How To Check PhonePe Wallet Balance In App?

How To Check PhonePe Wallet Balance In App-PhonePe is one of the most popular online wallets to pay or receive the payment after Paytm, which is a most usable wallet in India but after creating a long process of KYC most people shifted to the PhonePe but Kindly people don’t know where they can see PhonePe Wallet Balance.

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So, without wasting our time let’s move How To Check PhonePe Wallet Balance –

PhonePe App>> My Money>> Phonepe Wallet>> Total Wallet Balance

1- Open the “PhonePe Wallet” app on your mobile.


2- Click on the “My Money” option at the bottom as shown in the picture.


3- Scroll down the page where you see the “Wallets/Gift Voucher”.


4- Click on the “PhonePe Wallet” and you can see your “Total Wallet Balance”.


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