How To Change JioFi Password? Step By Step Guide

How to change jiofi password

There is no doubt that you certainly know how to change jiofi password .

This is the common concern of people who love to have their devices connected to the Jio device that has the best 4G wireless signal that you can ever have.

And that is why your signals and passwords are most of the times shared by strangers giving you a hard time getting into the internet and having a descent speed.

That is why everybody is wondering how to change jiofi password.

Well I have to admit that is not hard but you must follow specific steps to achieve that.

First you need to know what a hotspot is and how important it is to maintain all your devices connected to your personal network.

Then you can know and explore how to change jiofi password by yourself.

We all know that the jiofi device is giving you the chance to enter your SIM card in it and enjoy the benefits of the 4G internet running through the air.

You simply put it in and then wait for a couple of minutes for the right LED lamp indicators to light up. Then you are probably connected to the internet.

You can easily attach the smartphone, laptop, tablet and smart TV devices all at one single port in your jiofi.

To get a Jio connection is rather easy and costless and you can do it right by their website.

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The simple steps to follow to update your password on your jiofi device are as follows:

  1. First, you need to successfully switch on your jiofi Device and make sure all LED indicators are shining. In case you don’t know the initial passwords and usernames these are written on the bottom of your device or at the box.
  2. Jack the laptop or smartphone to the jiofi device.
  3. Then you need to check the interface configuration by opening one of the available browsers. The default website is written again on the bottom of the device.
  4. Additionally, you have to login to the interface as the administrator of the network or simply give the default passwords and usernames.
  5. Now all you need to do is change the wifi password according to your needs. This can be done when you are logged in the interface. Make sure you are memorizing the password so that you don’t have to repeat the process again and again.
  6. Finally, its time to save all the new settings you have done. Now locate the jiofi networks and start changing the password. You may need to change the login ID as well and this is for your better security while browsing.

That is the simple answer to the question how to change jiofi password . It has been shown that it’s a simple procedure that cannot give you any headache when doing it. Instructions couldn’t be clearer from the above and you have to trust yourself as nothing is going to happen should you forget your jiofi password for once more.

How To Change JioFi Password? Step By Step Guide
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