What Does 1K Or 1M Mean? Full Detail

What Does 1K Or 1M Mean?

You have many times saw 1K, 1M, and 1B on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and etc.

You all know that these are number system value, But the question stands, On which value they 

You all know that “B” stands for Billion and “M” stands for Million but the question is What “K” stands for?  What is the full form of “K”? What is the value of “K”?

So basically, “K” stands for Kilo and you all know that Kilo has 1000 value, It means K stands for 1000 value.

All Values For 1K, 1M And 1B According To international Value

“K” Means Thousand

1K = 1000
10K = 10,000
100K = 100,000
1000K = 10,000,000 Or 1M Or 1 Million

“M” Means Million

1M = 10,000,000
10M = 100,000,000
100M = 1,000,000,000
1000M = 10,000,000,000 Or 1B Or 1 Billion

“B” Means Billion

1B = 10,000,000,000
10B = 100,000,000,000
100B = 1,000,000,000,000
1000B = 10,000,000,000,000 Or 1 Trillion

All Values For 1K, 1M And 1B According To Indian Value

“K” Means Thousand Or Hazar (Indian Value)

1K = 1 Hazar
10K = 10 Hazar
100K = 1Lakh
1000K = 1Million Or 10 Lakh

“M” Means Million Or 10 Lakh (Indian Value)

1M = 10 Lakh
10M = 1 Crore
100M = 10 Crores
1000M = 1 Billion Or 100 Crores

“B” Means Billion Or Arab (Indian Value)

1B = 100 Crores Or 1 Arab
10B = 1,000 Crores Or 10 Arab
100B = 10,000 Crores Or 100 Arab
1000B = 1 Trillion Or 1,00,000 Crores Or 1000 Arab

But, I’m not including trillions value because it makes more confusing for you and also for us.

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Hope you understand this list, we can simplify this very easily “K” stands for “Thousand”, “M” stands for “Million”, And “B” stands for “Billion” in international value.

In Indian Value, 1K stands for 1 Hazar, 1M stands for 10 Lakh And 1B stands for 1 Arab.

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