Difference Between Power Adapter And Voltage Converter?

Difference between power adapter and converter

Difference Between Power Adapter And Voltage Converter- Many of us sometimes thinks, ‘what is the prime key difference between an power adapter and a converter?’ and what should I take when you are going on a vacation or a trip? Isn’t it?

So, the chances are, if you are traveling abroad then you will need an adapter to charge your phone and power up your laptop and other electronic gadgets.

An adapter changes the plug configuration so the power plugs you will take will fit into the wall socket of abroad country you are visiting.

Whereas, a converter changes the electricity so basically you can say that when you have to use your non-dual voltage appliances then a convertor is a better option for you when you are visiting abroad.

You don’t need to take convertor with you if your appliances are dual voltage supportive. Let’s see the difference between an adapter and a convertor one by one. We will start with adapter and then we will see the benefits and features of a convertor.

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Difference Between Power Adapter And Voltage Converter –

Power Adapter

When I have bought a Seagate 2 terabytes Hard disk then they have given me 4 types of adapter pins to plug in to. I was thinking only one is enough for me why I need 5 type of pins? But the main issue that we have with the power adapters is when we visit different countries then the power adapter pins used there are different that’s why the Seagate company have given all type of pins with their product.

Otherwise what would happen? When you go abroad then you have to carry extra pins according to that country like we have flat pins in United States but round pins in United Kingdom.

So, you got it. But the next question is now we have power adapter with me. So, do I need to carry convertor with me when I am travelling abroad?

Voltage Convertor

Being In India the operative voltage that we get is 230-250V, while in United States and France we have 100-110V and 230V supply respectively. So, the difference in voltage can destroy your electrical appliances. For example the Hair dryer, Electric Iron, Emerson Rod.

So, you always need to look for this when you are buying an electronic gadgets. They must be dual voltage supportive. There must be a label on your hair dryer or on other electronic gadgets that either says 110 – 120 volts (which may symbolizes dual voltage) or 110 volts – 240 volts (which symbolizes dual voltage).

If your gadgets says the later, then it dual voltage and will work in foreign countries that run on different voltage, such as France and United States.

So, you might have understood now that if your gadgets are not dual voltage supportive then either you need to buy a convertor or you have to by a supportive gadgets.

Summary –

In summary, if you are fond of travelling or going on vacation or on you honeymoon, you will most likely need to bring along an adapter. However, in your destination country, if you don’t have a dual voltage electronics component then you just need a convertor along with you. You can avoid packing a converter by making sure all your appliances are dual voltage before you leave for your trip. 

Difference Between Power Adapter And Voltage Converter?
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