What Is The Difference Between Internet And Intranet?

before talking about the difference between internet and intranet we should first discuss what is internet? and what is intranet?

nowadays whenever a question is asked about internet and intranet everyone gets confused about this topic so without wasting our time lets discuss,

What Is Internet?

Internet means the connection of networks where the data transmission takes place from one part to another part or from sender to receiver and vice-versa.

In other words the interconnection between networks or computers where data transmission takes place through the hypertext transmission protocol, here the transmission may be wired or wireless.

Internet is accessible by everyone who has an internet connection where the data is unlimited and this is a public network connection. Basically, the telephone companies are known as the owner of the internet, here the information provided is not safe as it is accessible by all and there may be malicious users, here the no of users is more and the traffic too.

Eg. Google, Yahoo, Bing ans Etc. now let us discuss,

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What Is Intranet?

An intranet is a part of the internet owned by a small business or an organization where the information shared over the intranet is only accessible by the registered users or the users who have the permission to access. the information over the intranet is safe,

Here the network is private and always needs a password to enter into the intranet.in other words, the intranet is a connection of private computers within a small network where the data transmission takes place in a secure manner and can’t be accessed by other than the registered members. here the no of users are lees and the traffic too.

Eg. Government sectors, Banking sectors and Etc.

6 Difference Between Internet And Intranet

1] The main difference between internet and intranet is the internet is a wide network and intranet is a part of the internet.

2] Internet is accessible by everyone but the intranet is only accessible by the members of the intranet or registered members.

3] The traffic over the internet is more than the intranet.

4] The users are more on the internet and less on the intranet.

5] The intranet is more secure than the internet.

6] The internet is a public network whereas the intranet is a private network.

After all the internet and intranet both the network works on the same protocol and thanks for reading this article.

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