Difference Between CUI And GUI?

Difference Between cui and gui

What Is The Difference Between CUI And GUI?


There is nothing more important when having to do with information technology to say the difference between gui and cui.

It may look simple, but it is not. More computer scientists around the world are having the same problems to identify the route of the cause but the real difference between gui and cui has more to reveal to them.


These two are acronyms that depict the different variables and stares of special interface systems that are utilized by the user.

They refer to the modern computer technology and they even seem to be more important today that technological evolution has brought the internet to our houses.

CUI is the acronym for Character User Interface.
This simple to understand not like the difference between the gui and cui that needs more complex explanation to be understood.

GUI is the Graphical User Interface and has to do with the graphic design of the inner computer code that is depicted in the architecture of your desktop or laptop device.

You can say that both of them share the same utility, thus they are interfaces to run all the programs that are downloaded to your hard disk drive.

The reality is that their connection is not that obvious and things are a lot more complex than you think.
When you get a closer look on them you can see that they have totally different features and can also diversify the control you have on your machine as a user.

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It would be wise to explain both of them in simple words:

  • CUI is the assistance you get from the keyboard to interact with the computer. The only thing you can do is to write commands on MS DOS and there are no images and graphics on the screen. That was the initial appearance of the computers back in the eighties. Modern versions of CUI are also apparent to newest models that have a specially created version of CUI the CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • GUI is the common characteristic of modern computers. It is the actual interface that gives graphics and images on your screen when you are pressing the mouse buttons. It is the compiler between your hand and the computer so that you are not obliged to write commands.
Cui vs gui

Difference Between CUI And GUI Comparison Chart-

Is an interface that is commonly used to get connected to the computer? Is another interface that needs command prompts to connect to computer.
A lot easier for navigation and use. Hard to use and navigate.
It is the modern type of connection with graphics and images where the mouse can be used. It is the older type of connection that there is the need to type the commands on the keyboard.
It is used by the newest computer models. It is used by older computer models.
Windows is a great sample. MS DOS is a characteristic sample.
You can see graphics and other images when you need to give a special demand on the computer. You only see the command prompt and you have to memorize the commands all the time.
Difference Between CUI And GUI?
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