep on launching android phones with different specs, OS UI and looks that are totally matter to many users.

Talking about specs, Android OS was Specs/Power hungry till the time before latest android Kitkat was launched. It has constantly evolved and the features added on every update make it even better/ smoother. This is great news for people using IOS as they have been always complaining about the sluggish and lag that bus android sometimes.

Now coming on to daily use, No matter which brand of Android phone you are using there is no phone manager like iTunes or Zune. You just need a pc running windows or mac and you are good to go. Movie buffs can rejoice because there is no specific conversion required to be able to run something on any android phones. Sharing any file from any app is just a breeze with trending apps like Watsapp, Dropbox, Google drive and many more. This gives users a feel of flexibility.

To sum up this small but honest article  I want you all to decide what is best for you. You and only you know what suits you best. The best part about IOS Vs Android Vs Windows phone is that no matter what advantages or disadvantages an OS or a phone has, it inspires manufacturers and IT giants to add a pinch of innovation to their next updates

 What Matters most is
Consumers Win

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Rohandeep is a software engineer and a part time technical writer for Mobile operating systems and video games.You can contact him on Facebook.