Friday, September 26, 2014

Order Any Xiaomi Phone in the First Go

Posted by Sumit Rana
Xiaomi phones are getting viral these days. Probably the first phone after Apple Iphone which is being sold in black at higher prices on bidding sites like ebay and olx then the actual price. Always 3-4 lac people register for few thousand phones at flipkart but most of them never able to get it into their carts. But now you can be out of those few lucky ones who are able to grasp the Xiomi in your carts.

It is not a rocket science to understand but few technicalities behind the reason that only few are able to buy those phones. The first step for buying the xiaomi phone is that you have to register it before the end registration date.
Now trick for the D Day i.e. for the Sale day. Most of the people suggest that you need to login on flipkart 3-4 hours before the sale starts. which is totally a wastage of time because it does not matter at all. According to the below logic if you are logging in even before 5 minutes you can win the battle.
Their is always a clock running on the flipkart site displaying the countdown, that clock is running according to your computers clock.
Flipkart says only in 2-3 seconds they have sold 50-60 thousand phones. Means if your clock is running only 2-3 seconds behind the actual clock you will not be able to succeed.

For knowing the actual remaining time we need to know the time clock running at the flipkart server and for that you have to follow below steps:-
  1. Change your system timings 5 minutes ahead of the actual time showing on the site and hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) the webpage.
  2. The webpage will show you the buy now button. Click on buy now button and request will go the flipkart server.
  3. again server will verify the time and your buy now request will get failed because you have clicked the buy now button before the sale begins.
  4. And it will redirect you the new countdown page and that time will be the actual time running at flipkarts server.
Now the major challenge is achieved we know the actual time and I guess now 2-3 seconds are good enough to buy the phone. I have tried this trick and successfully ordered a new phone for me. Hope this will work for you as well.