The Importance Of Tyre Recycling For The Environment

The Importance Of Tyre Recycling For The Environment– As the years pass, the management of the tyres once they have concluded their useful life is evolving, in the same way as the techniques to do so.

They seek, on the one hand, to offer more and more solutions for society as a whole; and on the other, for individuals who decide to recycle them on their own.

In turn, the main manufacturers make great efforts in innovation focused on generating increasingly efficient and more durable tyres since, the more progress is made on them, the lower their impact on the environment in the future.

Every year, thousands of tons of tyres are discarded that, properly managed, contribute to creating a more efficient and aware society with the surrounding environment.

To this day, treating the wheels that can no longer drive on the road has become almost an obligation since, in case of not doing so; we will be wasting all the energy that can potentially be extracted from them.

The tyres companies continue working day by day to improve the processes and possibilities offered by the tyres, and thus minimize their impact.

Now all these wheels have the opportunity to be useful again.

Recycled tyres = solutions for everyone
The recycling of used wheels has become essential for the proper functioning of the recycling chain. There are multiple possibilities, as we can see in the following interactive map.

Some of the most prominent uses are:

  • Ornamental application: the recycled and granulated tyre can be used in the construction of gardens or roundabouts. A special coloring can be applied for the ornamental purpose and its main benefit derives from the reduction of irrigation water that involves its use instead of a traditional garden.
  • Safety floors and playgrounds: the use of recycled roofs meets the safety parameters established by European regulations, avoiding injuries of the smallest while allowing their mixing with binders and paints that make these areas in striking and safe places.
  • Manufacture of rubber parts: there are numerous pieces made entyrely of rubber on the market, using polyurethane resins as a binder. In addition, the tyre powder can be used as a reinforcing load in virgin rubber mixtures for the manufacture of new parts.
  • Bituminous mixtures: these are mixtures that incorporate tyre dust in their formulation and result in a very efficient material for reducing road cracking, lengthening service life and other safety improvements, such as related properties with better water drainage, since it allows the formulation of open or draining mixtures.

As we see, the recycling process has become an obligation if we want to preserve the world. Due to their high consumption and the difficulties in making them disappear if they are not treated properly, the tyres are an important part of this puzzle.

Only so far this year 2019, SIGNUS has made in Spain a total of 52,365 collected and managing about 85,000 tons , which is equivalent to a total of 11,500,000 tyres.

Only the general awareness and extension of the recycling culture will allow us to adequately face the challenges we face. Therefore, from the tyre brands we will continue to drive this path.

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