How To Check PhonePe Wallet Balance In App?

How To Check PhonePe Wallet Balance In App-PhonePe is one of the most popular online wallets to pay or receive the payment after Paytm, which is a most usable wallet in India but after creating a long process of KYC most people shifted to the PhonePe but Kindly people don’t know where they can see PhonePe Wallet Balance.

So, without wasting our time let’s move How To Check PhonePe Wallet Balance –

PhonePe App>> My Money>> Phonepe Wallet>> Total Wallet Balance

1- Open the “PhonePe Wallet” app on your mobile.


2- Click on the “My Money” option at the bottom as shown in the picture.


3- Scroll down the page where you see the “Wallets/Gift Voucher”.


4- Click on the “PhonePe Wallet” and you can see your “Total Wallet Balance”.


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