Difference Between Kurta And Kurti?

Difference Between Kurta And Kurti- Kurta and Kurti both traditional dresses of India and some other south Asia region, where Kurta wore by men and women and Kurti wore by only women but the actual difference of kurta and Kurti is their length and both are an upper garment.

Let’s Understood The Design Of Kurta

  • Traditional Kurtas has not collared but nowadays there are many Kurtas coming collared and the majority of Kurtas design with collars.
  • Usually, Kurta is longer and where kurtas are below at knees.
  • Kurtas are loose shirts where kurtas become very comfortable and reliable.
  • Kurta is usually made of cotton which passes air freely.
  • Kurtas is very comfortable and casual to wear without occasionally.
  • Traditional kurtas were very simple but nowadays they become very modern and fashionable.

Let’s Understood The Design Of Kurti

  • Kurtis are usually worn by women.
  • Kurtis are a new version of kurta which is shorter than Kurtas
  • Kurtis comes in many varieties like Anarkali, high, low and etc.
  • The majority of Kurtis have collars which enhanced its good looks.
  • Kurtis comes in many ranges of colors and tones and it is made by many materials like cotton, woolen and etc.
  • Kurtis is made by many materials so, the majority of Kurtis doesn’t pass air freely.

5 Difference Between Kurta And Kurti

  1. Kurtas are longer than Kurtis and both enhanced its good looks.
  2. Kurtas are made of cotton where Kurtis is made of many materials.
  3. Traditionally Kurtas is collarless but Kurtis has collars.
  4. Kurtas are used to wear with dhoti, pajamas and, jeans where Kurtis has large varieties to wear with it, like palazzos, patialas, jeans, pajamas and, many things.
  5. Kurtas are worn by both men and women but Kurtis is mainly for women.

Kurta and Kurti had not many differences but there are small differences which we have covered in this post but the main difference between Kurta and Kurti is only their length.

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