Difference Between Charger And Power Adapter?

Difference Between Charger And Power Adapter- Do you want to know, what are the key differences of a charger and a power adapter? Well, today in this article we are going to cover all the major differences a charger and a power adapter have.

If you go for the technicity of both then these two are quite different. A charger charges whereas a power adapter adapts the power.

Let’ talk about the key differences in between them in detail. We will see their work and functionality in this article.

Charger Vs. Power Adapter-


A charger is an electronic accessories that converts AC Power to low voltage DC equipment. You have seen charges all over today. It is widely used electronic accessories now.

Whether it is your mobile phone, Wireless headphones, Bluetooth Speakers or any other gadgets, chargers are always there. So, you can say the application prospect is very broad in case of a charger or a travel charger.

You can also take it as output supplier of 5V DC voltage in general or like the charger is a power adapter with an added component, like a resistor, built-in that which draws the necessary current for the battery to charge it in a proper manner that it should not harm the device at any cause.

Power Adapter
Power Adapter
Power Adapter

Power adapter is also a portable electronic device or equipment. It is a power conversion equipment consisting of shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit.

It is not limited to DC output only like chargers. It can produce AC and Dc both outputs. Power adapters are widely used in Computers, Gaming Consoles, Monitors, Cellular Phones, Speakers and more.

You might be using a laptop. People call it charger of a laptop when it comes to attach an external power source but, it’s not a charger. The wired attached connection is basically a power adapter.
It can automatically detect 100 ~ 240V AC (50/60Hz) power supply.

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How Chargers And Power Adapters Are Different?

In general, you can say both are used as a charger. So, basically power adapter can be used as a charger but the charger can’t be used as power adapter.

As, you might have seen in the case of a Notebook Computer or a laptop. The power adapter’s charges the laptop batter as well as you can directly run a laptop using direct power supply of power adapter if you don’t have a laptop battery or the battery is damaged.

An adapter takes one voltage and converts it to another often to a lower voltage while charging it converts AC to DC in the process. In the case of a “power adapter”, it’s designed to supply a certain amount of power at a prescribed voltage to an electronic circuit, but it’s not designed to charge batteries because it has no internal electronics to charge properly. Still it does the work.

I hope now you will be able to differentiate the charger and an adapter and their functionality. If you have any questions or queries in return do comment below.
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