Key Difference Between YouTube And YouTube Go App

You guys might finding about the difference between youtube and youtube go so I am here to explain you about the difference between these two, first of all youtube and youtube go both are the product of google.

Lets Us First Discuss About Youtube

Youtube is a platform for creator and viewers where content creators create content and viewers watch all those videos and youtube pays the ctreator on an avreage of 40%commisson basis.

here you can not download all the videos offline and also you can not share those videos to anyone and also the videos that can be downloaded to ofline only for few days. Here you can not make videos offline in a specific format you can only make those videos offline in predefined format and these are 144p, 360p and 720p.

In youtube you get  home, trending, subscriptions, inbox and library sections respectively on the bottom of the youtube mobile app.

Discussing about Youtube Go

Youtube Go is also the product of google and this youtube Go is intended for the area where connectivity is limited. Here you get two sections one is home and another one is downloads. Youtube Go provides the feature to download the videos directly to your sd card or memory card. also you can download the video on any format that you need.

Here you can also share videos to anyone without using data .the tag line of youtube go is “Download and watch videos with as little data as you choose” which means you can download your video with any amount of data that you want. You can download Youtube Go here

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After all I think you guys have got the difference between youtube and youtube Go  but still I am discussing it below:

Difference Between Youtube And Youtube Go
  • Youtube has five sections and these are home, trending, subscriptions, inbox and library but youtube Go has only two and these are home and download section
  • While downloading the videos in youtube it is not stored in sd card or memeory card but in youtube Go you can download videos the downloaded videos are directly stored in your sd card.
  • You can’t share any videos to anyone from the ofline sedction of youtube but you can share to anyone from the downloaded section of youtube Go without using any data.
  • Youtube has predefined download format where  you can make videos offline according to the three given format as 144p,360p and 720p but in youtube Go you can download those videos on any format that you want using less ata or high data.

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